. . World News – CA – Al-Qaeda no. 2, the accused in the US embassy attacks, was killed secretly in Iran


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second-highest al-Qaeda leader, accused of being one of the masterminds of the deadly 1998 attacks on Yu. s. Intelligence officials confirmed that embassies in Africa were killed in Iran three months ago.

Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah, alias Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was shot dead in the streets of Tehran by two assassins on a motorcycle in August. . 7, the anniversary of the embassy attacks. He was killed with his daughter, Maryam, the widow of Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden.

Four of the officials said that the attack was carried out by Israeli militants on the orders of the United States. It is not clear what role, if any, the United States has played, which has been tracking the movements of Al-Masry and other al-Qaeda activists in Iran for years.. .

The killing took place in such an underworld of geopolitical conspiracies and counterterrorism espionage operations to the point that the death of Al-Masry was common but not yet confirmed.. For reasons that remain vague, Al Qaeda has not announced the killing of one of its top leaders, Iranian officials have covered the matter, and no country has publicly claimed responsibility for it.. .

Al-Masry, who was approximately 58 years old, was one of the founding leaders of Al Qaeda and was believed to be the first to lead the organization after its current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri..

He appeared long on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List, and has been charged in the US with the crimes related to the U bombings. s. The embassies of Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people and injuring hundreds. The FBI offered a reward of $ 10 million for information leading to his arrest, and as of Friday, his photo was still on the most wanted list..

Although the rise of the Islamic State has overwhelmed Al Qaeda in recent years, it remains resilient and has active branches around the world. . N. The July counterterrorism report ended.

Some American analysts said the death of Al-Masry would sever ties between the last original leaders of Al Qaeda and the current generation of Islamist militants, who arose after bin Laden’s death in 2011..

Nicholas J. said, « If this is true, then it cuts the links between the old al Qaeda and modern jihad. ». . Rasmussen, former director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center. It only contributes to the fragmentation and decentralization of the Al Qaeda movement.

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World News – CA – Al-Qaida’s no. 2, the accused in the US embassy attacks, was killed secretly in Iran
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