World News – AU – Transition Highlights: Georgia Official Blasts Trump for repeating falsehoods on the eve of two critical Senate outflows


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It was like « Groundhog Day ». A senior election official said he had to re-expose President Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. The two runoff elections in Georgia on Tuesday will determine who controls the Senate and how easily President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda can be carried out.

Analysis: Trump pushed the boundaries of tradition and law to figure out how to hold onto power.

Obama suggests that Trump threatens « the basic principles of our democracy ». before Senate outflows in Georgia.

The secretary wants me to make it clear that everyone’s voice counts. All the votes counted. I want to make that very clear. If you are interested in the values ​​and direction of the nation you want to see, it is your duty to emerge and vote tomorrow. Be a Democrat or a Republican. However, given the nature of the statements made by the President and a few others previously linked to him, we literally held a rally where protest was said and not voted. We ask you and please tell you and vote tomorrow. The President’s legal team had the entire tape. You went through the entire tape and, in our view, deliberately misled the Senate, the electorate, and the people of the United States about it. It was intended. It was obvious, and anyone who sees this knows that . . . Everyone who sees it knows that. So we released the entire tape for people to see. We haven’t seen anything in our research into this data to show that there are almost enough ballots to change the result. And the secretary and I on this podium have been saying since November. 3, there are illegal elections in every single election in human history because there are people involved in the process. It will happen. It’s about limiting it and taking as much safety precautions as possible to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Gabriel Sterling, a senior electoral officer in Georgia, on Monday made a scathing rebuttal of President Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud by going through a long list of previously debunked conspiracy theories and systematically re-debunking each one.

It was like « Groundhog Day ». He said with evident frustration, adding the fraud claims: « This is all easy, demonstrably wrong, but the president stands and is undermining the Georgians. « Trust in the electoral system. â ????

Mr. . Sterling pleaded with Georgians to vote in Tuesday’s Senate runoff election and not be deterred by disinformation.

« If you would like your values ​​to be reflected by your elected officials, I urge you and encourage you to vote tomorrow.  » he said. â ???? Don’t suppress your own voice. Don’t let anyone steal your voice this way. â ????

The office of Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger planned the press conference with Mr.. . Sterling the day after the reveal of an hour-long phone call in which President Trump was repeating a litany of conspiracy theories and asking Mr.. Raffensperger finds « 11. 780 votes « to overthrow the will of the Georgian voters who voted for the elected President Joseph R.. Biden Jr. .

Among many other false claims, Mr.. . Trump and his attorneys have claimed that Georgia had thousands of votes cast by anyone under the age of 18 who was not registered to vote, delayed, or registered with a P.. Ö. Box instead of a residential address. The Secretary of State examined the claims, Mr.. . Said Sterling, not finding a single ballot paper cast by anyone in any of these categories.

« I have such a long list, » he said as he made claims about hacked ballot scanning devices (« It’s very hard to hack things without a modem ») and people swapping parts in Dominion voting machines ( » ??? « I don’t even know what that means ». He added that mr. Raffensperger doesn’t have a brother named Ron who works for a Chinese tech company, as one of the conspiracies retweeted by the president claims – ???? In fact, he doesn’t have a brother named Ron at all.

« I wanted to scream » he said of his reaction to the call between mr. Trump and Mr.. . Raffensperger. Well, I was yelling at the computer and yelling on the radio in my car, he was talking about it because it was thoroughly exposed. â ????

He declined when asked if he was Mr.. . Trump’s behavior is an « attack on democracy ». but said, « I personally found it to be something that was abnormal and out of place, and no one I know who would be President would do such a thing to a Secretary of State. « . â ????

A day before Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler ran against voters in a Senate runoff, he announced plans to vote against the electoral college certification process. He voted with a dozen Republican senators to overthrow voters for President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. .

The potentially career-defining vote was won by Republicans in Congress ahead of a typically superficial session on Jan.. January split. 6 to confirm mr. Biden as president and winner of the electoral college.

woman. Loeffler, who has joined President Trump as she struggles to keep her Senate seat, made the announcement just hours before the president was appointed in Georgia to promote her. She did not say which voters she would object to. It is the last case in the woman. Loeffler has broken with Georgia Republicans who largely oppose Mr.. . Trump’s unsubstantiated fraud claims after Mr.. . Biden won the state in November.

« Tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way the November presidential election was conducted, » and I share their concerns, ???? woman. Loeffler said in a statement on Monday evening.

David Perdue, whose tenure as Senator was on Jan.. January ended. 3, is also facing a runoff election on Tuesday. He said on Sunday that if he was re-elected, he would also support a challenge to the election result certificate, even though he would not be present for the vote.

While both Georgia Senate races are held on Tuesday, female only is. Loeffler can attend the joint congressional session on Wednesday to confirm the results of the electoral college. Mr. Perdue saw his tenure ended on Sunday at 116. Congress officially closed while Mrs.. Loeffler was appointed to end former Senator Johnny Isakson’s term, which does not end until January 2023.

