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2020 was difficult for the esports industry as numerous cancellations and reschedules were made in this area.

In any case, major events don’t usually happen at the end of the year … but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to see. The most popular games still host pretty important tournaments.

CS: GO really stands out from other sports. At the end of the year, three major tournaments are held, so there are many exciting moments to experience.

The group stage of the tournaments has already taken place. Next up are the playoffs – eight teams, top and bottom brackets. Due to controversy with leading leagues, not all of the strongest teams participate, but the line-up is great and the prize pool is a million dollars! This pool is bigger than any other tournament before the pandemic. Let’s hope for a hard fight. The favorites are fnatic, BIG and OG. Before the tournament started, Cloud9 was also on the list, but the team couldn’t make it out of the group.

The final of BLAST Premier Fall 2020 will take place from 8. until 13. December. Although the prize pool is smaller (425. $ 000), the lineup is strong: Here you see Astralis, Vitality, and Natus Vincere. Most CS fans look forward to this tournament very much – it is the most anticipated as teams like Furia and Mousesports are forced to pass the showdown qualification if they want to fight at the event.

The IEM Global Challenge 2020 is for the 15. until 20. December planned. Although there is only one day off, there will be the same teams: Vitality, Astralis, Na`Vi, Furia – in short, favorites. It will be interesting to see if other teams can compete for places on the podium. The tournament’s prize pool is huge too – there are half a million dollars at stake, BLAST Premier points and twice as many points as the previous tournament.

The calendar isn’t that eventful in Dota 2, but there is still a big tournament going on: the second season of the Epic League. The group stage is in full bloom, but you still have a chance to watch the tournament – it ends on Aug.. December. The first division is represented by all the strongest teams from Europe and the CIS, fighting for half a million dollars. The second division is also promising.

Secret, which has won all season but has only lost once lately, is still facing some difficulties: can they make the playoffs or do they start from the start?

Other favorites are Virtus. Pros and nigma with KuroKy’s incredible help and Vikin. gg, the rising star who leads the group stage.

The intrigues are on all levels: How will Na`Vi and OG show themselves, will Just Error (an earlier list by Virtus). Pro who is now playing under his own day and closing the bracket) can pull himself together? Every tour brings interesting battles and playoffs are yet to come.

The first major series of Riot tournaments is named in the same way – First Strike. There were already regional competitions. There will be tournaments for Europe – the last phase is on March 3rd. and 6. December, eight teams were defined, the prize pool is 100. $ 000; and for the CIS – the same data, and also eight teams, the prize pool of 4 million rubles (52. 411 USD).

These tournaments are a basis for competitive Valorant. They will be the base that will help Riot assess the strength of the teams and invite them to future events – so we should expect a serious fight.

The most global event at the end of the year has already begun. it started on the 24th. November, but will take so long that it won’t even be finished in 2020. The final is for the 24th. Scheduled for January 2021.

24 teams, $ 2 million, LAN finals in Dubai, and an interesting three-tier system – while the season is neutral, it should be treated as some sort of test so it’s likely to be spectacular.

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World News – AU – Which esports events will be concluded in 2020?


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