World News – CA – Elon Musk hands over Bill Gates to become second richest person in the world on Bloomberg rankings


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Tesla founder Elon MuskElon Reeve MuskSpaceX capsule reaches Tesla International Space Station and wants to join S&P 500. Twitter hires famous hackers to lead security operations MORE outperformed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to become the second richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Musk, 49, added $ 100. Bloomberg News reported that he raised 3 billion on his net worth in 2020, more than any other person on Bloomberg’s list of the 500 richest people in the world. In the most recent wave, Musk’s net worth rose by $ 7. 2 billion, which is the equivalent of $ 127. 9 billion.

His rise in the index from the 35th. richest person in January is attributed to Tesla, whose market value approaches $ 500 billion. About three-quarters of Musk’s net worth is made up of Tesla stock.

Musk Stays Behind Amazon Founder Jeff BezosJeffrey (Jeff) Preston BezosHow Space Exploration Will Help Combat Climate Change Bezos Makes First Billion Earth Fund Donations Former Amazon Employee Sues Company MORE Over COVID-19 Conditions , which is around $ 182 billion in net worth. Musk surpassed Gates in 2017.

The rise of the Tesla founder resulted in the second time in the Index’s eight-year history that Gates was not considered one of the two richest people in the world.

Gates, which is currently valued at $ 127. 7 billion, has donated billions to charity since his fame, including $ 27 billion to the Gates Foundation since 2006, according to Bloomberg News.

The Microsoft co-founder has spent a lot of money on COVID-19 vaccine research this year and tackled Musk online after the Tesla founder questioned pandemic data and called COVID-19 tests « extremely false. ». ”

Bloomberg News found that members of the index combined rose 23 percent, or $ 1. 3 trillion – wealth since early 2020, despite the pandemic leading to massive layoffs for workers around the world.

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World News – CA – Elon Musk hands over Bill Gates to become second richest person in the world on Bloomberg rankings



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