As I’ve said before, vaccinating America is going to be one of the toughest operational challenges this nation has ever faced, but we have known it for the past few months. This government is off to a terrible start for God. The president spends more time whining and complaining than doing anything about the problem. I don’t know why he still wants the job, he doesn’t want to do the work. As our opposition friends find out, all power flows from the people, from the people. This is our story. This is our law. This is our tradition. This is our constitution. This is our democracy. Politicians cannot assert, take over or seize power. Power is given by the American people alone. I know this campaign, this campaign was exhausting. You have worked hard over the past few years to get to this moment. It was intense. It was non-stop. But I ask you to give all you have one more day. And in that one day, no exaggeration, you can change America.

President-elect Joseph R. invades Atlanta late Monday afternoon. Biden Jr. . did not directly mention President Trump’s phone call, but slanted criticism of the president’s strongman tactics.

In front of a few hundred supporters sprawled on the hoods and roofs of their cars in a downtown parking lot near the former Turner Field, Mr.. . Biden said mr. Trump took a tough lesson in democracy.

« As our opposition friends find out, all power flows from the people, » said the president-elect, adding that politicians cannot seize power. â ????

Mr. . Biden, however, aimed more directly at what he called Mr.. . Trump’s « god awful » efforts to spread coronavirus vaccines.

« The president spends more time whining and complaining than doing anything about the problem, » he said to cheers and honk. I don’t know why he still wants the job, he doesn’t want to do the work. â ????

Mostly, however, Mr.. . Biden, dressed in a black mask that says « VOTE ». encouraged the Georgian multi-ethnic audience to do just that.

« It’s not an exaggeration, you can change America, » he said if the Democrats control Congress, lawmakers would block last month’s 2. Approving $ 000 Senate Republican checks, even citing the two candidates for the Republican runoff. David Perdue, who ended his term on Jan. finished. 3 and Senator Kelly Loeffler â ???? by name to claim they would oppose the checks.

While some of the Biden rally participants waved signs in support of the two Democratic candidates? the referee. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff â ???? Many said they were involved in the runoff because they were told by Mr.. . Trump card.

« We support democracy because we’ve seen it fade in the last four years, » said Deshunn Wilkerson, a 36-year-old social worker who wore a sweatshirt with the pink and green letters of the sisterhood she shared with the Elected Vice President Kamala Harris, Alpha Kappa Alpha, shares.

WASHINGTON â ???? The leader of the Proud Boys, the far-right group that has vociferously supported President Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results, was arrested Monday for property destruction after arriving in Washington in protest at Congressional certification later in the election this week, according to someone familiar with the matter.

Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of tearing a banner from a historic black church in Washington during protests last month that resulted in several violent clashes, including knife wounds, Black Lives Matter to have burned the city.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that Mr.. Tarrio, 36, was arrested for property destruction following an incident in downtown Washington in mid-December. When he was arrested, he was found to be in possession of two high-powered weapons magazines and was accordingly charged with possession.

The arrest also places the Justice Department against some of Mr.. Trump’s most ardent supporters; the U. S.. . The Washington law firm serves as the primary attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.

A police spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A lawyer for Mr.. . Tarrio could not be found immediately, and Mr.. . Tarrio could not be reached.

Mr. . Trump admonished his supporters to relocate to Washington to express their dismay at the confirmation of the election as President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . On New Year’s Day he promoted what he called the « BIG Protest Rally ». in Washington.

The big protest rally in Washington, D. . C.. . takes place at 11. 00 A. . M.. . at 6. January. Location details follow. StopTheSteal!

The Proud Boys were key players in protests and marches in mid-December, the violent clashes between Mr. . Trump’s supporters, counter-protesters and law enforcement agencies, as well as vandalism and property destruction in churches across the city, including historic black churches.

Local police said they would investigate the church’s attacks as potential hate crimes.

Mr. . Tarrio then said on social media and in an interview with the Washington Post that he burned the Black Lives Matter flag of Asbury United Methodist Church, one of the oldest black churches in Washington, and that he is guilty of property destruction would confess if he was prosecuted.

Washington prepares for another round of protests on Wednesday when the Senate meets to approve the results of the electoral college. Pro-Trump groups, including the Proud Boys, are expected to protest, and law enforcement officials are preparing for more violence.

Mr. . Tarrio had said in right-wing extremist forums and in the social media app Parler that the Proud Boys would be on 6. January would turn out to be record numbers. but that they would fan across the city – incognito. â ????

President Trump is sending mixed messages ahead of Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday, giving personal grievance over the party’s quest to win the two state seats and jeopardize Republican control in the Senate.

The president is fixated on his loss in Georgia, an obsession that can be explained by two strong and simultaneous motivations. A psychological, a calculated and based on the political reality, said people close to him.

For starters, Mr.. . Trump just can’t believe he’s lost a once red southern state? and cannot understand that his own unpopularity accelerated a political realignment that was already taking place in the swing state. At the same time, he is very much in touch with the reality that he rules the right wing of the party and sees the runoff election as a valuable moment of ultimate political leverage as president.

In the past week, he has gone from supporting the Senate candidates, albeit lukewarm, to a far more passionate argument about the legality of the runoff election.

The President, who will perform with incumbent Republicans Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, in Dalton, Ga. on Monday wrote on Twitter late Friday that the runoff election was « illegal and invalid ». but then a day later he urged his supporters to get ready to vote on Tuesday. â ????

