World News – AU – Tourists ordered to stay away from popular vacation spots as fire raged


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Queensland’s World Heritage-listed Fraser Island will be closed to tourists on Friday at 5 p.m. as a six week old bush fire continues to test firefighters.

Tourists have been advised to stay away from Queensland’s World Heritage Site, Fraser Island, as a massive bushfire continues to test firefighters.

The six-week-old fire, the 74th. 000 hectares burned is expected to flare up over the weekend if weather conditions worsen.

Access to visitors will be closed at 5 p.m. Friday, but those already living on the island can stay, according to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

« This is due to the irregular and difficult fire weather conditions we are experiencing there and the movement of the fire over the past 24 hours, » Commissioner Greg Leach told reporters.

« Our operations over the past few days have had limited success in keeping the front line of fire.

« If people have plans to go to the island and are on their way now, they should take this opportunity to turn around. « 

The flame is currently located about three miles north of the Kingfisher Bay Resort on the west side of the island.

Additional firefighters were dispatched to the resort but it had not been evacuated, said Mr Leach.

However, hotter, drier winds are forecast over the weekend with the possibility of carrying the fire south.

Residents and those providing essential services are allowed to stay and travel to and from the island.

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« This is not an evacuation of the island . . . However, we ask everyone to heed the current warnings as the situation could worsen, « Leach said.

It is believed that the huge fire started on Nov.. October was triggered by an illegal campfire.

Fraser Island is about 250 km north of Brisbane and at 123 km is the largest sand island in the world.

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World News – AU – Tourists should stay away from popular vacation spots because of the fire
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