World news – Baylor’s Kim Mulkey believes the NCAA should « dump » the COVID tests for Final Four


The game itself was entertaining, but Kim Mulkey’s mask antics in the post-game press was something special

SAN ANTONIO – Baylor trainer Kim Mulkey thinks the NCAA is the COVID- 19 tests for the Final Four, and implied on Monday night that players should be able to play these games even if they are infected with the coronavirus.

« I don’t think my words matter, but after There are four teams left on the men’s and women’s side in today’s and tomorrow’s games, « Mulkey said unsolicited after their team lost to UConn 69-67 during the season’s Elite Eight. « You have to take the COVID tests. »

Players and coaches in both tournaments were tested daily and wore devices that help with contact tracing. As of Saturday, there were two confirmed positive tests at the women’s tournament with over 15,400 tests administered.

The final positive result among the players, coaches and other participants in the tournament was reported from daily antigen testing on March 22nd. False positive results are quickly retested using a PCR test, which is believed to be more accurate.

« Wouldn’t it be a shame to keep doing COVID testing and then you have kids who test positive or end up. » like that, and they’re not allowed to play in the Final Four, « Mulkey said. « So all you have to do is forget about the COVID tests and pit the four teams playing in the last four games against each other. »

Mulkey tested positive for COVID-19 in January, reflecting the cancellation of Baylor’s regular season meeting forced with UConn.

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