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Bluejay Mining * (LON: JAY) – BUY, Valuation 27. 4p – Field work for the Hammaslahti copper, zinc, gold and silver project and drilling program has commenced in Finland

Botswana Diamonds (LON: BOD) – The acquisition of Sekaka

Castillo Copper (LON: CCZ) – Copper was observed in the first holes in the Big One project in Queensland

Bluejay Mining * (LON: JAY) – Buy, Rating 27. 4p – Field work begins for the Hammaslahti copper, zinc, gold and silver project and drilling program in Finland

Castillo Copper (LON: CCZ) – Copper was observed in the first holes in the Big One project in Queensland

KEFI Gold and Copper (LON: KEFI) – Capital Increase for Drilling Advances in Hawiyah and Funding Discussions at Tulu Kapi

Copper prices rose by 2%. 8% Monday morning to $ 7,179 / ton as Chinese industrial production beat expectations in October.

Chinese industrial production grew by 6%. 9% in October year over year, as retail sales grew 4%. 3% and fixed asset investment grew 1. 8%.

The yuan rose to a one-week high against the dollar on Monday morning, boosted by strong economic data (Reuters).

Copper deliverable stocks on the Shanghai Futures Exchange fell 13,372 tons, or -10. 2% to 117,949 tons compared to the previous week.

China – The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) added 800 billion renminbi ($ 121 billion) in medium-term lending for one year to offset the 600 billion RMB owed per month.

Government policies continue to promote the construction of new urban and other infrastructure as policies continue to attract people outside the rural villages.

New urban / suburban centers are being planned and built to enrich the Communist Party elite who are able to purchase development land at reduced prices.. The nation pays for the infrastructure of these sites.

Subsidies for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and vehicles should help clean up the urban environment although the ongoing construction of coal-fired power plants remains a major concern from a global warming perspective.

Chinese crude steel production increased by 12%. 7% compared to the previous year, up to 92. 2mt on Oct 5. 5% to 873. 9 million tons year-to-date

Steel product production also increased 14% year-on-year to 118. 489 mt in October and 6th. 5% to 1. 08bnt so far this year

* SP Angel acts as a nomad, middleman or nomad and middleman for the companies mentioned in the videos above.

APEX Survey Ratings for SP Angel Commodity Outlook: 2nd in Gold, 2nd in Copper, 2nd in Nickel, 1st in Tin, and 5th in Iron Ore.

The survey takes forecasts from 21 commodity traders, banks, economists, and commodity forecasters.

United States – Biden and Harris have begun putting an administration on hold together and are expected to release a statement Monday covering their plans for an economic recovery after the pandemic.

The consensus is growing that President Trump is coping with his defeat in re-election, according to Bloomberg reports..

China – Economic data paint a picture of a strong recovery after the outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of the year.

Industrial production came in stronger than expected with the addition of output 0. 6pp during the month of October with growth up to 1. 8% since the beginning of the year.

Retail sales growth accelerated in October, reducing the year-to-date decline to 5. 9% of 7. 2% in the nine months to September.

Growth is expected to remain strong through the end of the year and in the first few months of 2021 as the recovery in consumption and exports continues, Bloomberg Economics writes..

Japan – GDP posted a positive reading in the third quarter beating market estimates following a deep decline in the previous quarter, although the economy remained. 8%, down from last year.

The increase was driven by increases in exports and private spending which in turn was boosted by financial support programs.

With the return of virus cases at home and abroad, the sustainability of the recovery is in question.

United Kingdom – Government says the sudden departure of two dignitaries from the Departure Campaign will not alter its position in negotiations with the European Union.

On Sunday, the United Kingdom hinted that negotiations could extend beyond the current weakness as the European Union said it was ready for a discussion in December if needed..

December 31 marks the end of the Brexit transition period, which unless the two sides sign a trade deal, the UK will be unable to deal with the European Union on WTO terms..

Real estate sales volumes currently underway are showing an increase of more than 67% year-over-year with rising costs for the southern regions experiencing the largest increase as buyers aim to take advantage of the stamp duty reduction, according to Rightmove data.

The announced bid price nationwide has decreased by 0. 5% mom in November to £ 322k, though still high 6. 3% year-on-year, marking the largest increase in more than four years.

