World News – CA – Back from Evander Kane, Ryan Reaves is the real heavyweight in the NHL


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Evander Kane # 9 of the San Jose Sharks, Ryan Reaves # 75 of the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

We all love good ol ‘Twitter beef and have gotten quite a yummy in the past few days thanks to Evander Kane, the San Jose Sharks striker, and Ryan Reaves, the Vegas Golden Knights enforcer.

It all started on Sunday, less than 24 hours after YouTube personality Jake Paul beat three-time NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson in an exhibition boxing match that I’m still not entirely sure why it took place.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Kane, named after former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Evander Holyfield, took to Twitter to call Jake Paul and put on some pretty interesting glove.

As you can see in the tweet below, Kane was barely shy about what he thought of Paul’s victory on Saturday and what he thought of the former Disney TV star’s battle IDs.

Well we’ve covered that particular fall here, but while Kane’s challenge didn’t pull as much as a little nibble from Paul himself, it caught the attention of Vegas Golden Knights striker Ryan Reaves.

Now let’s set up the table here with some context. It’s no secret that Kane and Reaves don’t like each other. Let’s scrap that, they seem both very real and very pure despite everything and the hatred, not some man-made beef that is supposed to draw attention to their sport.

yo @jakepaul I would ruin you. Easy to beat up guys with no experience and much smaller. 31. August 2021 Vegas We can see if you really like this promotion. #YOURMOVE

No, Reaves and Kane are arch rivals, and that has really improved by a point or ten as the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights quickly developed a fierce rivalry of hatred and hatred of contempt.

As such, neither of us should have been surprised when Reaves walked in and effectively told Kane to shut up and sit down.

@ evanderkane_9 calls someone to fight? We may have to wait 9 years to see this. He could be a good precursor to @ KevinHart4real.

If that wasn’t enough entertainment gold for those popcorn gif lovers on Twitter, things only got more interesting after Reaves’ brother Jordan, who is a defensive lineman for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL, also got involved and things did just spice it up a bit, to say the least.

Kane then responded with a tweet referring to the Reaves brothers as sisters. This post has since been deleted and Kane apologized for it.

I never run away from a sister in my life. Let alone for 9 years. The shark logo on your jersey is the hardest part of you. I am expecting a poster apology for having your mouth shut. I’m sure you still have the number. 🐸☕️

While Kane feels confident beating Jake Paul in the ring, and to be honest I’d give the Sharks a lot of money for it, he’s not in the same weight class as Ryan Reaves.

While Kane is a very talented striker and a powerhouse in the NHL himself, he simply cannot withhold a candle from Reaves, who is a master of his craft and the foremost expert on a dying art form.

Ryan Reaves # 75 of the Vegas Golden Knights, Evander Kane # 9 of the San Jose Sharks. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

Reaves is the toughest guy in the entire National Hockey League, and this crown won’t be ripped out of his grasp anytime soon.

With 2. 181 career hits in the NHL, which is significantly more than Kane, although the two play very different roles, Reaves has had 316 and 316 respectively in the last two seasons. 305 topped the league in hits.

He’s the heartbeat of a stacked Vegas Golden Knights team, and his physical play, ability to beat like an absolute train, and the fear he is giving off right now give the Golden Knights a real spark of energy.

Also, there is probably no better fighter in the NHL right now than Reaves who has the range and ability to just drop absolute bombs without breaking a sweat.

Reaves was built like an offensive linebacker and is an absolute beast on the ice. The title of real heavyweight in the National Hockey League belongs to him.

While Evander Kane is tough himself and would no doubt destroy a YouTuber, he’s no match for Ryan Reaves, and it’s time he understood that, even though the constant back-and-forth between the two makes for comedy gold.

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World News – CA – Back by Evander Kane, Ryan Reaves is the real heavyweight in the world NHL
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Back off Evander Kane, Ryan Reaves is the real heavyweight in the NHL


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