World News – CA – Consumer trends in the FMCG industry during COVID


Other notable trends affecting the industry globally and in India in the coming months are the following:

2020 announced a whole new world, where everything underwent a transformation in this changing scenario, consumer buying and consumption patterns were affected and will continue for some time. The epidemic, which has led to many cultural and social developments, has led to the transformation of the consumer goods industry, which has spared no effort. In forming strong, emotional and personal relationships with consumers

After the major impact during the lockdown, the FMCG industry in India reportedly recovered sharply in June. There was a clear priority for FMCG categories by consumers during the lockdown period, and a major rebound for others with Unlock 10 in June. Health and sustainability became once again the point. Central to changing consumer trends in the FMCG industry

Other notable trends that will affect the industry globally and in India in the coming months are the following:

The trend in Ghar ka Khana has become to cook & Do It Yourself (DIY) grumpy during the lockdown as restaurants and online food deliveries have been shut down and home help wasn’t there too and even when restaurants resumed their services, people were skeptical about ordering food online thinking In sterilization and hygiene this has led to continued sales of categories such as prepacked Atta packaging and retail packaging for edible oil brands These categories remain in the shopping cart at Unlock 10 as consumers continue to be vigilant

As we are witnessing an increase in environmental pollution due to our irresponsible behavior towards the environment which leads to many severe health issues, people are becoming more adapted about the idea of ​​making sacrifices for their health and their environment and it also provides a new opportunity for brands to establish a strong and meaningful personal connection with Consumers by addressing each other and communicating with them at the same time

The eight months were the biggest educational lesson for consumers With high unemployment rates, salary cuts and business closures, people have become well accustomed to trying times. Consumers are turning away from discretionary spending, a trend that has increased dramatically since the April study, according to the Nielsen report. Certainty and health concerns drive consumers to prepare for the future through increased spending on fitness, health, education and financial investments.

As consumers are now looking for something healthy and comforting, they are increasingly looking for packaged products as they spend more time cooking and experimenting, with categories such as packaged garlic and ginger paste, tomato purees, prepackaged sauces, specific masala recipes, and pizza ingredients / Pasta and dairy cream are growing immune-boosting foods and drinks are part of it, driving growth even for new products such as aloe vera juice, amla juice, turmeric milk, ginger and tulsi milk

It has been observed that the growth of food consumption at very close range has led to the proliferation of many food and beverage products. The packaging can play an interesting role to become more distinctive, expressing the uniqueness of its content and where the images of the package can be inspired by its origin. Brands can also deliver these Benefits to consumers by enhancing transparency and traceability to help consumers learn more about the origin of the product.

The desire to shop locally is reflected in both the consumer buying of products (for example from local and artisanal sources) and the way of shopping (for example supporting community stores) consumer packaged goods brands are also discovering multiple ways to communicate locally – whether that’s through Highlight local source, customize to meet local needs, or engage in locally relevant methods.

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World News – CA – Consumer trends in FMCG industry during COVID


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