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A section of Mount Barker Road near Stirling remains closed this morning after the Crafers woman was killed when a large tree branch fell on her moving car last night

Her white Toyota was driving west around 1015 p.m. when the falling branch crushed the car

The 59-year-old driver died at the scene of the accident A passenger in a Toyota vehicle, a 26-year-old Aldgate woman, was taken to hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the second car, a 56-year-old woman from bites, was treated at the scene without serious injuries

A Channel 9 news crew and two close contacts were quarantined after a woman in her 20s who worked as a nursing nurse in Victoria returned to Adelaide this week and got a positive test yesterday.

Head of Public Health, Nicolas Spurier, said it was a « somewhat difficult situation » because it was unclear whether the result was a sign of an old infection « falling out » or a new infection, but she insisted that there was no concern about broader health Public

“I need to emphasize that we are still testing [but] at this point in time we say we have a new case,” she said today

The woman, a former SA resident who was granted a return exemption, arrived on board a Jetstar JQ776 on Monday and was quarantined at the hotel

It was announced that two Channel 9 employees who were interviewing returning travelers and interviewing the woman upon her arrival were in accidental contact and are now in home quarantine.

Nine was told that there were no concerns about the wider Adelaide newsroom, since the interviewee was wearing a mask and the reporter and camera trigger practiced appropriate social distancing during the interview

“We have been informed that two members of the Nine News team, a reporter and a camera operator, are in quarantine after conducting a short interview, by chance, with a person who has since tested positive for COVID-19,” said News Director Jeremy Bodney in a statement. p>

“At the time, our team members were interviewing for a story about the travel restrictions, in a public area and at a safe distance.

“SA Health has confirmed that there is no greater risk to nine other employees and we are supporting our team members until they are given full clarity to leave quarantine.”

The nurse, who was not part of the modern SA health unit and who traveled to Victoria to help her authorities and was working in a private institution, is not showing symptoms

“What we’re trying to do is determine whether this is an old or new infection,” Spurier said.

« This might represent » shedding « and we have seen it in the past [but] we call this case an infectious case

“This person was wearing a mask on a plane and this is something I have been recommending to all South Australian residents on domestic flights They came through the airport and arrived at a hotel, and that was during that period in contact with the number of people.

There are currently 17 active cases in South Africa, with the state transitional committee considering easing Victorian border restrictions at Friday’s meeting

The Federal Senate will conduct an extensive investigation into news media ownership, bias, and its « influence on democracy », a few days after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s petition on the matter is submitted to Parliament, according to the New Daily reports

A proposal by Senator Sarah Hanson Young of the Labor Party and some members of the House of Representatives was supported yesterday afternoon.

The Greens’s proposal calls for the Environment and Communications Commission to open an investigation into « the state of diversity, independence and reliability of the media in Australia and its impact on public interest journalism and democracy »

The Hanson Young proposal calls for an investigation of « any barriers to Australian voters’ ability to access reliable, accurate, and independent news « 

You will also study the « impact of media focus on democracy, » and how social media has affected the news industry

The proposal comes days after Rudd’s petition is submitted to the House of Representatives calling for the formation of a full-fledged royal commission on media bias and ownership

It was signed by more than 500,000 people, making it the largest electronic petition ever on the Parliament website

Labor MP Andrew Lee, who presented the petition to Parliament on Monday, said, « In Australia, the media has shrunk and focused significantly. »

“Health media is not a luxury – it is essential to a strong democracy,” he later added.

Labor MPs did not formally support Rudd’s calls for the royal commission. However, Labor senators backed the Greens’s proposal on Wednesday, which set up a Senate investigation, and is less robust than the Royal Commission

Georgia’s Secretary of State has ordered a manual recount for the state’s presidential race with Democrat Joe Biden, led by US President Donald Trump, by just 14,111 votes.

It was pushed over the threshold of 270 electoral votes by the state of Pennsylvania on Saturday morning when the US media called for the race for the Democrats

« With the margin approaching, it will require a complete manual recount in each county, » « This will help build trust, » Foreign Secretary Brad Ravensberger told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

Ravensburger said he would investigate all allegations of voter fraud even though he did not indicate evidence of widespread irregularities.

He said his office wants the process to start by the end of the week and expects it to last until November 20.

Trump was arguing that the US election was rigged against him, but he was unable to provide evidence of major fraud.

US President Donald Trump visited the grave of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, and appeared to the public for the first time since major media networks called for elections for his rival, Joe Biden.

Trump, who honored veterans at a party in torrential rain, has made no public comments except for tweets alleging voter fraud since President-elect Biden surpassed the 270 electoral votes on Saturday needed to win the presidency.