The trip comes a day after the breathtaking revelation that Mr.. . Trump asked Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, more than 11. Finding 000 votes to overthrow the will of the state’s electorate.

On monday mr. Trump signaled on Twitter that he intends to campaign for the campaign rally to boost the sluggish Republican turnout. The number of early votes was low, due to the skepticism of its own experts about the validity of the November results.

Mr. . Trump sought power by harassing the Republican establishment. and the leaders of the party are now worried that he might drag them with him.

In the call on Saturday from Mr.. . Raffensperger’s office, Mr.. . Trump vaguely threatened the Secretary of State that he would arouse anger? and discourage Republicans from voting? if he didn’t prevail.

« You will have people who just don’t vote, » said Mr.. Trump, who points to a dark result for politicians like Mr.. . Rasffensperger who opposed him. They don’t want to vote, they hate the state. They hate the governor and they hate the secretary of state. â ????

Mr. . Raffensperger said in an interview on ABC’s « Good Morning America » ​​about the taped hour-long call that Mr.. . Trump did most of the talking. â ????

« We did most of the listening, but I wanted to point out that the data he has is just wrong, » he added.

It’s a moment of deep fear for Mr.. . Perdue and wife. Loeffler. You have bound yourself to the President in the hope of survival and the resignation of Dr. . Raffensperger, a Trump supporter.

woman. Loeffler, speaking over the weekend, dodged questions about whether she would support the futile efforts to object to President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . The victory of the electoral college in the Senate. But mr. . Perdue has said he would have supported the effort if his Senate term had not expired on Sunday.

In one blow against Mr. . Trump, Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, stated Monday that he would oppose these efforts and urged the president to warn of the consequences.

« Republicans have pluses & minuses, but one thing is for sure, THEY NEVER FORGET! » Mr. Trump wrote and raised Mr.. . Cotton with a name.

Republicans staked out dueling positions on Monday to join the sizeable faction in their party that seeks to overthrow President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . The election on Wednesday when Congress meets to confirm this. The vote that may determine careers has sparked deep divisions among their ranks.

A group of Conservative House Republicans argued that the move was against the Constitution, noting that state voters reflected the will of voters. not Congress â ???? Decide elections.

« ???? To do something else » ???? that is, to unconstitutionally place Congress at the center of the presidential election process? would mean stealing power from people and states. wrote the group, which included representatives Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin, Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota, Ken Buck from Colorado, Thomas Massie from Kentucky, Tom McClintock from California, Chip Roy from Texas and Nancy Mace from South Carolina.

« It would effectively replace the electoral college with Congress, adding to the efforts of the left determined to eliminate it or make it irrelevant, » they added.

Although Republican efforts to reject the election results are expected to fail, a dozen Republican senators and many more in the House of Representatives plan to vote against voters for Mr.. Biden on Wednesday when Congress is due to have a normally superficial session to affirm Mr.. Biden’s victory.

Representative Elise Stefanik, Republican of New York, who led successful recruitment efforts last year to bring more conservative women into Congress, said she would join the push. She cited the popular belief among the party’s grassroots that the election was stolen by fraud, a debunked claim that Mr.. . Trump has been raving for weeks and has been bolstered by the right-wing news media and many Republican lawmakers.

â ???? I have an obligation to act on this matter if I believe there are serious questions about the presidential election. I believe these questions exist. woman. Stefanik said in a video message on Twitter. Ten million Americans are rightly concerned that the 2020 elections featured unprecedented voting irregularities, unconstitutional excess by unelected state officials and judges who ignore state election laws, and a fundamental lack of electoral integrity and security. â ????

Every state in the country has confirmed the election results after verifying their accuracy, and judges across the country have tested nearly 60 attempts by Dr. . Trump and his allies are challenging the results. Former Attorney General William P. . Barr said the Justice Department had not uncovered election fraud that altered the election result.

« None of these investigations or lawsuits have revealed any sign of fraud near the standard for rejecting a state’s vote. « Senator Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from West Virginia, said in a statement that she opposed the effort. Refusal to count a state’s votes without such evidence would disenfranchise millions of American voters and challenge the very foundation of representative government enshrined in our constitution. â ????

Directors and other executives from many of America’s largest corporations called on Congress Monday to confirm Wednesday’s election to endorse Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . Presidential victory.

« Attempts to thwart or delay this process run counter to the essential tenets of our democracy. « they said in a statement. Laurence D was added to the list of 170 signatories. . Fink from BlackRock, Logan Green and John Zimmer from Lyft, Brad Smith from Microsoft, Albert Bourla from Pfizer, and James Zelter from Apollo Global Management.

Over the weekend, President Trump called the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia to undermine the election results. In the call that was taped, the President pressured officers to « find ». enough votes to win Mr.. . Biden’s victory. The president’s request raised questions about whether he had violated the electoral fraud law, lawyers said, although charges are unlikely. President-elect Biden won the electoral college with 306 votes to 232 and the referendum with 81 votes. 2 million for Mr.. . Biden to mr. Trump’s 74th. 2 million.

Members of the President’s party disagree on whether to accept he lost the election: while top Republicans like Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, pushed back a futile attempt by Congress to reject the results, for example a dozen senators and elected senators have endorsed President Trump’s attempt to stay in power.