The health minister said the UK will be ready to roll out the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

The vaccine is currently estimated to be 90% effective and can help the nation reach the level of herd immunity sooner than expected

Australia – China threatens to ban imports of copper concentrates and sugar, while refusing to reduce customs duties on barley

Australia accounts for about 4% of China’s imports of concentrated copper and any ban would inevitably impose a higher price concentration

Zambia will not pay a delayed Eurobond voucher before the 30-day grace period expires at the end of the day, according to the country’s finance minister.

Zambia missed $ 42. 5 million coupon payments on one of its dollar-denominated sovereign bonds last month, and asked bondholders to delay interest payments until April..

Finally, the Swiss will ban taxes from taking bribes starting in 2022.

Only Switzerland changed what it pays bribes to public officials in 2001 and in 2015 made bribing a company a criminal offense..

$ 1 USD. 1862 / euro for 1. 1814 / euro last week. 104. 37 / $ for 105. 09 / dollar. P.15. 404 / dollar for 15. 632 / dollar. $ 1. 321 / £ for $ 1. 316 / £. 0. 730 / Audi for 0. 724 / Audi. 6 Chinese yuan. 572 / $ for 6. 617 / dollar.

Copper $ 7,137 per ton versus $ 6,956 per ton last week – copper stocks fell 10% in Shanghai, at 118 piasters

Chinese mining assumptions about the future of Yongcheng Coal and Electricity put into question. Will this be the first of many?

Uranium – nuclear reactors by Rolls-Royce consortia are ready to be launched on UK government saying so

Rolls-Royce is ready to start building 16 small nuclear power plants to replace the old UK fossil fuel infrastructure according to The Times.

The terminals will significantly reduce carbon emissions, restore better grid balance and capacity, and help the UK meet the Zero Net Pledge.

It is better for small power plants to reduce our dependence on Russian gas and French nuclear energy and will continue to operate when the wind blows and the sun does not shine, which enables us to confront the matter, most of the time.

Large nuclear power is ridiculously expensive by all accounts, subject to massive spending, completion overruns and UK taxpayer money spending abroad.

While Greenpeace moved to support nuclear energy for a brief moment in time when they realized how destructive their anti-nuclear weapons policies were in terms of greenhouse gases, the organization quickly reverted to its anti-nuclear stance when they realized that – nuclear campaigns do not bring money to maintain the cost of regulation.

Rolls is already building nuclear weapons for submarines and each reactor will provide 440 megawatts of electricity with the capacity to power 450,000 homes for 60 years.

A £ 2 billion commitment for the RR nuclear production line looks like a customization but compared to the escalating bills for other options it’s a small beer but the Atkins estimate of operating cost is higher than Hinkley Point.

This brings us directly back to wind, solar, wave and other renewable energy sources as costs continue to fall.

The problem is that any form of intermittent power needs a suitable backup power source or the economy shuts down quickly and is expensive.

The solution is grid-wide battery power with lithium-ion battery banks to fill power outages very quickly for short periods and VRFB batteries to fill them for longer periods.

The UK government is speeding up the shift to electric cars – Boris Johnson to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030

Boris Johnson will announce a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 as part of a broad package of green initiatives.

However, ministers are expected to reserve the date of 2035 to end the sale of plug-in hybrid cars as well as conventional motors..

Electric cars are still less than 7% of all new cars brought across the UK last month and the auto industry says more infrastructure funding is needed to encourage people to buy electric cars..

The government will provide £ 500m in financing next year, and that will help build facilities such as charging points.

The auto industry wants hybrid cars to be phased out at a later date as it encourages consumers to switch. Currently, 1 in 4 cars sold in the UK is a type of hybrid technology.

Johnson wants to polish our green achievements ahead of the COP26 UN climate summit in Glasgow next year.

To date 221,029 EVs have been sold in the UK this year which account for around 16% of all vehicle sales

Volkswagen (Volkswagen) announced that it plans to spend 46 billion euros on developing BEVs (35 billion euros) and hybrid cars (11 billion euros) over the next five years..

The investment is part of a wider € 73 billion spending on new technologies, nearly 50% of the € 150 billion of planned spending..

