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Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger defended his state’s election when President Donald Trump repeatedly cited rebutted allegations of fraud and the prospect of a « crime » during a taped telephone conversation. (Jan. . 4)

DONALD TRUMP: So look, all I want to do is this. I only want 11. Find 780 votes, one more than we do. Because we won the state. And turning the state around is a great testimony to our country. Because you know it’s a will that you can admit a mistake. Or whatever you want to call it when it was a mistake. I dont know.

BRAD RAFFENSPERGER: Mr. . President, you have people filing information. And we have our employees who submit information. And then it comes to court.

And the court then has to make a decision. We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are correct.

DONALD TRUMP: No, that’s not social media. This is Trump Media. It’s not social media. It really isn’t.

It’s not social media. I am not interested in social. I couldn’t care less. Social media is big tech. Big tech is on your side, you know.

I don’t even know why you have a page. Because you want an accurate choice. And you’re a republican.

DONALD TRUMP: No.. No you do not. No. No you do not. You didn’t. You don’t even have close.

NBC presenter Chuck Todd grilled Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc. on Sunday on GOP legislature’s support for the latest far-fetched offer to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The first time a black woman served as the lead voice of the presidency was in 1991, when Judy Smith served as assistant secretary for President George H. stepped behind the podium. W.. . bush.

First Oxford vaccination at the start of vaccine rollout The list of priorities for Oxford and Pfizer vaccines The challenges of Oxford vaccine rollout Covid head to head: the Oxford and Pfizer vaccinations compared elementary schools to shutdown in some areas What Tier 5 Restrictions Might Like Subscribe to The Telegraph for a Month Free Trial Brian Pinker, an 82-year-old dialysis patient, became the first person to be vaccinated with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 surge this morning. after the dose at Oxford University Hospital. « I am very excited about today’s Covid vaccine and very proud that it was invented in Oxford, » said Pinker, a retired maintenance manager. Six hospitals in England will be the first of around 530. Administer 000 doses of the newly approved vaccine the UK has on hand. The coronavirus immunization program will expand to hundreds of other UK locations in the coming days. The government hopes it will dispense tens of millions of doses within months. « [It’s] a triumph for British science that we’ve managed to get where we are, » Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky. However, optimism about the mass vaccination campaign has been dampened by proposals that tougher measures will soon be announced to combat Covid-19, which is spiraling out of control across the UK. During a visit to Chase Farm Hospital in north London to meet some of the first people to receive the Oxford vaccine, the Prime Minister warned of « tough, tough » weeks ahead. « If you look at the numbers, there is no question that we need to take stricter measures and we will announce them in due course, » said Boris Johnson. He added that the limiting factor in expanding vaccine rollout in the UK is not supplies or staff, but rather the wait for batches to be approved. Follow the latest updates below.

Hundreds of Tibetans in exile brave the rain and cold Sunday in India’s northern city of Dharmsala, home of the government-in-exile, and voted for their new political leader as the current official’s five-year term nears its end. Many young Tibetans are going to the parliamentary elections this year.

With a little over two weeks in President Trump’s presidency, the White House is still releasing its daily schedule, but the schedules keep sounding « weird and weird, » noted CNN’s Kevin Liptak on Sunday night. He pointed out the guidance on how Trump will spend Monday before heading to Georgia to campaign for incumbent Republicans in Tuesday’s Senate special election. « President Trump will work from early in the morning until late at night, » the White House said late Sunday. « He’s going to make a lot of calls and have a lot of meetings. « > This is a new addition to the President’s daily schedule >> » President Trump will work from early in the morning until late at night. He will make many calls and have many meetings. « Picture. Twitter. com / mv2XihwKIN >> – Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) 4. January 2021 There is a clear mood in Trump’s official schedule that the book was not read, but we also know thanks to Georgia’s Foreign Minister and Trump’s Twitter feed that Trump is working these days and calling people is his damn effort, his Loss to overcome in November. 3 choice. The man who defeated him, President-elect Joe Biden, is also traveling to Georgia to camp, his office said on Sunday. Biden may also have meetings and phone calls scheduled for Monday, but that didn’t stick to the schedule. > Here is Biden’s schedule for tomorrow. picture. Twitter. com / ldJ7SJznyP >> – Daniel Dale (@ ddale8) 4. January 2021More stories from the week. com Fears are mounting over the Indonesian Jurassic Park Nashville bombers who have sent out packages that « hold their views, » the FBI says. Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, 9 former Secretary of Defense, criticize the GOP’s « anti-conservative » efforts to undo Biden’s victory

At least 43 employees tested positive for the virus after an employee wore an inflatable costume for Christmas to cheer up patients.

The variant of coronavirus circulating in South Africa could be resistant to the vaccine, a leading expert has suggested, but stressed that developing a new sting could only take six weeks if necessary. Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, said his « gut feeling » was that the vaccines already in operation would be effective against the new British strain, first identified in Kent. But he added, « I don’t know about the South African strain – I think that’s a big question mark. « South Africa was suspended last week after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the new variant 501. V2 appeared to be more « contagious » than the virus that circulated in the first wave. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Jan.. December that two cases of the South African tribe were identified in Great Britain. The cases and their contacts have been quarantined and the government has placed strict restrictions on travel out of South Africa.

