World News – AU – Watch Tame Impala Cover Nelly Furtado


Tame Impala has put on quite a few shows remotely throughout the pandemic, mostly doing original copies of their divisive album The Slow Rush (not everyone else liked it so much) but sometimes it slips into a cover like’ Jealous Guy “On the occasion of John Lennon’s 80th birthday at BBC Radio 1’s new Annie Mac session, they added another cover to the pile

This time their choice of material was not a clear source of inspiration for Kevin Parker as John Lennon in their triple pop-composite incarnation, the band took on « Say It Right, » smashing # 1 from Nelly Furtado’s blockbuster 2006 Tame Impala turned Timbaland’s burgeoning production into something ice and remover, but the dark emotional center of the song still didn’t know I needed to hear Parker’s laser beam singing « Oh, you mean nothing at all to me » today, but it turns out I did that I wish I had. If only you asked Parker about this in our interview

Listen to the cover below « Say It Right, » along with Tame Impala’s performance of the movie « Is It True » from the same session

Tame Impala, Say It Right, Nelly Furtado, BBC Radio 1, Kevin Parker, Annie Mac

World news – AU – Watch Tame Impala Cover Nelly Furtado


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