World news – Brooklyn Nets are trying to break new ground to an NBA title


Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets know where they are going, a fact that was made clear in the All-Star Point Guard’s comments following Tuesday’s 124-120 win against the Los Angeles Clippers.

« We know they are competing to meet us across the board, » Irving said of the defeated clips on the TNT show. “So we wanted to make an impression, and that’s what we did.”

If a team has the right to think about sending messages before a possible final matchup in early February, so could the team with the extreme star -Be the power of the networks. You don’t form such a constellation unless you have intentions to become a supernova.

The Nets competed against the Clippers on Tuesday and married the timely defense (no, seriously!) With arson and offensive harmony. In doing so, they sent a signal that their journey is not just about reaching the finals.

Brooklyn could be the team that takes the entire NBA over the edge it has been heading for years.

While the trendline isn’t perfectly straight, the insult has risen from an overall offensive rating of 104.6 a decade ago to a record high of 110.9 this year. The math (three is more than two) has a lot to do with it, but so does a group of players raised to shoot, handle, and score from high quality areas, regardless of size or position.

Too saying the Nets brought Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant together for trying to find a new way of doing a crime-only crime to a title might do them too much credit. The goal, made even clearer by hiring Steve Nash as head coach, could have been simpler: just get stars and cause a sensation. But Brooklyn’s staff and their extreme dependence on crime make undeniable sense, given the direction the league has been going over the past decade.

For the past two decades, the Los Angeles Lakers have had 2000-01, according to Ryan Blackburn of Denver Stiffs was the only team to win a championship with a defense worse than 11th. The moment the Nets added Harden to a roster that was already excess points at the expense of defense and depth, it was clear they were ready to challenge stereotypes and conventions.

The Nets Jeff Green started at 5 and enabled a switch everything scheme. Although the Clippers took an early lead, Brooklyn’s tactics paid off. Los Angeles lacks a conventional point guard to launch an offensive when switches interfere with pick and roll. Brooklyn lured isolation attacks and stagnation from a crime that was already predisposed to stand around.

Don’t be misled. The clips lost on Tuesday with an offensive rating just a tenth of a point worse than Brooklyn’s secondary attack. LA can score like few other teams. But in addition to effective switching, Harden’s Nets (especially in the Post) have reliably received strong individual defenses, active hands from Irving, and a few « man, this guy is long » edge competitions from Durant.

That approach may work for Brooklyn . If the nets move the opponents to one-on-one basketball, that is a win. Movement, screens, communication – this is where the networks get into trouble with D. They are better when things are simple and when their capable individual defenders can face a direct challenge.

Brooklyn is learning tonight that good things happen, when you compete against each other and try your hand at the defensive end of the court.

The nets are 9-3 against .500 teams this season.

That’s the best record in the league.

Most nights are haunted by Brooklyn, and although we spent time discussing defense, Tuesday was still one of them.

The Big Three the Working together to get into the late Los Angeles leadership, Nets didn’t take turns so much but took the opportunity whenever they presented themselves. Irving hit a season high of 39 points and had the most highlights, but Durant (28 points on 11 of 13 shooting) and Harden (23 points, 14 assists and 11 ricochets) were barely any spectators.

It was one nice thing to see Kyrie, KD and Harden trading baskets during the fourth quarter. Https://

The nets scrapped on D and it often felt like the Clippers had been able to show more patience, trusting their odds and calming the game. But it’s hard to stay cool with the ball when Brooklyn never gives in when he’s in possession. You could feel the clips feeling the pressure and fighting the urgency. They had to score because the nets were damn safe when they got the ball back.

It’s not that Brooklyn ran away with that game. Yes, it was 10 after Durant drilled a patented pull-up from the left wing at 1:55 left. But the Clippers reduced this advantage to one point late in the process. It shows how low the net error rate is – even with such a good offense.

Defensive, Brooklyn will never be great. It’s 25th in defense and 27th since Harden was acquired. The buyout market will not save the networks. Whoever strengthens the defense is not going to play in front of Irving, Harden, Durant or Joe Harris in the greatest moments of the games that matter most.

In order for Brooklyn to get to the goal it is already thinking of, it will Do this with a mind-boggling offense and just enough – just enough – on D. If the nets go all the way this way, it will be a first.

But there is no denying that the league is increasingly in Tends towards the offensive. And there’s no denying that everything has a first time.

Statistics courtesy of, Basketball Reference and Cleaning the Glass. Precisely through the games that were played on Tuesday, February 2nd.

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