World news – Brisbane Olympic Games 2032: Who You Might Be Cheering For


With the 2032 Olympics almost certainly headed to Southeast Queensland, we’re looking into the crystal ball of talent and predicting the future of potential competitors for the Games.

St. Peters Lutheran College schoolgirl Mollie O’Callaghan, with a real chance to represent at this year’s Games in Tokyo and beyond, said while she would be on the older end of the swimmers by 2032 it was « exciting for aspiring players Swimmers to know there.  » could the Olympic Games in their homeland be their home state  ».

« It’s great for tourism and business, and it motivates us younger athletes, » she said.

16-year-old Elizabeth Dekkers of Newmarket Racers, another in Olympic competitions, added: « The possibility of a Home Olympics in 2032 is very exciting, especially for junior athletes, as it gives us a long-term goal to work towards and stay motivated .  » to the. »

Current Australian water polo goalkeeper Gabriella Palm was also excited about the prospect of a home Olympics.

« I’ve heard so many memorable stories about Sydney 2000 and how special the Olympics were on home soil, » she said.

« It would be even more amazing if I could witness the Olympics on home soil and especially in my hometown. »

The sleeping giant of the world’s athletics, Logan resident 20, could easily participate in the decathlon by age 31 at the age of 11. Moloney, a decathlete who qualified for his Olympic debut in Tokyo earlier this year, is so talented that he has the best in the world peering over his shoulders.

The All Hallows’ School student is an exciting exponent of butterflies who is a good figure in her first Olympics this year. From the Newmarket Racers Club, Dekkers is accompanying Lani Pallister, Mollie O’Callaghan and Tom Neill as newbies to lead Australian swimming through the 2020s to 2032, along with young colleagues Meg Harris, Tom Hauck and Kai Taylor, who will be on the The stage was a breathtaking 100 m freestyle sprint time of 50.01 last week for St. Peters.

The daughter of Olympic swimming silver medalist Greg the teenage Fasala leads an exciting group of Queensland water polo players who could comfortably play for Australia in 2032. These include current Australian players Abby Andrews and Gabi Palm, as well as aspiring newbies like Will Valentine. Amelia Watt, Chelsea Johnson, Kate Blew, Annie Cowan, Charlize Andrews, Tori Kininmonth and Molly Nasser. « Forming an Olympic water polo team would be the ultimate dream, but playing in front of your own city of Brisbane would be the icing on the cake, » said Nasser, who broke into the Queensland Thunder last year to turn 28 this year and the fact that it may be in Australia is so motivating.  »

A signing with the U.S. Major League Baseball organization, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bidois, 20, one of several young Queenslanders who will shine this decade on their way to 2032. Others include Kai-Noa Wynyard, a Texas Rangers signatory, and Coomera Cubs teen pitcher Jack Waters.

Ramsay is an up and coming talent from the all-star club St. Peters Western Swim, trained by Dean Boxall. He is a school girl from St. Peters Lutheran College who makes waves in junior swimming competitions. Ramsay and Sophie Martin, a student at the Anglican Girls’ School in St. Margaret, were the two outstanding junior swimmers in their age groups.

If determination and commitment mean anything, distance swimmer Samuel Short will still be in his late twenties and still plowing the water in 2032. « I’m turning 28, it’s amazing to know that a childhood dream of mine in my hometown of I’ll see where the sport takes me through the next decade of potential swimming, » said Short, a junior swimmer from Albany Creek, who is now at Rackley Centenary. Kai Taylor, who took 100m freestyle time of 50.01 for St. Peters last week, also included Harry Turner, Fynn Southam, Isaac Cooper, Bronte Job, Jenna Forrester, Kai Taylor, Rebecca Jacobson, Georgie Powell and Chelsea Hodges Juniors on the rise.

Teenage boy Rousseau is a former gymnast who quickly positioned himself for the Tokyo Olympics selection. He heads an impressive list of diving talents in Queensland, which includes fellow teenagers Kiarra Milligan, Samantha Olivier, Mathias Klar, Jonah Turner and Alysha Koloi.

Pucko is eliminated from the Craigslea SHS’s highly rated volleyball program after representing Australia for the first time at the Arafura Games in 2019. He and Chloe Durston were part of the national junior development programs.

The sprint duo of St. Peters Lutheran College students Torrie Lewis and Hilzal Durmaz were an exciting prospect on the track that would still be between 27 and 28 years old by 2032. Others for the little black book are Isabella Harte, Ashley Wong, the young veteran Ellie Beer, who has already competed in world titles, and the old young Jew Thomas from St. Edmund’s College (middle distance runner). Wong from Nudgee College was named on the 2020 Australian team under 20 4x100m relay, where he was the youngest member of the squad and like Torrie Lewis made the trip to the AIS in Canberra for a camp in December.

Cowley is an enormous long jump perspective whose desire and demeanor have been compared to the great Sally Pearson. Two perspectives for your little black book were the Marsden SHS alumni Lyvante Su’emai and Angelina Tignani from the Anglican girls’ school in St. Aidan.

Junior St. Andrews’ Pine Rivers, who is the nephew of the great hockey player Mark Hagar, Hart and the University of Queensland goalkeeper Hannah Astbury, heads a tremendous list of local talent who are undoubtedly inspired by the lure of Brisbane 2032 . These include Claire Colwill and Ruby Harris Kendra Fitzpatrick, Casey Dolkens, Dayle Dolkens, Michael Francis, Luca Brown, Jade Smith, Jordn Office, Tatum Stewart, David Hubbard, Michael Doan, Zac Profke, Luke Randle, Jayden Atkinson and Noah Gauci.

The Marsden SHS graduate student is a pin-up girl for her peers after joining the Queensland Super W rugby team last season.

Lowe is the next generation softball player who formed both the Queensland Representative Teams and the Junior World Championships.


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