The urge from business leaders came on a volatile day for financial markets and just a day before Georgia’s run-off elections to determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate. Coronavirus cases are on the rise and vaccinations are taking longer than hoped.

« Our duly elected leaders deserve the respect and bipartisan support of all Americans at a moment as we grapple with the worst health and economic crises in modern history. « The business leaders wrote. There should be no further delay in the proper transfer of power. â ????

The statement, organized by Partnership for New York City, a corporate representation organization, came on the same day as Thomas J.. . Donohue, the head of the U. . S.. . The Chamber of Commerce issued a statement asking for the vote to be confirmed.

???? The efforts of some members of Congress to ignore certified election results result in the election result being changed or an attempt to be made to take a long-term political position that undermines our democracy and rule of law and will only result in further division in our nation, ???? Mr. Donohue wrote.

« The United States of America is facing enormous challenges that not only require an orderly transition of administrations, but also the focus of the new Biden administration and the new Congress and bipartisan cooperation. « he continued. We urge Congress to fulfill its responsibility to count the votes, the Trump administration to facilitate an orderly transition for the future Biden administration, and all of our elected officials, their pandemic fighters and support restore our economy. â ????

The Atlanta federal attorney abruptly announced his departure Monday, two days after President Trump complained that the prosecutor did not support him when he urged Georgia’s Foreign Secretary to give in to baseless claims the city saw and complained about massive election fraud.

Byung J. . Pak, the U. . S.. . Atlanta attorney said in an email to his office on Monday that he is stepping down immediately, according to a spokesman. He gave no reason other than unforeseen events, and spokesmen for his Atlanta office and Justice Department in Washington declined to comment.

Several people who are related to Mr.. . Pak was awaiting his departure and said he had been looking for other work. Several other U. . S.. . Lawyers have left since the election, including those in Texas, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina, and more are expected to be released before the Trump administration ends on Jan.. January take place. 20th.

But Mr.. . Pak’s decision to leave on the same day he announced his departure surprised people in the department.

Known as BJay, Mr. . Pak was nominated by Mr.. Trump to serve as U in 2017. S.. . Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia, a district that includes Atlanta and Fulton Counties.

While Mr.. . Trump criticized Mr.. . Pak by name, and there are three U. . S.. . As a Georgia attorney, he has recently become increasingly focused on making bogus claims that poll workers in Fulton County manipulated the number of votes.

« If you verify the signatures, a real verification of the signatures going back in Fulton County, you will find at least a few hundred thousand forged signatures.  » Mr. Trump said on a phone call with Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger, who denied the claim.

Mr. . Trump also complained about the quality of investigative work into election fraud in Georgia, particularly in Fulton County. â ???? You have your Never-Trumper U. . S.. . Lawyer there, ???? he said.

A group of prominent American historians included their voice on Monday in the debate on President Trump’s efforts to topple the election and what they called an undemocratic offer to decipher a free and fair vote that was not a historic one Has precedent deciphered in the long annals of the United States.

« Never in our history has a president who lost reelection tried to stay in office by undermining the democratic process set out in the constitution, » the historians said in a statement. This is what President Trump has been doing since Sept.. November does when a strong American majority elected Joseph R.. Biden turns 46. President of the United States. â ????

The historians ???? The statement noted that historically the 2020 elections weren’t even particularly close. Mr. Biden has won more electoral college votes than the victorious candidates in five elections since 1960, and greater majorities than the population in more than half of the presidential elections held in the past six decades.

« ???? But in none of these elections did a lost candidate attempt to claim victory by brazenly sabotaging the electoral process, as Donald Trump did and continues to do. « said the letter, organized by Douglas Brinkley of Rice University and Sean Wilentz of Princeton University.

Among the 22 signatories were Ron Chernow, Jon Meacham, Kenneth Mack, Susan Dunn, Akhil Reed Amar, David Blight and H. . W.. . Brands. Michael W. . McConnell of Stanford University, a former appeals court judge who effectively dismissed the efforts of one of its senior employees, Senator Josh Hawley, Republican of Missouri.

In the 220 years since a defeated President John Adams handed the White House over to his rival and firmly established the peaceful transfer of power as a core principle, no sitting president who lost an election has tried to hold on to power by he refused to undermine the electoral college and the will of the voters â ???? until now.

It’s a scenario that has been utterly unthinkable, yet feared, since President Trump’s term began.

The president has gone beyond just venting his grievances or creating a face-saving narrative to explain a loss, as advisors privately suggested he did in the days after November. 3 votes, but has instead crossed the boundaries of tradition, decency and law to find a way how he can hold his office after the end of his term of office, which expires in two weeks.

He called the Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona to get them to overthrow President-elect Joseph R.. Biden Jr. . â ???? s victory. He has called Michigan Republican lawmakers to the White House to pressure them to change their state’s results. He called the Pennsylvania House Republican spokesman twice to do the same.

Mr. . Trump’s hour-long weekend phone call with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia election officer, urging him to « find ». enough votes to win Mr.. . Biden’s victory in the state only brought a great relief, which Mr.. . Trump has been doing this for weeks. He and his staff came up with the idea of ​​Mr.. . Biden’s inauguration, set in stone in the constitution, and he met with a former adviser who asked him to declare martial law.