Volkswagen seeks to repair its reputation in the wake of the 2015 diesel Gateway scandal, which resulted in € 30 billion (£ 26). 7 billion) of regulatory fines and vehicle renewals.

By 2025, Volkswagen targets will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its vehicle fleets by 30% by 2025, with 40% of the fleet being electric by 2030.

VW plans to launch 70 electric models by 2028 and is targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. The company plans to build 22 million electric vehicles over the next decade.

GM announced Friday intent to recall 68,677 EVs after 5 reported fires in Chevy Bolt cars.

Vehicles posed a fire hazard when completely changed. In the interim period, GM installed a program to limit charging to 90% of capacity until a solution was found.

Another blow to LG Chem after pulling back 77,000 Kona EVs from Hyundai. Like Chevy Bolt, the Kona EV is equipped with LG Chem cells.

Chevy Bolt and Hyundai Kona are both equipped with NCM 622 or NCM 712 Li-ion batteries, depending on the model.

« Flying cars » or eVTOLs are seen as the future of public transportation in cities. However, building vertical ports, and airfields for vertical takeoff and landing, is a bigger challenge.

Lilium, a German startup, is developing eVTOL and its own vertical port, and should be ready by 2025. Vertical walkways can be adjusted for all types of terrain.

Lilium announced that the first hub site for the United States’ high-speed electric aerial transportation network will be in Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida and will be launched in 2025.. It will be a joint effort between Lilium and the City of Orlando.

It will connect people who live in Florida in a 186-mile radius, and significantly boost tourism by providing zero-emissions, fast connectivity flights to anywhere in the state, without the hassles associated with commercial aviation.

The Lilium jet will have five seats and will be powered by 36 electric motors, with an estimated range of 186 miles on a single charge, and top speeds of 185 miles per hour. Lilium says it can build a 2,000 mile network with only 15 to 20 columns and has development contracts in Europe, despite partnerships with Düsseldorf and Cologne / Bonn airports..

Bluejay Mining * (LON: JAY) 10. 32p, Mkt Maximum £ 100million – Hammaslahti copper, zinc, gold and silver project and drilling program commence in Finland

The company also has licenses on the old Enonkoski mine where Rio Tinto recently signed an option with joint venture potential in the Enonkoski licensing area..

Bluejay also has about 5,000 hectares of licenses around and the historic Outokumpu Mine for copper, cobalt, gold and silver..

The three historic mines produced great value in polymetallic ores. Autocombo is known for its high quality copper, cobalt and nickel ores.

Enonkoski was of copper and cobalt nickel and PGMs and Hammaslahti had more copper and zinc. All projects come with by-products in gold and silver.

The team planned> 4,000 meters of drilling in Hammaslahti to target areas near the mine to find potential repeat structures.

Bluejay has already identified an area one kilometer east of Hammaslahti that has potential ore regions in contact between hydrothermal rocks and intersecting black sulfur rocks in two pit holes. This is similar to the ore-carrying structure of the old mine.

Another similar potential structure also exists 200 meters east of the ancient mine in a sulfide-rich connection between black schist and hydrothermal modified rocks.

Rating: We rate Bluejay at 27. 4p including $ 35 million for exploration licenses in Finland and 24. 7p / s based on the value we risk for the Dundas ilmenite mining project.

Dundas: We expect Bluejay to announce a greater commitment to approve the Dundas ilmenite mine by the end of November

Conclusion: Rio Tinto’s interest and choice to acquire up to 75% of Enonkoski through $ 20 million in property spending encouraged the Exploration Team to take action in Finland. Other parties have also shown interest in licensing in the past year, pointing to the future future of the licensing package developed by experts from the Western Regions and FinnAust when looking for high-quality nickel and copper in the region..

The deal indicates that Bluejay has clarified stringent criteria to become a reliable partner of Rio Tinto with potential for further partnership.

There is very strong potential for discovery around the ancient Enonkoski, Hammaslahti and Outokumpu mines from our point of view, and the proximity to these mine sites and infrastructure could accelerate any discovery in development over a relatively short time scale.

