World news – Bombshell racism claims rock neighbors sat down


Actor Shareena Clanton has dropped explosive allegations of racist incidents on the set of the popular soap Neighbors.

Clanton, who is scheduled to guest on the Channel 10 series, said she was twice exposed to the « n-word » and saw a white actor openly refer to another colored actor as a « little monkey. »

Clanton said on her Instagram page on Tuesday, « I am struggling to post something positive about the months I experienced on @neighbors after multiple racial trauma and to navigate the ongoing deliberation of this extremely troubling show.

« In order to avoid a lawsuit by production or a possible defamation case, I have not given specific names and have not made them identifiable in what I am about to reveal to you. »

Said Clanton, « One supervisor found it funny and appropriate to openly laugh at the word » c– sl– « from an actor who spoke out loud about » c– « , » c– « , » c- « . – « in front of other actors and crew members.

« Open and covert levels of racism were widespread, often disguised as ‘jokes’, like a white actor who openly describes another colored actor as a ‘little monkey’.

« Twice I endured the ‘n-word’ that was openly used on the set and in the green room. The staff even told me to ‘go elsewhere’ if confronting the actor directly because I was making others uncomfortable.

« One white actor laughed at the racist N-word only to lie about it when questioned by Human Resources.

« She said that I misunderstood what she was laughing about and that she was laughing at something else. That is an obvious lie.

« The retribution for this wrongdoing and this racism has often ostracized me and further marginalized me. »

Clanton said when speaking with Human Resources about her complaints, « This led to them saying they were not sure what else to do. »

Clanton, who is from Wangatha, Yamatji, Noongar and Gidja, became known in Denten Anderson in Wentworth.

“Neighbors strive to be a platform for diversity and inclusion on and off screen. We strive to keep growing and evolving in this area, and we recognize that this is an evolving process « , they said.

« Shareena’s involvement in the creative process and on the set has been invaluable and extremely educational and will continue to benefit the series in the future.

« There have been significant and lengthy discussions with Shareena during her time at Neighbors and we will continue to work with all cast and crew to ensure Neighbors continues to be a fully inclusive environment. »


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