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A fresh look at the upcoming documentary The Bee Gees: How to Heal a Broken Heart? The group discussed the « turning point » of their career.

The feature film will document the rise of the Gibb brothers. Ahead of its release this week, NME brings you an exclusive clip from the document.

In this segment, Maurice Gibb talks about the 1975 hit single « Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) » and how Barry and Robin Gibb’s vocal harmonies were key to its success.

Barry says the studio album « Main Course », which was released that same year and from which this track is taken, became a « turning point » for the group while Eric Clapton talks about « initiating » the change of course for the band.

Frank Marshall (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), director of the film, previously said in a statement: « Like so many people around the world, I have loved the music of the Bee Gees all my life.

« But it wasn’t until I had my first interview with Barry almost 3 years ago that I discovered her uncanny creative instincts, her musical talents, her sense of humor and the brotherhood and family that made her so unique. ”

He added, “It was a great honor to be a part of this film and to celebrate the massive impact The Bee Gees had on pop music. ”

Producer Nigel Sinclair added, “The talent of Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb has made an extraordinary impression on five continents over five decades, and their legacy will be felt for generations to come.

« It is an incredible privilege to be able to bring the story of Bee-Gees to theaters where audiences can experience the world of these superstars on the big screen, hopefully providing a welcome escape from the troubled times in that we all live right now. ”

The Bee Gees: How to Heal a Broken Heart? At 13th. Sky Documentaries will be released on December 14th. December DVD and digital.

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World News – AU – Watch the new clip of Bee Gees doc ‘How Can You mend to a broken heart


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