But Mr.. . Trump’s unsubstantiated and desperate allegations of a stolen election have not prevailed in court despite around 60 lawsuits filed by the president and his allies.

On Monday, a federal judge in Washington denied one of the foreign lawsuits contesting the previous election. an effort by a conservative group, the Amistad Project, to pave the way for Vice President Mike Pence not to accept voters from several major swing states.

« It would be risky if its goal were not so severe: undermining a democratic election for President of the United States, » Judge James Boasberg wrote. Courts are not instruments with which parties engage in such game art or symbolic political gestures. â ????

The president has refused an attempt to undermine democracy, but his efforts are known to many who have studied authoritarian regimes in countries around the world, such as that of President Vladimir V. . Putin in Russia and Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary.

« Today’s leaders come through elections and then rig the elections to stay in office » until they get enough power to force the hands of the legislature to hold them there indefinitely, as Putin and Orban did have done. said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of « Strongmen: From Mussolini to the Present ». â ????

Vice President Mike Pence started a final push by party leaders on Monday to urge voters to stand for Tuesday’s extremely rigorous runoff.

He pleaded with the Georgians to send Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler back to Washington so that Republicans could keep control of the Senate.

« One more day we need Georgia to defend the majority » mr. Said Pence in a lunchtime appearance at a church in Milner, Ga. A Senate Republican majority could be our last line of defense. â ????

An influx of new voters and a broken Republican electorate give Democrats hope of a victorious win for Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev.. given. Raphael Warnock. President-elect Joseph R. . Biden Jr. . , who won the state in November, will fight the two men in the largely democratic area of ​​Atlanta on Monday.

The incumbent Republicans are turning to President Trump to shore up the vote and motivate the Georgians who backed him in November, even as the president continues to question the validity of the state’s results. Mr. Trump is holding a rally with the two candidates on Monday evening in Dalton, a city in northwest Georgia in a region where voter turnout was relatively low.

Some Republicans fear that the president’s two-month campaign against the election result could keep Trump supporters at home on Tuesday because of a loss of confidence in the system. There are also concerns about the potential for Lord. Trump uses Monday’s appearance to mostly talk about himself, especially after posting a recording of a call between Mr.. . Trump and the top electoral officer in the state.

During the call, the president warned of a « crime ». if the state could not find the votes that the 16 votes of the state electoral college would give it.

Mr. . Perdue was confident on Sunday that Mr.. . Trump would focus on the Senators in his appearance because he knows what it’s about. a???? During an interview on Fox News, Mr.. . Perdue said if the two Democrats won, the Georgians would see a « radical socialist and very dangerous agenda ». from Washington.

If the Republican candidates win, sir. Biden will be bogged down in the Senate and struggling to pass laws.

Former President Barack Obama viewed Tuesday’s Georgia runoff elections as an existential battle for core democratic institutions, hours after a recording was released of President Trump pressuring a state official to « find » ?? ?? enough votes to pick up his loss there.

« Tomorrow is election day in Georgia and the stakes couldn’t be higher, » the former president wrote on Twitter Monday afternoon. « We see how far some will go to retain power and threaten the basic principles of our democracy. « . But our democracy is not about an individual, not even a president. it is about you. â ????

While his language was somewhat obscured, a person was close to Mr.. . Obama said the statement was a response to the inclusion in the Lord. Trump pressured Georgia’s Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger to scrap the November election results.

Late on Sunday when the news of the call came in, Mr.. . Obama’s close friend, former Attorney General Eric Holder, posted a screenshot of federal law stating that it was a crime that could be punished with a prison term of up to five years for any « person ». ? To « knowingly and intentionally » intimidate, threaten or force officials to reverse the results of a fair and impartial electoral process. â ????

In the past few weeks, Mr.. Obama responded to general voting messages on behalf of the Democratic Senate candidate, the Rev. . Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and his usual end-of-year social media tariff â ???? including lists of his favorite books and songs.

In the first three years of Mr.. Trump’s presidency, Mr.. . Obama avoided dealing directly with his successor and only showed up to cover up untruths and unsubstantiated claims, including Mr.. . Trump’s allegation that the former president personally authorized wiretapping of Trump Tower in 2016.

That changed during the home stretch of the 2020 general election campaign, as Mr.. Obama delivered a passionate denunciation from Mr.. Trump during the National Virtual Democratic Convention.

Later, Mr.. . Obama started a short barnstorming tour on behalf of the Democrats at the end of the campaign, during which he saw Mr.. . Trump – ???? In fact, his request for confirmation was due to a lack of attendance at his childhood birthday parties.

â ???? Didn’t anyone come to their birthday party as a child? â ???? Mr. Obama asked during a gig in Michigan in late October.

Jon Ossoff, a Democrat running for the Senate in Tuesday’s Georgia runoff elections, criticized President Trump at a campaign rally on Monday for pressuring Georgia’s Secretary of State to « find one ??? ? Votes to undermine the election result.

Mr. . Ossoff, challenging incumbent David Perdue, drew parallels between Mr.. . Trump’s efforts and the bitter history of disenfranchisement in the state, citing election closings and cumbersome voting rules.