Armed men opened fire on a group of Shiite Hazara miners after abducting them and killing 11 early Sunday in southwest Balochistan province, a Pakistani official said. The Islamic State Group later assumed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on its website. The Sunni militant group has repeatedly cracked down on Pakistani minority Shiites in recent years.

Salvador Franco died just weeks after family members and activists reported he suffered from health problems. A court ordered him to be moved to a medical facility in November, but the authorities did not obey, according to Olnar Ortiz, lawyer for the criminal forum. Critics of President Nicolas Maduro’s government call him a dictator who systematically imprisoned opponents and denied them the right to due process.

Kamala Harris called Donald Trump a « voice of desperation » and used a rally on Sunday for two Georgia Democrats to change the balance of power in the U.. S.. . Senate to deliver sharp criticism of the president’s attempts to overthrow election results in the state.

The goal is to vaccinate around 300 million people this year in one of the world’s largest vaccination campaigns.

In response to rising COVID-19 numbers, Zimbabwe has reinstated a night curfew, banned public gatherings and suspended schools from opening indefinitely. « We are being overwhelmed and overrun, » warned Information Minister Nick Mangwana, saying the country’s hospitals are fast approaching capacity for COVID-19 patients. Zimbabwe recorded 1 in the past week. 342 cases and 29 deaths. « The highest number that has been recorded so far, » said Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and announced the strict measures.

Germany is expected to extend a national lockdown beyond January. 10 to curb the still high coronavirus infection rates and place a heavy burden on hospitals and health workers, politicians said over the weekend. Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional leaders are expected to agree to extend restrictions when they meet on Tuesday. « The numbers are still too high, so we have to extend the restrictions, » said Health Minister Jens Spahn in an interview with RTL Television on Saturday evening.

President Trump has been addressing Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for weeks on the latter’s refusal to believe unfounded allegations of widespread election fraud in the state, and the couple beamed them off the phone on Saturday. The Washington Post received a recording of the conversation in which Trump continues to advance conspiracy theories and repeatedly urges Raffensperger to find a way to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state. Raffensperger, for his part, held on. At one point during the call, Trump, who claims he won Georgia « by hundreds of thousands of votes, » said Raffensperger that he just wanted « 11. Find 780 votes, one more than we do. « He also suggested to Raffensperger that » there is nothing wrong with saying . . . that you have recalculated « and warned that many Republicans will not vote if » this cannot be resolved before « Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoff » because they hate what you did to the president. « But there was no indication that Trump’s pleading or criminal complaint speech had any effect on Raffensperger – he told Trump the data he was arguing was inaccurate and based mostly on social media posts while his office’s legal adviser , Ryan Germany, Trump’s conspiracies shot down voting machine manipulation and ballot destruction. Legal experts told the Post the call put Trump in « legally questionable territory » as it could be construed as an attempt to get Raffensperger to deal with Georgia’s election results, but ultimately they believe the « clearer violation is a moral one. « . « Read more on the Washington Post. More stories from the week. Com Trump’s official schedule says he will « make many calls and hold many meetings ». Fears are rising about Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Nashville bomber, sending packages « holding his views, » says the FBI

A small Georgia plane crashed into a house in southeast Michigan, killing the pilot and two family members. The victims were David S. . Compo, the former president of the Home Builders Association in southeast Michigan, his wife Michele and their son Dawson, said the association in a press release. The Federal Aviation Administration said a single-engine Piper PA-24 Comanche was out at around 3pm. Crashed at 47 o’clock in a residential area. m. Saturday, approximately half a mile from Oakland Southwest Airport, according to preliminary data.

The Swiss supervisory authorities have allowed contract manufacturer Lonza Group to start manufacturing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine at a facility in Switzerland, reported the Sunday newspaper. « Important preparatory work is currently underway to start up the production lines, » quoted a spokesman for the Lonza plant in Visp. The United States approved Moderna’s vaccine on December. 19, Canada did so on Dec.. . 23 and the EU watchdog is expected to approve it this week.

Sen. . David Perdue R-Ga. discusses the audio published by the Washington Post with ‘The Next Revolution’ and provides insight into the Georgia Senate race.

President Trump is expected to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif. ) on Monday, followed a week later by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Axios and The Washington Post reported on Sunday evening. Trump « uses part of his final days at the White House to reward friends and allies with pardons and other accolades, » the Post notes, and Nunes and Jordan are two of Trump’s closest allies in Congress. Jordan was a vocal and passionate defender of Trump during his impeachment negotiations, and Nunes was one of the president’s greatest allies in his efforts to undermine the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump quoted Nunes’ « bravery » in Imbroglio, Russia, when he proposed Fox & Friends 2018 to award Nunes the « very important » medal of freedom after first calling it the Medal of Honor, the Post reports. The Medal of Honor is a military award while the Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest civilian honor, though Trump has bestowed that honor on some controversial recipients. More stories from the week. Com Trump’s official schedule says he will « make many calls and hold many meetings ». Fears are rising about Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Nashville bomber, sending packages « holding his views, » says the FBI

Donald Trump, January, Associated Press, The Lufkin Daily News

World News – AU – Top Ga. Election officials push back in Trump talk
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Top Ga. Election officials push back in Trump talk
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Trump to Ga. Election Officer: & # 39; 11780 votes find& # 39; (Video)

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