World News – AU – The Deputy Mayor of Perth has a plan to improve LGBTI inclusion


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Perth Deputy Mayor Sandy Anghie will come up with a proposal to improve the City of Perth’s relationship with members of the LGBTIQ communities Council meeting of the week.

Anghie will propose the formation of an LGBTIQ advisory group to advise the council on issues of diversity and inclusion.

“Establishing an LGBTQIA advisory group would help support the city of Perth with political and other initiatives – to help the city better promote inclusivity and advance the needs of the LGBTQIA community so that we can move forward together she told WA Today.

“We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion among all members of the community, and respect is a core value. ”

Staff recommended extending the proposal to other minority groups, including indigenous peoples, youth, disadvantaged people, disabled groups, senior citizens and migrants. If accepted, the advisory group would have 12-15 members.

The move comes as the newly appointed council works to rebuild relationships with members and organizations of the LGBTIQ community after Mayor Basil Zempilas’ comments became controversial. Just 10 days after taking office, the new councilors came under heavy criticism after their leader made a gaff on his breakfast radio program.

The proposal was welcomed by former President of Pride WA, Paul-Alain van Lieshout Hunt. He directed Pride WA in 2010-12 and continued to be a vocal commentator on LGBTIQ issues. van Lieshount Hunt told WA Today that he would consider taking the role if offered any of the positions on the new advisory board.

« The next step for us as residents is to see who is actually on this Inclusivity and Advisory Committee and how much influence they will have on issues that are put to the council, » he said.

The current President of Pride, Curtis Ward, welcomed the proposal, highlighting that many LGBTIQ people lived within the boundaries of the city of Perth.

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World News – AU – Perth’s Deputy Mayor has a plan to improve LGBTI inclusion



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