« The President of the United States on the phone is trying to intimidate the Georgian electoral officials into casting your votes » Mr.. Ossoff told followers at a promotional event in Conyers, a suburb east of Atlanta. « Let’s send a message: don’t come to Georgia and try to mess with our voting rights. « . â ????

Among the Democrats, the president’s statement only added to their anger and urge to defeat the two Republican candidates, Mr.. . Perdue, whose term of office on Jan. ended. 3 and Senator Kelly Loeffler. Both have closely connected with Mr.. Trump card.

Hillary Drummond Simpson, a retired elementary and middle school teacher, said she was puzzled by the support the president still has. « I don’t get it, » she said. I don’t understand what to look for in a guide. â ????

Verdailia Turner, who was in Conyers to help with the acquisition, said she could feel the dynamism of the race. « It’s like a perfect, beautiful storm and all eyes are on us, » said Ms.. Turner, the president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers. It is imperative that we bring some sanity back to Washington, D. . C.. . â ????

Election officials in Georgia received at least two inquiries in his phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday investigating whether President Trump has violated the state’s laws that prohibit electoral disruption. However, no such investigation appeared to have been initiated by early Monday afternoon.

On Sunday, the Washington Post, followed by other news outlets, reported that Mr.. . Trump had asked Mr. in a recorded phone call. Raffensperger to « find » ???? he had enough votes to reject the Georgian presidential election results and seemed to threaten Mr vaguely. Raffensperger with a crime. a???? A number of lawyers have since said that Mr.. Trump may have violated state and federal laws, but said such allegations could prove difficult.

On Sunday evening, the lonely Democrat on Georgia’s five-member electoral board wrote a letter to Mr.. Raffensperger asked his office to open an investigation to determine whether Mr.. Trump had violated state law.

Then, on Monday, the State Board of Elections received a complaint from John F. . Banzhaf III, a law professor at George Washington University. Mr. Banzhaf also requested an investigation, citing three specific state laws dealing with the Commission on Election Fraud and Interfering with State Officials. Fulfillment of the voting obligations.

Mr. . Raffensperger serves as the state secretary as chairman of the five-member state election committee, and in many cases investigators in his office opened an investigation into such complaints.

In an interview on Monday morning on ABC’s « Good Morning America » ​​the host George Stephanopoulos asked Mr.. Raffensperger, a Republican, when he opens an investigation into Mr.. . Trump’s call.

Mr. . Raffensperger said he may have a conflict of interest because he had been on the phone, suggesting instead that such an investigation may be under work by the Fulton County District Attorney.

â ???? I understand the Fulton County district attorney wants to see it. Maybe this is the place? Mr. Raffensperger said.

Mr. . Raffensperger’s office on Monday did not return requests from The Times asking for clarification as to whether he would in fact officially step down from the matter. Mr. Raffensperger’s office is planning a press conference at 3 p.m.. m. at the State Capitol in Atlanta.

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, has not opened an investigation, said Jeff DiSantis, a spokesman for Ms. F. . Willis and the incoming assistant district attorney. Mr. DiSantis said his office has not yet received any formal notification from Mr.. Raffensperger that he wanted to make the decision. Mr. DiSantis noted that Attorney General Christopher M. . Carr, might be responsible for such a matter as well.

In a prepared statement, Dr. . Willis said she was Mr.. . Trump’s conversation with the foreign minister is worrying. â ????

« Once the investigation is completed, this matter, like all matters, will be handled by our office on a factual and legal basis.  » She said.

President Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to one of his most outspoken Republican defenders in the House of Representatives, California Representative Devin Nunes, and plans to award another in the coming days to Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, two officials he was familiar with Plans said.

The award is the nation’s highest civilian honor, intended to recognize « exceptional contributions ». to national security, to world peace or to cultural and other « significant » efforts. While presidents have given the honor to members of Congress in the past, it was typically given at the end of a legislature’s tenure in public service or in recognition of an unrelated achievement.

In the case of Mr. . Nunes and Mr.. . But Jordan, sir. Trump wants to honor lawmakers for their leadership role in personal defense against the leadership. B.. . I. « Investigating Russian electoral interference and the impeachment investigation of the House, » said officials, who asked for anonymity to discuss plans that have not yet been made public.

Both investigations uncovered wrongdoing by the president and his advisors, but Mr.. . Trump viewed them as partisans – witch hunts -. urged his party to gather around him to fend them off. Mr. Nunes and Mr.. . Jordan answered the call enthusiastically, working publicly and privately to gather unflattering information about the President’s investigators, including his own Department of Justice, which they would then often publish with the help of the White House.

The two took a similar approach when the Democrats launched an impeachment investigation against Mr. Trump is based on his attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate its political rival Joseph R.. Biden Jr. .

Mr. . Jordan, a fighting force in Congressional hearings, became the face of Mr.. . Trump’s defense on Capitol Hill that ultimately helped win his acquittal in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The work made the Democrats angry, but it made Mr.. . Nunes and Mr.. . Jordan Heroes on the right and convinced many in their group to follow suit. In 2018 Mr.. Trump said that Mr.. . Nunes, then chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was to receive the Medal of Freedom, or the Medal of Honor, reserved for military valor, based on his attempts to discredit the Russia investigation.

