World News – CA – Advances in hearing aids improve function, fashion and fit


Hearing loss can be frightening and stressful Losing the ability to notice sounds in one or both ears negatively affects communication and ultimately quality of life Hearing loss can occur at any age and range from moderate to total deafness

If you have difficulty hearing your television or find it difficult to hear conversations in person or on the phone, assessing your hearing can help determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids, which can improve or, in some cases, restore the ability to Hearing

Technological advances have improved patient experience with these devices in a number of ways – from improved sound quality and reduced background noise to more comfort and reduced vision.

Dr Rajul Dev, UD, FAAA, audiologist at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates, explained that when counseling patients, it is important to ensure that they have a good understanding of the auditory evaluation findings and their expectations

« Realistic expectations should definitely be discussed because the last thing you want is for patients to view hearing aids as a » miracle cure, « she said. »There are many factors that go into the extent of improvement that a patient can expect in hearing. Factors include the age at which the patient started using hearing aids, the type of hearing loss, the severity of the hearing loss, and then the aids that were installed on their own can determine the patient’s success. »

D Dave notes that the primary complaint that people with hearing loss have is usually « a problem with hearing in background noise. With this in mind, most advances in hearing aid technology are associated with this problem.

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“Hearing aids use automatic directional microphones to help people hear better during group conversations or while in restaurants,” Dr. “Comment management is another feature that is always improving,” said Dave.

Another recent development that patients appreciate is the fact that hearing aids are now compatible with iPhone and Android

« This allows patients to stream the phone in both ears, which means they can hear phone conversations in both ears, through their hearing aids, » Dr. Patients can also use their smartphones as a remote control unit that can change the volume or programs within the hearing aid, Dave said.

Although battery life has not changed significantly over the years, one of the major milestones has been the successful use of rechargeable batteries

“These batteries are usually packaged in a hearing aid and should be charged on a daily basis,” Dave said. “You can usually get a full charge within three hours. The main advantage is that patients do not have to replace the batteries on a weekly basis or open the battery doors in The night rechargeable batteries also eliminate the guesswork about when the batteries will die and need to be replaced Most rechargeable batteries are made to last approximately two to three years. « 

“With technical improvements in how custom devices are manufactured in the laboratories, they can be made smaller than ever before without compromising convenience or comfort,” Dr. Dave said, « Hearing aids have come a long way since the time of use of body-worn hearing aids, the ear-shaped receiver is more elegant than ever, and the dedicated devices are smaller and fit the depth of the canal. »

When it comes to choosing the right hearing aid, the patient’s age and skill level can help determine which style is chosen The type and severity of hearing loss can narrow different models and styles of devices as well, says Dave.

“For example, patients with conductive hearing impairment may benefit from an implantable device, and a person with a sensorineural nerve can benefit from a conventional hearing instrument, or even a cochlear implant.” “The patient’s lifestyle can help Determine the appropriate technological level for that particular patient The main goal is to know what is most important to the patient and then our recommendations can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Once the patient is evaluated and the hearing pattern has been chosen, they are given a two to four week trial to test the device.

“We get a patient back to us weekly so we can assess their progress,” Dave said, “We take pride in the fact that we spend time with patients and listen to their feedback. The vast majority of our work as an audiologist is listening to patients and how hearing loss affects them.” >

After that, patients return every six months to see an audiologist and make sure that the assistive devices are working properly.

Despite all the achievements and advances in hearing aids, some patients are still hesitant to consider hearing aids, Dr. Dave said

She said, “Patients at the age of 90 still don’t want to feel old and want the smallest device possible.” Patients tend to ask if their hearing will get worse. There is no black and white answer to this question because we are unable to predict how a person’s hearing will be year after year What we can recommend is the use of hearing protection during high-intensity noise We recommend that all patients have their hearing checked annually If the patient’s hearing loss changes, this does not mean that he needs new hearing devices The devices can be reprogrammed for any change in hearing, which patients are usually not aware of.

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World News – CA – Advances in hearing aids improve function, fashion and fit


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