. . WORLD NEWS – AU – WARNING: « Very Dangerous » storms are forming as Mercury reaches 41. 6 C.


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A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued to residents of the southeastern coast, parts of the Wide Bay and Burnett region..

A thunderstorm may cause destructive winds, great hail, and heavy rain that may lead to flash floods as it intensifies in the southeast of the state. .

Residents of Gold Coast, Brisbane, Maroochydore, Gympie, Caboolture, Ipswich, Moreton Island, Nusa Heads, Cleveland, Gimpumba, Mount Tamborine and Redcliffe may be affected.

Serious thunderstorms are expected to hit Ipswich and Brisbane in the coming hours, which could lead to heavy hail, damaging winds and heavy rain..

The Bureau of Meteorology did not issue an official warning by 2 p.m. Tuesday, but it posted a tweet that « very dangerous thunderstorms » appear to be hitting southeast Queensland by the afternoon..

Two storms were seen on the radar at 2 pm, one heading towards Ipswich and the other moving north from NSW..

« We have some thunderstorms developing around the southeast, » forecast expert Kimba Wong told The Courier-Mail.. .

A couple just arrived across the New South Wales border, near the hinterland of the Gold Coast, and another storm has developed near Ipswich.  »

Ms Wong said the storm brewing in Ipswich could likely bring torrential rain and hailstones, but the BOM is still tracking to see how it evolves..

« We have a southeast change moving up, it looks like it has just passed through the Gold Coast, and it’s moving north as we head in during the afternoon and along the leading edge of this change is a focus on high potential thunderstorm activity. ».

The Met Office said the highest temperature recorded across the state today was in Julia Creek at 1:30 pm, with 41 blisters.. 6 temperatures were recorded.

Tuesday storm forecast: Severe storms in #SEQld today with damaging winds and heavy rain showers & Great likelihood of hail. There is also a risk of very dangerous thunderstorms with damaging winds, giant & hail and heavy rain in the red area. Warnings on https: // t. Share / EyIgPbUWAI pic. Twitter. com / 7lkCSm8CJ0

Earlier, parts of Queensland had hit over 38 degrees Celsius by 11 am Tuesday morning, as storm warnings expanded across the southeast..

Julia Crick in the northwest of the state reached 38. 6 degrees Celsius before 11 am, with temperatures soaring across the region.

Severe thunderstorms are expected to extend from southern Hervey Bay to the north of the Gold Coast later Tuesday.

Storms could cause heavy hail and heavy rain, while a strong wind warning was issued for Gold Coast and Moreton Bay waters today as well as the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday..

Rising temperatures are keeping Queensland residents on high alert from the fire, as firefighters currently fight a grass fire on M1 in Oxenford..

A fire rages on M1 near Oxenford. Traffic is affected, avoid the area if possible. # 9 News pic. Twitter. com / aGL4Ba1AbO

Here we go, Qld! ⛈ If you are able, seize the opportunity now to secure bulk items around your yard, transport & pet cars to the shelter, make sure your & contingency plan is ready & Stay tuned for BOM_Qld for more advice. Afternoon storms are expected. Pic. Twitter. com / GyAKrQCkJK

Earlier, parts of Queensland yesterday recorded their warmest day in six years as the long heat wave continued to dominate the state.

It reached 42. 2C in Rome, the hottest day in the city since 2014, while Saint George scored 43. 2C, its hottest day since 2015.

The stifling heat wave could end on Tuesday afternoon as the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts severe thunderstorms followed by a cooler change.. .

Heat wave conditions were boosting by a hot tub winding its way east through the state.

Met Office meteorologist Kimba Wong revealed that today’s noon storms were a bit sudden, saying that « specific conditions » are needed in a short time frame to operate the potential system.

« If this system hits early or late in the day, conditions will not be appropriate, and it will not be severe, » she said.. .

It has also been revealed that the country must prepare for more long heat waves heading into the summer months, rather than the usual short eruptions..

« One of the impacts of La Nina is the prolonged heat waves as we expect, it is definitely a sign of things to come this summer, » said Ms. Wong.. .


Qantas hopes to be back at 60 percent of its flight schedule in mid-air by Christmas to meet pent-up demand, but it all depends on the border..


Police are investigating after a man was killed in a crash this afternoon


Passengers who believe they have overcome the new Adelaide border restrictions upon arrival in Cairns can be subject to a 14-day lockdown.


Behind the scenes, advocates of the bid say the biggest risk to Queensland is not Qatar, India and Indonesia, but another city altogether.. .

The crime

A law firm associated with trapped attorney Adam Magill reduced a dispatch from a Gold Coast judge due to delays in the case of three defendants at the border..

The crime

Detectives in the Jacques de Bellin investigation have been accused of sexual assault of failing to take appropriate notes by the NRL star’s defense team in court.


A truck rolls on the Warrigo Highway in Crawley Valley. Details here:


The local police say it is one of the highest rates they have ever seen. Details here:

& Animals

A teenager from Gatton won the rights to name one of the newest koalas in. . .


A prisoner told a woman that he would hit her, shoot her, and throw her under a train. . .

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World News – African Union – Warning: « Very Dangerous » Storms Form As Mercury Hits 41. 6 C.
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