World News – CA – Bill Burr Stirs Controversy with Monologue Edgy « SNL » Tackling COVID, Pride, « Woke » White Women & More


Bill Burr did his « Saturday Night Live » got off to a start and got things started by tackling controversial topics from the get-go

Burr certainly knew he was stepping on the edge when he began by discussing the pandemic Insisting that he likes “people who wear masks,” he added that people who don’t wear masks. masks don’t « bother me either » take out your grandparents Take out your weak asthmatic cousin if you’re that stupid and want to kill your own family, do it Stops you from reproducing It’s literally a dream come true « 

Then he joked that Rick Moranis was getting ‘sucked on the Upper West Side’, stating, ‘New York is back, babe! We lost our edge there for a minute The city started to look like a giant bed, Bath & Beyond, then bam! Old Ricky had one in the chops! « 

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Then came the culture of cancellation a bit, with Burr jokingly saying, « They’re literally running out of people to cancel. They’re now going after dead people, » referring to John Wayne blasted for being racist after the resumption of a Playboy interview in 1970 « He was born in 1907 », Burr pointed out « This is what these people looked like »

Burr went on to say that white women hijacked the ‘awakened’ movement of people of color, after they ‘threw their Gucci feet over the fence of oppression and got stuck at the head of the line … But do we let… ???? s go back in history here You stood by us toxic white men for centuries of our crimes against humanity You rolled in blood money Sometimes when you wanted to sneak up and meet a black dude, if you got caught, you said it wasn’t consensualâ ????

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He also touched on Pride Month, wondering why the celebration of gay pride takes place in balmy June when Black History Month is relegated to cold and gloomy February. « How about hooking them up with July? » Burr asked, pointing out that gay blacks could then celebrate for a full 61 days

Judging by the response from social media, many viewers weren’t too impressed with Burr’s edgy content

Bill Burr’s opening monologue is just obnoxious and misogynistic It’s 2020 Someone tells him calling women « sluts » isn’t funny #SNL

who told Bill Burr that he, a straight white man, should try to tackle homophobia and racism in the worst possible way in his snl monologue

It’s amazing that Bill Burr is trying to wake up while being a misogynistic POS White Male Privilege is strong in this Louis CK #SNL clone ð ?? ¤¦â ???? at ???? ï¸ ??

I did it for about a minute in Bill Burr’s SNL monologue before I had to change channels.In this cultural moment, SNL really believed that the best choice for a host was a white man going wild about « Cancel culture? »

Bill Burr with the gay pride joke… uhhhh not that The crowd doesn’t even know if to laugh or not

Did Bill Burr really just say that? Calling black people « the people of the equator », white women « b-ches » and claiming he had never heard of #SNL Pride Month please make a better photoTwittercom / Y6VrNAHg8H

However, Burr fans praised him for not watering down his content for network TV, with some noting that the outrageous reactions he was getting on Twitter pretty much proved the arguments he was trying to make. to be worth

Phew !!! # BillBurr white female approval rating will drop after this double dose of precision I don’t know if #SaturdayNightLive was ready for all this photoTwittercom / 51VOmjRzPG

The irony of Bill Burr that white women go all out on their own just to come online and see white women cry because of the & episode feeling attacked, is just great can’t do that? ?????? ð ?????? #SNL #BILLBURR picTwittercom / VpxjmNRTly

Based on those who are mad at his #SNL monologue from last night, I would say he lost 0 fans and proved the point of his jokes quite effectively picTwittercom / 9EzDgZoROt

Bill Burr getting white women to prove him right on Twitter is a fun distraction from the rest of the news

Hearing this coming from a white man must make him sting a little more ð ?????? ð ?????? Bill Burr had them throw pumpkin spice lattes on their TV screens and I love him for that picTwittercom / 8WNzpquuQL

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World News – CA – Bill Burr Stirs Controversy with Edgy ‘SNL’ Tackling Monologue COVID, Pride, ‘Woke’ White Women & More


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