* Worked by SP Angel Nomad and moderator for Bluejay. The analyst previously visited the Hammaslahti, Enonkoski and Outukumpu mines in Finland.

Botswana Diamonds reports that all required conditions, including approval by the Botswana government, have now been met and that it expects to complete its previously announced acquisition of Sekaka Diamonds by around November 20..

Sekaka, Botswana’s former Petra Diamonds exploration vehicle, includes 3. The 5-ha Kimberlite pipeline XX36 contains 17 SAMREC compliant historical resources. 9 million tons at 35 cubic feet, and an inferred resource of 6. 7 million tons at a rate of 36 cubic feet [carats per hundred tons], estimated for pipelines by Z-Star in 2016 “located about 70 kilometers from the Gem Diamonds Ghaghoo project and 260 kilometers northwest of the capital, Gaparon.

Sekaka also has an on-site bulk sampling plant in XX36 as well as a « comprehensive diamond exploration database containing results of work done since 2005 ». The data includes data on airborne (including hawk survey) and geomagnetism (including gravity and electromagnetism), as well as heavy metal samples.. The Board believes that the information in the database will provide significant support for future kimberlite exploration activities in Botswana..

Botswana Diamond Corporation will make its first cash payment for deferred payment of $ 150,000 . . . On or around November 20, 2021, which is the first anniversary of the completion of the acquisition..

Chairman of the Board, John Teeling, appreciated the Botswana authorities “for prompt approval of our acquisition of the KX36 discovery, license extension and two surrounding licenses . . . [Commented on that] . . . We are convinced that a review and reformulation of the database on the KX36 will identify areas where pitch and scale could be improved. We have done a lot of work on this and are ready to go when exploration restrictions are lifted.  ».

Conclusion: The acquisition of Sekaka Diamonds adds an advanced project with an existing historic resource, on-site sampling plant and extensive historical exploration records to the Botswana Diamonds portfolio. Looking forward to the news of continued exploration.

Castillo copper (LON: CCZ) 2. 85p, Mkt Cap, £ 26. 8 m – Copper was observed in the first holes in the Big One project in Queensland

Castillo Copper reported that it observed apparent copper mineralization at relatively shallow depths in drill samples from the first seven holes of a drilling campaign in the Big One project in Queensland.

Inspection results are speeded up from drilling but the company has reported that it has observed copper minerals such as malachite and chalcocite, indicative of mineralization of the supergene region, at widths ranging from 9 to 13 meters including:

13 meters inside « metasediments / quartzite, ferruginous zone and haematite » between 64-77 meters deep in Crater RC213; And

9 meters within « Metasediments, ferruginous with pyrite; and 10 meters from 78-88 meters in quartzite between 48-57 m in RC 203 pit.

The company says, « The presence of a change in hematite / quartz is important as it is known that large regional deposits from the Jebel Isa massif contain blood / decomposition associated with copper mineralization. ».

There are another 28 holes that must be completed in the initial planned program at Big One, and General Manager, Simon Paull, described the initial results as « exceptional » and explained that the company was encouraged by the « indicative volume of objections in the Big One » and a single deposit ranging from 9 million to 13 Million « .

Conclusion: Copper mineralization visible at a width of up to 13 meters in the early stages of drilling in the Big One is encouraging but the scores have not been confirmed with the assays

Endeavor Mining (CVE: EDV) CAD $ 30. 9, Mkt Cap C $ 5. 05bn – Endeavor acquires Teranga, seeks to list FTSE 100 Index

West African gold miners Endeavor Mining and Teranga Gold have agreed on an all-share deal aimed at creating the 10 largest gold producers, the two companies announced this morning.. .

Endeavor will acquire all Teranga shares and the existing shareholders will end up with 66% of the combined entity, while Teranga shareholders will own the remaining 34%.

The deal is priced at a premium of 5. 1% on Friday’s closing price of Endeavor and Teranga shares, which values ​​Teranga shares at CAD 2. 44 billion.

IronRidge named Mrs.. Amanda Harsas as CFO with immediate effect after the sudden departure of Mr. Bree Jayasuriya, who resigned under a mutual agreement last week..

