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A burnt out car at the Cloughfern roundabout after a night of loyalist violence in Belfast, Northern Ireland that resulted in multiple arrests. Photo: Charles McQuillan / Getty Images.

A protester stands near a burning car as police visit the scene in Cloughfern while loyalist protesters hijack and burn vehicles on April 3, 2021 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The loyalist turmoil and unrest in the province continues as a result of the introduction of the so-called Irish maritime border. (Photo by Charles McQuillan / Getty Images

Michelle Devane

A boy, 13, is among eight people arrested in connection with rioting on the streets of Belfast.

According to police 15 officers were injured Friday night after being attacked by a crowd of mostly young people in Sandy Row who threw stones, fireworks, torches, manhole covers and gasoline bombs.

PSNI Belfast District Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Walls, said « a small local protest quickly turned into an attack on police officers » and in some places there were up to 300 people of all ages on the streets.

He called for calm and everyone with an impact on the loyalist community to dissuade young people from causing violence and harm.

« I will not enter into a dialogue on political comments, » he said. that influencing people, people in local communities, preventing young people or others from causing violence or harming police officers. « 

He said it was a » real tragedy « for children between the ages of 13 and 14 are among those arrested.

« I think it is a tragedy that every child in Northern Ireland is in a detention suite this morning facing criminal investigations, charges and convictions. »

DUP chair Arlene Foster urged young people “not to get messed up” and said violence “will not make things better.”

She said, “I know a lot of our young people from the events of the last Week are very frustrated, but injuring cops is not going to improve things.

« And I send my strong support to all the ordinary cops who are on duty this Easter weekend. »

The disturbance is in the midst stop The tensions within loyalism spread in the north and came after four consecutive nights of riot in the unionized waterside area of ​​Derry.

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Loyalists are angry with the post-Brexit trade deals, which they claim created barriers between Northern Ireland and the UK.

Tensions continued to mount after controversial 24 Sinn Féin politicians who attended the funeral of Republican Bobby Storey at a time when strict Covid-19 restrictions were in place, not prosecuted.

All major union parties have called for the resignation of PSNI Police Chief Simon Byrne, claiming he have lost the trust of their community.




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