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Jessica Hart, an Australian model and founder of Luma Beauty, shared the birth of her first child with her 256. 000 followers.

« After 14 days of our due date and 28 hours of (hell) work, baby came to us on earth and I haven’t stopped smiling since then. So grateful for that little soul, « she continued.

« Baby is everything I ever imagined and so much more. Thank you for choosing us as your parents. Baby I promise we won’t let you down. « 

In an exclusive interview with People, Hart, who is engaged to NASCAR driver James Kirkham, shared the inspiration for her daughter’s unique name.

« I first heard it in the movie Dirty Dancing and I always thought I’d like to call my daughter Baby, » explained the model.

« I was reluctant to ask James about it at first, but we just didn’t end up on a name. Finally, probably a month before she was born, I said what about baby and he said, “Oh my god, I love it. “It has felt right ever since.

Enter Sasha Benz, the founder of fashion blog All My Friends Are Models and owner of New York stores Wyld Blue and Wyld Black.

Yes, Benz and her husband, DJ and model Oli Benz welcomed their daughter Baybi Blue Benz in March 2018 – just two and a half years before baby Rae Kirkham arrived.

can’t believe people were talking about bean daddy and little women when they could have talked about two friends who quarreled because they both called their baby « baby » https: // t. co / 4nhgEc6r9C

« Sasha was devastated that her close friend was copying her daughter’s ‘unique’ name, especially after she went to her for name ideas, » a mutual friend told the publication.

According to the source, Benz was « blind » after Hart gave her the name a week before the baby was born in November 2020.

« We call her baby, but don’t worry – it’s spelled differently! » Benz is supposed to have told it hard.

« Of course Jess and I are still friends. We talked about it a couple of weeks ago, and I’m glad she has a name she loves for her beautiful girl, « Benz told the publication.

« This is her moment and I want her to enjoy this beautiful part of becoming a mother. . . Baybi is now almost three years old and our new babies are only a few weeks apart. So it’s more important that they all grow up knowing that there are more important things to take care of, and both Jess and I agree. « 

« It was always on her list of names before she even knew Sasha and her baby, » claimed the source.

« We’re thrilled to have this great news, especially at this time and among the mostly gritty news out there. What a blessing. We are incredibly grateful and happy! « Hart wrote on Instagram at the time.

« My beautiful sister threw me a baby shower over the weekend and my BEST FRIEND, my baby daddy and the equally beautiful @jameskirkham came and made me a suggestion in front of all my friends, » the model shared.

« It was so special! I was really overwhelmed and super surprised. I had no Idea. « 

On the other hand, Australian entrepreneur Sasha Benz married model Oliver Benz in 2014 in the foundry in Long Island, New York.

The couple have three children together, Rhythm Wyld, Baybi Blue and Haze Heart, who were recently born in October 2020.

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Jessica Hart

World news – AU – Two Australian influencers quarrel after they both named their daughters. . . infant.
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Two Australian influencers quarrel after they both named their daughters. . . infant.
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