Amanda is a Chartered Accountant who previously worked for Haelius Limited, one of the leading healthcare companies in Austtralia and was the Financial Comptroller of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Mrs. Harsas held the position of Financial Controller at AP Surety / Suncorp and was previously Senior Manager at PwC in London for seven years.

Amanda has extensive experience in a number of sectors and has experience in strategic finance, business transformation, trade finance, customer and supplier negotiations, and capital management..

IronRidge recently announced final drilling results for Phase II RC & AC on its targets from Ebilassokro and Ehuasso within the Zaranou Gold Project in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

IronRidge continues to work on the Ewoyaa lithium (spodumene) project in Ghana and is testing metallurgy to see how successfully converting the concentration of spodumene to lithium hydroxide for direct introduction into Li-ion battery cells. The work was carried out by ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization that helps Australian companies along with CSIRO to develop and improve mineral processes..

Panther Metals reports that it acquires 100% of the Merolia gold project near Laverton WA from the ASX-listed White Cliff Minerals for A $ 112,500 upon completion of due diligence, plus 734,470 shares. . Additional payment to the seller of AUD 1. 25 / oz payable upon / if a JORC compliant supplier is identified.

The acquisition consists of three contiguous exploration licenses in Eastern Goldfields in Western Australia. The company describes that “within the eastern portion of Merolia there are a series of gold horizons, notably Bertville East, Comet Wheel, and Ironston.. Regional magnetic data in this part of the project identify several NW-SE shear systems that have the potential to host significant gold mineralization.. This potential was confirmed by surface geochemical sampling along the Comet Well gold direction, which identified a large coherent anomaly in the linear soils of gold at Comet South, Comet North, Comet West, and Ironstone..

The direction of the al-Mithnab well is said to extend along a blow of 15 km and in conjunction with associated parallel substructures spanning at least 30 km.

“The western part of Merulia contains red flag gold prospects. Previous explorations in the area around Red Flag identified a gold anomaly trending into WNW coinciding with a characteristic magnetic drop. The geology of the region is dominated by volcanic rocks, transomposed into which the dolerite barriers enter, and metal margins deficient in gold are exposed in some places. This area was excavated, yielding the best near-surface intersection of 2 m at 9. 20g / tons Australia ‘.

Panther Metals says it is « currently reviewing other licenses in the region and intends to build its portfolio of projects in this region, which will continue to be referred to collectively as the Merolia Gold Project ».

CEO, Darren Hazelwood, explained, “Our proposed entry into the gold fields of Western Australia, specifically this prolific archean Greenstone belt near Laverton, is a big step forward for the company.. The project represents a post-discovery opportunity and our plans will now focus on building a resource in this area, which could eventually be fed into one of the many processing plants in the vicinity. « .

Conclusion – Panther Metals is expanding exploration activities from the Dotted Lake and Big Bear projects in Canada and Annaburroo in Northern Territory, Australia to Eastern Goldfields of WA. We await the results of the exploration with interest.

Phoenix Copper has announced an independent geostructural study by Dr.. David Rodgers, currently associate vice president for research at Idaho State University and responsible for rock and structural geology in Central Idaho..

The study recognizes the similarities between « the red star and the historically mined horseshoe claim blocks. » . . . Historic mining grades averaged 204 g / tonne silver, 19% lead, and 6. 5% zinc and 0. 73% copper . . . And the possibility of an extension between them..

Dr.. Rodgers mapped the main red star area, north in the direction of the White Knob and Horseshoe Mine actions, and south toward the Empire Mine and concluded that « high-grade silver and lead mineralization occurs primarily in the contact area between the Mackay Granite formation and the white handle limestone formation ».

Ryan McDermott, CEO, explained, « This is important because mineralization does not occur between these two formations elsewhere in the main Empire Mine district, » indicating that Dr.. . Rodgers worked to expand the potential scope of exploration in the future.

The company explained that there is a small rock outcrop in the Red Star area, which is located 330 meters northwest from the open-pit resource in the empire.. . Rodgers recommended the use of geomagnetic surveys, along with geological mapping, to better define future drilling targets.. So Phoenix Copper plans to « survey the Earth’s magnetosphere as soon as weather and ground conditions permit, in order to improve the next phase of the drilling program. ».

