. World News – AU – The indicted President Trump asked Georgia SOS to find its votes. Twitter points out the #TrumpBegged template


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Donald Trump is a loser. The accused President of the United States asked the Georgian Foreign Minister to inquire about 11. Finding 000 votes so that he could claim to have won the state election – which he obviously didn’t.

Donald Trump urged Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger to “find” votes to reject the results of the 2020 US election. This came from an audio recording of a phone call to the Washington Post. Twitter. com / ffIwfaJafR

On Sunday (Jan. . 30, The Washington Post carried news that Trump had pressured Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to somehow make him the winner of an election that just didn’t go his way.

If you’re not paying attention, Georgia voted three times and Biden always won. Even so, Trump and his aides telephoned Raffensperger, a Republican, for over an hour, asking the man to only cheat with wild conspiracies as evidence for him.

Whoever paid half the attention should not be surprised. And you can read the full transcript and listen to the audio here.

Twitter has been relentless with Trump slander, and #TrumpBegged was even trending. The fact is, he begged, and the tone proves. Trump is visibly shaken that his protection from criminal prosecution was canceled on March 20. January is completed.

None other than #CarlBernstein, the man who uncovered #Watergate, calls the #TrumpTapes the « ultimate smoking weapon » and worse than all tapes with #Nixon. That is something. #TrumpIsACriminal #TrumMeltdown #TrumpBegged #LoserGate pic. Twitter. com / zyfwdQ0fk8

The audio of Trump with the Georgian Foreign Minister. Impressive. It’s like telling the Nixon bands to « hold my beer ». ”

If the president had done the right thing, he would have resigned by now for embarrassing America and over 350. Killed 000 Americans with his lies and incompetence. And he would not have asked for the election to be illegally overturned on tape. #TrumpBegged

TRUMP FINALLY MAKES HIS PERFECT TELEPHONE CALL: His recorded extortion of Brad Raffensperger for faking the Georgia vote is not a Watergate Smoking Gun. It’s a Trump Smoking Flamethrower. We now need Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton, Obama to defend us and demand his resignation image. Twitter. com / 6jnYtAIKop

Yes #TrumpBegged Georgia Secty of State Raffensperger is cheating BUT if Georgia’s election votes went to Trump, Biden still has 290 (well over 270 must win. ) Trump understands that. So what other crimes has Trump attempted in the other states that he has to fraudulently turn around ?!

Trump begged like a dog. He called the Georgia Secretary of State and couldn’t accept that in a fair election he’d lost to a better man. Trump rummaged and begged like a dog. #TrumpBegged

Donald Trump, Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, Joe Biden, Georgian Foreign Secretary, Republican Party

World News – AU – The indicted President Trump asked Georgia SOS to give him votes, Twitter points Out The Jig #TrumpBegged
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hin The accused President Trump asked Georgia SOS to find its votes. Twitter points out the #TrumpBegged template
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