Although his official schedule was devoid of public events, Trump made several moves of individuals – dismissing Defense Secretary Mark Esper and appointing three loyal loyalists to the top positions of defense

Trump’s selection to serve as Acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, was among the Pentagon officers who joined the President at the Veterans Day party

Joined by Trump at Arlington National Cemetery, First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and his wife Karen Pence

Pence was scheduled to travel to Sanibel, Florida, from Tuesday to Saturday, but canceled vacation plans

Trump’s legal team filed a barrage of lawsuits alleging battlefield vote fraud against Biden

Biden said Tuesday of Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the election results: « I think it’s embarrassing, quite frankly. »

The President-elect and his wife, Jill Biden, celebrated Veterans Day by visiting the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia

Excluding weekend visits to his golf club in Northern Virginia, Trump has been in the White House since Election Day and last appeared in front of the cameras to make a statement six days earlier

S&P Global and Moody’s independent rating agencies say the country’s budget on Tuesday will provide « valuable support » to help the local economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic

The state government says the initial market commentary on the 2020-2021 state budget by S&P Global reports that the $ 4 billion economic stimulus is a « valuable support » for companies, despite their impact on debt and deficits.

S&P Global statement said: “South Australia is benefiting from a strong economy and financial management, allowing the country to absorb some of the pressure on creditworthiness”

“The number of jobs and working hours is relatively high because the country has so far succeeded in suppressing the spread of COVID-19”

“Despite underlying revenue pressures, the country expects robust average revenue growth of 38 percent over the four years through fiscal year 2024, with business activity supported by spending on key economic and social infrastructure.

South African Treasurer Rob Lucas has welcomed the initial response by independent rating agencies to the 2020-2021 state budget, which he says charts a solid path for economic recovery and jobs in South Africa – especially over the next two years – in the wake of COVID-19.

IOC President Thomas Bach keeps open about the possibility of obtaining supplies of Coronavirus vaccine doses to ensure safe preparation for the upcoming Summer Games in Tokyo

The German will visit the Japanese capital from November 15-18, which is his first trip there since the Games were postponed for 12 months in March due to the global pandemic

He will travel to the Far East encouraged by the latest developments regarding a vaccine ahead of the rescheduled Games, which will take place from July 23 to August 8 of next year

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said Monday that preliminary results indicate it may be 90% effective in preventing COVID-19

Bach was asked if the IOC might look to secure the supply of Pfizer or any other approved vaccine, and although he stressed that the most vulnerable should take priority, he left the possibility open.

He said in a press conference after the IOC Executive Board meeting on Wednesday: « We are in contact with the World Health Organization, and with a number of manufacturers to inform them of what is happening in this regard. »

“There are a number of different options under consideration on how vaccines should be provided, but first and foremost, the first wave of vaccination should be for people in need, high-risk groups, nurses, doctors and everyone who keeps our societies alive.


« In this context, we will have further discussions with all the experts, manufacturers, governments and health authorities to find out how, with regard to vaccinations, we can ensure a safe environment in the best possible way for everyone in Tokyo »

Bach was asked whether the promising news about the vaccine had increased his confidence that staging games could take place in nearly « normal » conditions.

He replied that the International Olympic Committee « can become more confident that we will have a reasonable number of spectators in Olympic stadiums.

When asked if a cancellation would be discussed during his next visit to Tokyo, Bach simply replied: « No »

A joint report issued by researchers in Australia and China identified ways to improve cooperation between the two countries and rebuild trust after the collapse of political relations

The Australian National University’s East Asia Bureau of Economic Research and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges released a joint paper on Thursday outlining ways in which the two countries could better cooperate.

While China accounts for 46 percent of Australian goods exports, the political relationship has been fractured

« The challenge is to rebuild trust between Australia and China, and in managing bilateral relations, » says the paper.

“This should be guided by the many common interests of both countries in regional and global affairs.

“The circuit breaker is reasonably the joint pursuit of regional and global efforts to address the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic”

Among the priorities proposed in the report are joint support for the World Health Organization to make a vaccine available for Coronavirus in the region, and cooperation on an international « early warning system » for disease outbreaks

Also, Australia and China could accelerate the recovery of the business and education sector by establishing a health certificate system for travelers

The newspaper said that central banks should coordinate their efforts more closely to give the financial stimulus to governments « a bigger payment for money. »

Reform of global trade bodies such as the World Trade Organization is needed to prevent an increase in protectionism.

The researchers said: « China and Australia could support initiatives on reforming the World Trade Organization by proposing the creation of a working group to report to the G20. »

The paper’s co-author, Professor Peter Drysdale of ANU, said the collapse of bilateral political relations between China and Australia could be reversed through a commitment to peace, prosperity and rules-based order.

“In the wake of COVID-19, Australia and China share strong interests in ensuring public health and safety, financial stability, and open, rule-based trade in the region,” said Drysdale.

“Both governments can contribute to achieving these goals more effectively by actively working together in multilateral environments such as the ASEAN Group 6, the East Asia Summit, APEC and the G20”

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World News – AU – What we know today, Thursday, November 12 – InDaily
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