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The recipient of the Victoria Cross, Benjamin Roberts Smith, is among those former soldiers awaiting investigation, as the Army Commander disbanded the Perth Special Forces unit.

Australia’s most decorated soldier, Benjamin Roberts Smith, is the only former soldier who has identified himself as the subject of the Breriton Report and now the squadron in which he served with distinction has been disbanded on the orders of the Army Chief.

However, the name of the recipient of the Victoria Cross (who has repeatedly denied wrongdoing) is omitted entirely in the Breton Report for legal reasons, a protocol that the defense strictly follows for all soldiers who spoke to the investigators.

Noting that Ben Roberts Smith had chosen to identify himself and respond to some of the allegations in the public sphere, Defense Forces Commander General Angus Campbell said that the Department of Defense had chosen not to identify any individuals likely to be discussed in the report..

Some of the allegations are detailed on pages that have been completely redacted and « withheld » for legal reasons.

« I won’t talk to anyone. I understand that individuals have the right to speak for themselves, but as a point of consistency, both in terms of incidents and personnel, and in the integrity of operations unfolding in the future, that will be the position the defense takes, « said General Campbell.

“There are no incidents, no names, and nothing that would in any way undermine or discredit any process or ultimately any judicial process..

ADF chief, General Angus Campbell, presented findings from the ADF’s Inspector General of Investigation this morning. Photo: Mick Tsikas-Pool / Getty Images Source: Getty Images

Last week, Mr. Roberts Smith confirmed that he would welcome the appointment of a private investigator to test the allegations.

« I welcome the announcement made today by the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense which for the first time accurately stated that it was not part of the IGADF Inspector General’s mandate to provide any truthful findings regarding rumors about Special Forces soldiers. ».

“It is encouraging to hear that these matters, which have been the subject of rumors for years, will now be examined by the office of the experienced and experienced Special Investigator to look into the evidence rather than rumors and make decisions based on evidence and not on unfounded rumors..

“It is unfortunate that the IGADF investigation took too long to complete.. While I appreciate the complexity of the task awaiting the Special Investigator, I hope that this next phase will be completed as quickly as possible so that all current and former Special Forces soldiers who have been severely affected by the investigation process can move forward.. With their lives.

The 42-year-old former soldier left the army as a corporal in 2013. Deployed to Afghanistan in Special Air Service Unit 2 in 2009, 2010 and 2012

By the time he was awarded the Victoria Cross Medal, he had previously been awarded the Gallantry Medal for actions taken in Afghanistan in May and June 2006.

General Campbell confirmed Thursday that the Perth-based 2nd Special Air Service will be effectively disbanded, wiping the unit out of the Army’s history..

“With regard to the army as a combat order – the organizational structure of the army – not long ago, the Army Commander advised the Special Air Services Regiment that the Second Special Air Service Squadron would be expelled from the Army Orbat.

« Not because it was the only squadron involved in these cases, but because it was at one time one of the squadrons that participated in the allegations made and there will be a permanent record by hitting this squadron title from the Army Orbat this period..

“The Army Commander will, over time, modify and reconfigure another squadron, with a different address.

Benjamin Roberts Smith joined the Australian Army in 1996 before being selected in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment only seven years later.. .

The heroic act that secured his Victoria Cross after only three years, occurred in its third deployment in Afghanistan, in June 2010.

Corporal Roberts Smith was part of a helicopter attack on Tezak, Shah Wali Kot in Kandahar province, with the goal of capturing or killing a senior Taliban commander.

According to the official history of the incident of the IDF, “immediately after the introduction of the forces, they came under heavy fire. Two soldiers were wounded and the forces were cuffed by the fire of multiple machine gun sites located on high ground and buildings on the front.

“Corporal Roberts Smith and his patrol began an attack on an enemy position containing three machine guns, which were protected behind a high wall and in an elevated position.. At times, the shooting was so close and sustained that some patrol personnel were unable to return fire,  ».

“Within 40 meters from the enemy’s position, the fire was so intense that the patrol could not advance further. At this point, Corporal Roberts Smith identified a junior hull that provided some cover. When he approached the building, he clashed with one of the insurgents, killing him on the spot. Then Corporal Roberts Smith revealed his position to keep the fire out of his patrol. This allowed the patrol to fire at the enemy and the patrol commander to silence one of the machine guns with a grenade. .

« Taking advantage of the advantage, Corporal Roberts Smith stormed the enemy’s position and killed the remaining two machine guns. His actions enabled his patrol to storm the enemy’s position and thus regain the initiative for the forces, allowing them to approach the enemy.. The forces continued fighting for another six hours, killing more enemies and causing the remaining Taliban to withdraw from the area.. .

Corporal Roberts Smith said at the time, “It got to the point where it was like . . . I’m not going to sit here while one of the boys gets hit. I thought I’d have a crack.

The Victoria Cross is the Outstanding Prize for Deeds of Wartime Courage and Australia’s highest military honor.

Corporal Roberts Smith later attended a meeting with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in November 2011..

Sgt. Roberts Smith said, “Her Majesty is talking to so many soldiers, so she was interested in Afghanistan and it was a great opportunity for me to tell her what everyone else in my patrol did that day, unlike just myself..

Queen Victoria created the Victoria Cross in 1856 and was retrospectively modified to 1854 to include the Crimean War.

Only a hundred Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross and the vast majority – 96 – were awarded the Victoria Cross before 1975..

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