That Mr.. . Trump is doing so now despite refusing to admit his electoral defeat and suggesting that he recognize that his term in office is limited.

Mr. . Nunes received the honor in a ceremony on Monday, and Mr.. Trump will likely give it to mr. Jordan next week. The Washington Post first reported on the awards.

President Trump’s call to the Georgian Foreign Minister on Saturday raised the prospect that Mr.. . Trump may have violated laws prohibiting meddling in federal or state elections, but lawyers said Sunday that such a charge would be difficult to prosecute.

The recording of the conversation between Mr. . Georgia’s Trump and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, first reported by the Washington Post, led a number of election and criminal defense lawyers to believe they were under pressure. Raffensperger to « find » ???? the votes he would need to reverse the election result in the state, sir. Trump either broke the law or got close to it.

« It seems to me that what he did was clearly against the laws of Georgia. « said Leigh Ann Webster, an Atlanta criminal defense attorney, citing state law making it illegal for anyone to » solicit, solicit, order, matter, or otherwise attempt to get the other person to intervene « . in electoral fraud.

At the federal level, anyone who « knowingly and intentionally deprives, cheats, or attempts to rob or cheat the residents of a state of a fair and impartial electoral process » ???? breaking the law.

Matthew T. . Sanderson, a Republican election attorney who has worked on several presidential campaigns? including that of Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas. said that while it seemed that mr. Trump tried Mr.. . Raffensperger didn’t realize he was breaking the law.

That’s because Mr.. . Trump clearly implied that Mr.. . Raffensperger could have legal consequences if he does not find additional votes for the President in Georgia, Mr.. . Trump stopped and didn’t say he was taking the threat against Mr.. . Raffensperger and his legal advisor Ryan Germany, Mr. . Sanderson said.

ATLANTA â ???? With hundreds of millions of dollars pumped into Georgia for a runoff election that will determine which party controls the Senate, few groups have been persecuted as vigorously as young voters.

Voter registration efforts and political campaigns have tried to reach them through TikTok videos, poetry readings, and drive-in events with celebrities. College Republicans have had phone banking contests while other volunteer groups have targeted young voters through dating apps like Tinder.

The work was worth it. More than 75. 000 new voters registered before the runoff elections, more than half of them under 35 years of age. In campaigns, there was an intense focus on 23. 000 young people who were not old enough to vote in November but qualified in the runoff elections.

The early voting started in mid-December, and so far more than three million people have cast their ballots. About 75 percent of the early votes in the November parliamentary elections, which set voter turnout records. According to GeorgiaVotes, there were over 360. 000 early runoff elections between 18 and 29 years old. com.

« I think young voters felt so disconnected from politics and their voice was not heard. « said Bryson Henriott, a sophomore at the University of Georgia and political director of the College Republicans Chapter. « They’re the ones knocking on the door for these campaigns, they’re the ones on social media. « . Now that young people feel they have a voice in politics, they will stay focused. â ????

BRUSSELS â ???? President Trump’s extraordinary phone call to government officials in Georgia attempting to reverse election results there has shaken many Europeans. not so much for what it’s about mr. . Trump himself, but for what it could mean for the health of American democracy.

Foreign leaders rejoice, but many fear that the Trump Effect will last for years and damage confidence in the predictability and reliability of the US.

« A lot of people just roll their eyes and wait for the clock to run out. « said Leslie Vinjamuri, director of U. . S.. . and Americas program at Chatham House, the UK research facility. But what is by far the most troubling thing is the number of Republicans willing to go along with what it’s doing to the Republican Party playing in real time. â ????

A group of House Republicans have vowed to question Biden’s electoral college win on Wednesday when Congress meets to approve it. At least a dozen Republican Senators will join them and force a vote, though all of this is certain to fail.

The dangers to foreign allies are manifold and cannot be easily dispelled even with a new president. However, they raise particular concerns before the Lord. Trump is leaving.

Patrick Chevallereau, a former French military officer at RUSI, a defense research institution in London, said the Trump call « shows that the current president is in an attitude to do something ». ? absolutely everything – ???? before Jan. . 20th. There is no standard, no reference, no ethics. â ????

And Laurence Nardon, director of the North America program at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris, said America’s soft power and democratic example were driven by Mr.. . Trump’s behavior.

But he added: « I think we understand that his practice of power is an exception, even if his choice is not accidental. « . â ????

All 10 living former defense ministers issued a statement on Sunday warning against military involvement in electoral disputes and calling on Defense Department leaders to facilitate a smooth transition to the new government.

The statement, published by the Washington Post, was an extraordinary public statement by a group of officials serving presidents of both parties. His signatories included President Trump’s two Senate-confirmed Defense Ministers, James N. . Mattis and Mark T. . Esper as well as former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The former defense ministers weighed in with one voice as Mr.. . Trump continues to make unsubstantiated claims about the election and refuses to acknowledge his defeat.

« Our elections took place » you wrote. Recounts and audits were carried out. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have confirmed the results. And the electoral college voted. The time to question the results has expired. The time set in the Constitution and the Statute for the formal counting of the votes of the electoral college has come. â ????