The company reminds us that “Red Star is approximately 330 meters northwest of Empire’s open-hole resource area within the boundaries of Empire’s patented claim” and that, in May 2019, it published a preliminary estimate of the mineral resources inferred for the Red Star area 103,000t, with an average score of 173 ”. 4 g / ton silver, 0. 85 grams of gold and 3. 85% lead, with lightweight copper and zinc.

Subsequent drilling included, in 2020, ten additional holes, ”116 assays. 9 g / ton (3. 76 oz / ton) to 359. 8 g / ton (11. 57 oz / tonne) silver and lead values ​​of 1. 17% to 7. 79% of « holes » are RSD20-01 through RSD20-04 and RSD20-06.

Mr.. Mac Dermot summarized the importance of Dr.. Rodgers’ results state that « the lack of an apparent protrusion in the Red Star makes it difficult to determine the underlying geology » and confirmed that the company will carry out the recommended geomagnetic survey as soon as conditions permit.

Conclusion: The potential continuity of mineralization between Red Star, the Horseshoe region, and the historically mined Whit Knob plus the potential for mineralization in the contact area between the Mackay Granite and White Knob limestone should help focus on future exploration. A geomagnetic survey is planned to help optimize potential drilling targets in an area with a shallow notch.

On Friday afternoon, Rambler Metals and Mining announced that it had conditionally raised a total of $ 13. 25 million to re-establish full production at the Ming copper mine and implement plans to expand the mine’s productivity and continue to explore the mine site in depth as the sediments remain open and the grades are seen increasing.

The financing consists of a capital increase of £ 6. 25 million (about $ 8 USD. 25M) by issuing 3125 million additional shares at zero price. 2p / share and previously announced « $ 5 million secured loan from West Face Capital Inc. ».

In addition to the new shares, the conversion of loan outward securities and temporary loan facilities results in the issuance of approximately 3,710 million additional shares. As a result, we estimate that the new shares, including those issued to convert loan notes and bridging facilities represent about 84 % Of the company’s expanded capital.

Since shares below their face value are not permitted to be issued, “it is suggested that the company’s capital be subdivided into each existing ordinary share of one penny per share (“ Existing Common Shares ”) to be subdivided into one new ordinary share of 0. 01 pence for each (« New Ordinary Share ») and 1 deferred share of 0. 99 pence each (“Deferred Equity”) (Exactly “Capital Reorganization”). The deferred shares will have limited rights and will not have any actual value..

The company explains that its operating plans include building « a current full production capacity of 1,350 tons per day at 2% copper by 2022 ».

“From 2022 onwards, the company intends to introduce ore-screening technology in the mine which is expected to remove approximately 30% of the waste from the 2,000 tonnes per day mine operation production with 2% copper. . The grading of the screening mill head after ore will be upgraded from 2% copper to> 2. 5% copper. Annual copper production is expected to exceed 11,500 tons per year from 2022 onwards, with an average of 13. 265 tons for the life of the mine.

The company estimates that this will produce NPV8% before tax of “c. $ 182 million while projected operating margins range from $ 31-52 per metric ton. The expected cash flow over the life of the mine is C.. $ 513 Million US Dollars. Average C1 cash costs per pound of salable copper are US $ 1. 93 throughout my life; The equivalent C3 cost is $ 2. 27 « over the 20 years of the mine’s expected life.

Rambler also announced in the long term that it “has got an agreement in principle . . . To acquire all assets of the Teck Resources Limited Duck Pond Mine near Millertown, Newfoundland, including the building, plant equipment with certain exceptions, and related spare parts. A non-refundable deposit was paid to secure the transaction while final documents were completed.

“The target closing date for the purchase is 30 June 2021 and asset dismantling by Rambler is expected to begin immediately thereafter.. The purchase and repositioning of this plant is part of a plan to support the long life potential of the Ming Mine while increasing production capacity as well as achieving reductions in operating costs. « .

Duck Pond Mill is expected to increase production from the mine and mill to 2,400 tons per day with 2% copper. This mill will be located adjacent to the Ming Mine site and will require the construction of a waste facility to support production which must be provided and permitted “as of 2025.

