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Yiliang’ Doublelift ‘Peng has retired from professional play after nearly a decade, ending one of the most famous careers in the North American league Legends.

The Star ADC of Team SoloMid, and Team Liquid in particular, announced his retirement while pondering the contested beginnings of his career to become a highly decorated player in the NA professional scene.

“When I was 17, I qualified for the first season of the World Championship in Sweden. It was my first tournament… When I sat down to play my first match, I felt a fire in my heart that made me pursue the dream of becoming a professional player and being the best, ”wrote Doublelift about it its humble beginnings.

DL was one of the last legacy members of League of Legends Esports. He has played in all 10 Premier seasons since the days of Intel Extreme Masters and Major League Gaming, before the NA LCS even formed.

Even in the modern era of LCS, after the ups and downs of his time at Team Liquid and TSM, DL retired his domestic run with a five year league dominance.

« I made fun of me for being better on the analyst desk than in the game. My style of play would never work, they said I was too greedy in a game that requires teamwork. For 5 years I trained 14 hours a day and lost every important game.

“Then I finally won my first LCS championship. Today I won 8 of the last 11 splits. Hard work and determination have paid off. I am fully aware of the irony of saying that in my retirement post. ”

Doublelift regretted its lack of international success at Worlds, which the LCS as a whole had difficulty leaving behind over the years.

« I would have loved to say I won worlds (or even made it to the neighborhood), but let’s just let the newbies take the torch on this one, » he said, looking forward to the future of the LCS.

Still, some of the most productive LCS shows on the international stage are among teams with doublelifts on the roster. Especially in the semi-finals of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2019 and with NA pride at several Rift Rivals.

Doublelift ended his career as the first member of the LCS 1000 Kill Club with eight LCS championships, one LCS MVP for summer 2018 and the LCS final MVP for spring 2019 and was awarded for the LCS All- Pro 1st Team Five nominated times.

Building on the world’s first Call of Duty: Warzone esports team, 100 thieves have added former London-based Royal Raven Rhys ‘Rated Price’ as the second member of their Battle Royale list.

While Rated wasn’t a focus of the Royal Ravens in the Call of Duty League, he has emerged as one of the best Warzone players on Verdansk. With his stream bouncing off and the tournament money coming in, it should come as no surprise that he is among 100T’s top contenders for their growing roster.

When Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag announced that 100T would set up a Battle Royale team alongside their Los Angeles Thieves CDL team, it was historic and fans were excited to see who would be signed.

Now Rated joins British colleague and former CDL pro Thomas Tommey Trewren as the highly respected core of the team.

At the age of 7 in Call of Duty at the highest level, he took Warzone by storm at the start. We’re so excited to have him and can’t wait to see him play under the banner of 100 Thieves! # 100T picture. Twitter. com / TUnfwLAatD

Some Los Angeles may be surprised to find 100 thieves crossed the pond for their Warzone cornerstones. However, given Tommey and Rated’s successes in Verdansk, the signing is exponentially justified.

While Tommey at No.. 5 on the Warzone wins list, Rated is close at No.. 7 with a whopping 70. $ 000 profit. Those numbers get even more impressive if one of the reasons for Rated’s first major tournament invite was in late June, while some of the other top earners started the competition months earlier.

Best characterized as a consistent player, Rated chooses his angles and fights intentionally, shoots as straight as anyone, and has rightly become known as one of Verdansk’s most intimidating forces. It’s testament to his ability to have competitors regularly express some level of anger when they find out they’re stuck in a lobby with the evil Welshman.

Having worked with Tommey many times, the addition makes sense. Most recently, the duo took second place at the HusKerrs Howl tournament. Although it’s unclear who else will join the roster, Tommey and Rated provide an excellent foundation with clear lines of communication and a general reluctance to lean.

With another Englishman, Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, who has already signed with the Royal Ravens, one has to wonder if Nadeshot will raise the money for Warzone’s best unsigned star: Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad.

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World News – CA – Doublelift announces League of Legends resignation after a successful LCS career known – Dexerto


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