In the opinion, the former secretaries â ???? who served under Lord. Trump and President Barack Obama, George W. . Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Gerald R. . Ford â ???? clearly stated that the military could play no role in resolving election-related controversy.

â ???? Efforts to involve the U.. S.. . Armed forces resolving electoral disputes would lead us into dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory. they write. Civilian and military officials who direct or carry out such activities would be responsible for the grave consequences of their actions for our republic, including the potential for criminal sanctions. â ????

Lt. . gene. . Michael T. . Flynn, the former National Security Advisor to Mr.. . Trump recently pardoned, suggested on Conservative Newsmax last month that Mr.. . Trump could use the military to « execute again ». the election in swing states and later attended a meeting with the President in the White House.

Former Defense Ministers also called for cooperation in the Pentagon during the transition between administrations, an issue that President-elect Joseph R. . Biden Jr. . and his team complained. Last week mr. Biden said his transition team had faced « obstacles ». from the Ministry of Defense.

In the statement, former Defense Ministers noted that transitions « can be a moment when the nation is vulnerable to action by opponents trying to take advantage of the situation ». and they said it was critical that the transition at the Pentagon be complete, cooperative and transparent. â ????

WASHINGTON â ???? The Democrats returned California Representative Nancy Pelosi to the House of Representatives for her final term on Sunday, handing over proven leadership control over the lowest majority in nearly two decades as Washington prepares for a new Democratic president.

The almost partisan vote marked an opening day that was marked more by precautionary measures than by pomp. Congress met on threat of a deadly pandemic and awaited two Senate runoff elections in Georgia that will determine control of that chamber. Some members of the House of Representatives who had Covid-19 missed the meeting altogether, while others cast their votes behind a plexiglass case that was specially built in a gallery overlooking the chamber.

Your victory means that after two years as President Trump’s most outspoken antagonist, woman. Pelosi will now be responsible for trying to guard as much as President-elect Joseph R through Congress. Biden Jr. . â ???? s agenda as possible.

â ???? Scripture tells us that there is a season for everything: a time for every purpose under heaven; a time to build, a time to sow, a time to heal? she said in a speech after winning the speaker. Now is surely a time for our nation to heal. Our top priority will remain to defeat the coronavirus. And defeat it, we will do it. â ????

It won’t be an easy task. With her party, which controls only 222 of 435 seats, Ms. has. Pelosi can afford to lose only a handful of Democrats in a vote. Encouraged Republicans want to recapture a majority in next year’s mid-term elections and are in no mood to renew an olive branch.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California made his own remarks before turning mrs. Pelosi the hammer to torch Democrats ???? Record in the majority and effectively declare the beginning of the campaign to wrest power from them.

« It has been said that a divided house cannot stand, » he said. Well, if there’s one lesson Americans have learned in the past two years, it is this: A distracted house cannot rule. â ????

President-elect Joseph R. . Biden Jr. . The new national security advisor said Sunday that the new government would act quickly to renew the last major nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, even if it tries to make President Vladimir V.. Putin is paying for what appears to be U’s biggest hack. S.. . Government networks.

In an interview on « GPS » Jake Sullivan, who at 44 will be the youngest national security advisor in more than half a century, said on CNN that once Iran resumes adherence to the 2015 nuclear deal, ???? that he negotiated under President Barack Obama ???? there would be a « follow-up negotiation » ???? about his missile capabilities.

« In this broader negotiation we can ultimately set limits on Iran’s ballistic missile technology » Mr.. Sullivan said, « And that’s what we’re trying to pursue through diplomacy. « . â ????

He did not mention that missiles were not covered in the previous deal because the Iranians refused to restrict their development or testing. To bridge the impasse, the United Nations passed a weakly worded resolution calling on Tehran to show restraint. The Iranians say it is not binding and they ignored it.

Taken together, Mr. . Sullivan’s two statements showed how quickly the new administration would delve into two complex arms control issues, even as Mr.. . Biden is trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic shocks that have come with it.

Two senior Senate drains in Georgia close with a test of how much politics has changed in a state that no longer resembles its neighbors in the deep south.

Should the two challengers win on Tuesday and give the Democrats control of the Senate, it will do so with the same multi-faceted and heavily metropolitan support that pushed President-elect Joseph R forward. Biden Jr. . to victory in Georgia and nationally. And if the Republican incumbents prevail, it is because they are building margins in conservative regions, as President Trump did.

This is a significant change from the 2000 elections when George W. . Bush won decisively in the Atlanta suburbs to take over the state, and the Democrats were still competitive with center-right voters in much of rural north and south Georgia.

After resisting the tide of Republicanism longer than any other part of the South? it did not elect its first governor from the party until 2002 – Georgia has become a dependably red state in the nearly two decades since. But now it is quickly turning into a political microcosm of the country.

While Georgia is still deviating slightly to the right of America’s political center, it has become politically competitive for the same demographic reasons that the country is tightly divided: Democrats have become dominant in big cities and suburbs, but suffer steep losses in the sparsely populated regions that once elected governors, senators and, in Georgia, native President Jimmy Carter.

« Georgia is now a reflection of the country, » said Keith Mason, a former chief of staff for Zell Miller, a Democratic governor and U.. . S.. . Senator from a small town in northern Georgia.

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