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Lots no sporting event like spring icons like the Masters but many of their traditions have changed with the landing of the first major men’s golf tournament

Masters adjust your viewing formalities better than any sporting event. From a prominent green jacket party to plain paint on sewer hoods, every tournament detail is coordinated and a pledge of a familiar show that’s how the smallest men’s golf tournament has achieved this strength and popularity Fast brand

Augusta National is a strong club full of powerful people, but the Coronavirus pandemic was not respecting its traditions and certainly not its tournament schedule. All clocks and calendars were reset in March as golf and the rest of the world of sport were suspended. A rescheduled master’s program plan was drawn up in November ( November), but like a lot in 2020, it will be very different from the master’s program we expect in April of each year

The most striking difference in the 2020 Masters will be quiet and vacant grounds throughout the week. It has been the norm in golf and other sports for months, but Masters have a special relationship with their live fans, whose members are called « sponsors » according to the club’s tradition. / p>

The Augusta National Championship without patrons will look strange, but less traffic in the gallery is expected to open different camera angles that TV viewers usually don’t see Measuring fans’ impact on the golf tournament is a challenge, especially in the nine back holes where Augusta’s roar provided the soundtrack For the most memorable finishes

Tommy Aaron, who won in 1973, said: « The crowd is very large there, and you just try to get involved in playing your game and not pay too much attention to the fans. » « But they are there, and if you are doing well then they can give you a boost. »

Earlier this summer, Tiger Woods said that players were « making more birds » during PGA championships that are not watched by a large number of spectators because of « not having to deal with the amount of distractions » that fans can cause. That provides a stark advantage, and lower scores, during the 2019 Masters, as crowds rallied around Woods’ final group, Francesco Molinari and Tony Finau Molinari’s weak grip on the lead evaporated as the tour progressed, and there were some cheers at Amen Corner as the tee fell at 12 in Ray Creek

Bad shots are encouraged in the master’s program and described as « most disturbing » in a note printed by Bobby Jones, one of the founders, in the introduction to this year’s Masters Spectator Handbook, « Augusta National » will not have to impose

The timing of the tournament in November suits different playing conditions, and for Augusta National botanists, the different landscapes feature more dogwood and maple trees.

The ropes and grand stands are absent this year, replacing them with darker stripes to keep a bunch of people on the track out of play and some hints of fall color about the course

Take the twelfth hole, inverting Amen’s corner and at the sight of many of Augusta’s most famous crater The right-hand man in the Pitch Box this week can glimpse the shades of red and yellow not usually seen during the Masters period The bridges over Ray Creek are lightly framed Autumn

However, three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson said he barely noticed the colors while playing the tournament

TV viewers, who are assumed not to experience the distraction that Michelson will face, could set aside staring azaleas this year and keep closer tabs on trees and how they shape the course structure. Leaves or spectators at some locations

« It’s weird because you can see almost every hole when you stand at No » « You can look outside and see it all, » said Brooks Copka Tuesday, « I’m not used to that. »

For all the concerns about freezing master’s degrees, April temperatures should approach with highs in the upper 1970s and lows in the 1960s throughout the weekend A warm-up for a tour in cool temperatures early in the morning should be a relief for the molten back For the 44-year-old defending champ

Instead, thunderstorms are likely to pose a much greater threat than temperature. Players said the course seemed to be playing for longer and that chopping around the greens could be affected if it rained through Augusta but lawn experts said the Greens, which are famous for speed Difficulty and maintain to the point of possession, should be played similarly to April

« This place is different from any other course in the world, » said Gerald Henry, a professor of lawn management at the University of Georgia. « The stresses I’m going to explain that happen on your local golf course are non-existent – that’s intentional, obviously »

The small Masters Field of between 90 and 100 golfers generally provides great tournament flexibility when it comes to scheduling tee times: players don’t need to start as soon as sunrise and can send the entire course from square 1 starting point

With limited daylight in November, the Masters will use a double starting point for the first two rounds. Players will start at No 1 and No 10 Tees in the early and late morning waves on Thursday and Friday the tournament took advantage of the rare start of two matches for the final round last year, As I raced to weather the predictable afternoon thunderstorms

The Master’s program usually occupies a weekend in April that is free and clear from NThe Basketball Championships took place and after Major League Baseball’s opening day in November, the tournament was scheduled with football in mind executives from Augusta National, its TV partner, CBS, The NFL, and the Southeastern Conference worked together on this weekend’s schedule.


The television coverage schedule for Saturday runs from 1 AM to 5 AM. Al Sharqiya and Sundays coverage starts from 10 AM to 3 AM Eastern, with CBS broadcasting in the late afternoon the third day NF L Games will have a planned Sunday finale noticeably close to The unusual finish time last year, when Woods went out to win his fifth Masters tournament just after 2:30 pmWith thunderstorms approaching Augusta

Football is going to break into another kind of breakthrough as the popular « College GameDay » will be broadcast live on ESPN Saturday morning Augusta National’s Par-3 tournament while ESPN is a human rights partner who holds the first two rounds of the tournament. Augusta National’s Cool Tone Association and GameDay’s funny broadcast, is a disconnect in tone, said Fred Ridley, chairman of Augusta National’s board of directors, “When exploring ways to showcase Masters’ Fallings, we were drawn to the concept of hosting College GameDay at Augusta National to present the tournament to a new audience and provide more anticipation. The excitement of this event « 

The decision reverted back to the early days of the club and the championship, when Jones and co-founder Clifford Roberts pursued various promotional and innovative strategies in an attempt to bring the championship to a wider audience, often prompting Roberts to use improved technologies in television coverage, such as color broadcasts, and more cameras in the tournament. Training, including displaying beyond the tee, and using visual aids such as course maps With an unprecedented set of circumstances, innovation may trump tradition at the MA once again

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World News – AU – What’s the difference to the November Master’s program?


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