As a result of reaching a mill at the mine site, the current transfer of 40 km from ore to the Nugget Pond Mill will be canceled, “Annual copper production is expected to exceed 15,300 tons per year from 2022 onwards and an average of $ 10,000 tons over the life of the mine, according to a feasibility study. A final positive “and using projections of copper prices of US $ 3 / pound, the price of gold of 1,700 US dollars / ounce and the price of silver of 25 US dollars / ounce, the company estimates the net present value of the project for the expansion option over 20 years of the expected life of the mine is c. $ 280 million while projected operating margins range from $ 56 to $ 68 per metric ton from 2025 onwards.. The expected cash flow over the life of the mine is C.. $ 825 Million US Dollars. Average C1 cash costs per pound of salable copper are US $ 1. 63 over my life. The equivalent cost of C3 is $ 1. 93  ».

Conclusion: Rambler Metals secured funding to increase mill production to 1,350 tons per day and grade to over 2. 5% copper ore sort. In the long term, getting a mill and transporting it to the Ming mine site eliminates ore transportation, is subject to allow for tailings disposal capacity, increases processing capacity to 2,400 tons per day and increases annual copper production to over 15,300 tons per year from 2025.

Sunrise Resources provided progress reports on the CS Pozzolan-Perlite Project in Nevada and the Clayton Precious Metals Project also in Nevada..

In the CS project, the company has successfully completed a bulk sample of 100 tons of perlite and the material is sent to potential clients to test the expansion properties. .

On the Clayton Project, the company reported that core logging showed a massive area of ​​quartz and quartz breccia between 83. 52-91. The depth of the bottom of the well is 44 m. Based on a single-hole intersection, the true width of the intersection is unclear, but the recording showed « fine-grained diffuse sulphides including minerals recorded as the ethnethite silver sulfide metal ». Test results are not yet available.

KEFI Gold and Copper (LON: KEFI) 1. 7p, Mkt Cap £ 32m – Capital Increase for Drilling Advance at Hawiyah and Funding Discussions at Tulu Kapi

The company raised £ 3. 0 million by offering 186 million shares at a price of 1. 6p to fund the ongoing exploration program in the Hawiyah Multimineral Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the public working capital of the Tulu Kapi Gold Project in Ethiopia.

17. 4 million shares for a further direct cash subscription of £ 278,000 by some of the existing shareholders including RAB Capital which will retain> 10% in the company;

Separately, the company will release 3. 4 million new shares plus 11. 2 million guarantees (1. Exercise price) in place of broker commissions and fee setting.

Extra shares for £ 3. The 0 million offering will require shareholder approval at the general meeting scheduled for mid-December 2020.

After issuance, the company will not have any substantial debts owed to third-party creditors.

In Al Hawiyah, the company launched another drilling program targeting 13,000 square meters and aims to develop and upgrade the first resource with the aim of preparing the first payment for success in 2021..

At Tulu Kapi, additional funds will be directed to general working capital purposes as the company forms a $ 221 million funding consortium to begin development work paving the way for first gold in Q4/22.

Conclusion: The pooled funds will allow the company to continue its drilling program in the Hawiyah Multimineral Project while maintaining its 34% stake in the asset as well as continuing to pool the financing package for the Tulu Kapi Gold Project..

Huge Resources (LON: VAST) 0. 18p, Mkt Cap £ 26m – Baita Plai’s first copper concentrate sale to be completed in a week

First baita Plai copper center produced after resuming operation underground awaiting delivery to the port of Constanta in Romania.

The company is awaiting confirmation of the ship’s arrival with the sale officially completed this week.

* SP Angel is the Nomad and the # 1 broker integrated by the number of AIM mining brokerage clients according to AIM Advisers Rating Index (Shared Brokerage Excluded)

Employees of SP Angel may have owned or currently own shares of the companies mentioned in this memorandum.

The above is posted by Proactive Investors Limited (“the Company”) on its website and is available in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of its website (see T&C).
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Stephen Noble of Atrato Capital, Investment Adviser at Supermarket Income REIT PLC (LON: SUPR) talks to Katie Pilbeam of Proactive London about the latest round of acquisitions.

A grocery store specialist investor has acquired a new location in Beaumont Lease, Leicester from British Land and. . .

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