World news – AU – Trade scores: 76 players transfer from Al Horford, big deal veteran and two picks to Thunder for Danny Green


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Al Horford’s time as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers lasted only one season. The Sixers are trading with Horford, along with protected first-round selection for 2025, 34th overall pick in the 2020 draft, and Serbian goalkeeper Vasilije Micic’s rights to Oklahoma City Thunder for veteran goalkeeper Danny Green, according to Adrian Wojnarovsky of ESPN. Mikek, at 26, is considered one of Europe’s best keepers. Thunder will also send Terrance Ferguson to the Sixers as part of the deal.

While Horford’s stay in Philadelphia was short, Green’s stint in Oklahoma City was shorter, as he was a member of the Thunder Squad for only days. The Thunder acquired Green earlier this week from the Los Angeles Lakers in the deal that sent Dennis Schroeder to Southern California.. In the deal with the Sixers, Thunder got other draft picks to add to their stock footage arsenal. As a team in the midst of rebuilding, it will be interesting to see if they are holding the Horford, or looking to turn it around again for other assets..

Trade was the first step Daryl Morey made since he was named as the new head of Sixers Basketball Operations, and it was a good move for Philadelphia. In Green, the Sixers get a player who matches perfectly with the team’s best players, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and has a championship lineage.. Greene has won three NBA titles with three different teams, and has played a major role each time.

The Sixers also managed to exit Horford’s contract without having to give away too many assets. The Horford experiment in Philadelphia was unsuccessful. This was clear to everyone who watched the squad last season. Horford did not fit well with Empiide and Simons, and in return, he struggled to find ways to make a positive impact.

The main problem was that the Horford skill set at the offensive end was redundant with Embiade and Simons.. The Horford is at its best when operating either from the elbow or from low mass. He is very comfortable to dress himself and others from these areas. The problem was that Embiid and Simmons are also more comfortable in those areas, especially in lower mass, where Embiid does a fair share of damage inflicted on it, and where Simmons are often landed as a result of their inability to clear the ground with fire. Thus, Horford was forced to spend a lot of time with the Sixers on the ocean, as he was limited and not particularly effective.

Against Horford three years remaining on a four-year deal worth $ 109 million he signed with the Sixers in his last off-season.. Green has one year remaining on his current contract, and he is assigned to the unrestricted free agency at the end of the 2020-21 season. He signed a two-year, $ 30 million deal with the Lakers in the most recent season.

This deal is a major tournament for Philadelphia. Not only did the 76 players exit Horford’s terrible contract and gain a lot of financial flexibility in the process, they also got a seasoned veteran with a championship pedigree expected to be a good fit for the team in Danny Green.. The Sixers were always supposed to cost some extra assets to offload Horford’s contract, and the future protected first-round selection and second-round isn’t too expensive to pay for doing so. Horford is never suitable for Philadelphia, and Sixers will benefit from the addition of Green and the maximum salary space created by this move..

For Thunder, the step was about adding more trial capital to the footage they already collected. They secured a protected selection from the first round in 2025, and a choice number 34 in the 2020 draft, which turned out to be French Guard Theo Maledon.. The reason this trade is a ‘B’ for Thunder is that it’s unclear exactly why a team in the midst of rebuilding would want the 34-year-old Horford to take over three years.. Perhaps they are interested in his veteran leadership, or maybe they will look to turn him around again for other assets in the future.

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World News – Australia – Trade degrees: 76ers move in from Al Horford, veteran of deals The Big Man and Two Thunder Picks for Danny Green
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