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Emily in Paris Creator Darren Star: Netflix Comedy Offers ‘Escapist’ Fun

Oh la la, Emily in Paris’ season ended with a pretty torturous cliffhanger for fans of the « are they going or not going? » relationship between the titular heroine and her beautiful neighbor Gabriel

Let’s recap briefly: realizing that his best chance to open his own restaurant was in Normandy, Gabriel announced he was moving – and soon! As his girlfriend Cami was not about to leave her life in Paris, it meant the couple were officially broken up Emily was also shocked by Gabriel’s big move, but at the same time, she was happy for her friend. and her new business The couple said awkward goodbye to each other, but that wasn’t how Emily wanted to leave things to Gabriel, so she rushed over to the restaurant where he works and the two kissed. passionately, before taking things to the bedroom As they lay in bed, Gabriel noted that Normandy is not that far

« It’s not that I will never be able to see you again It’s just that I don’t think I should ever see you again », Emily replied After all Cami is her friend too « We both would hurt someone who is close to our hearts « 

The next day, Emily found Gabriel at the restaurant instead of going to Normandy Surprise! He buys the Parisian restaurant, thanks to funding from Antoine The happy moment was then interrupted by a potentially embarrassing text from Cami to Emily: « I just heard Gabriel He’s staying in Paris Can we talk ?? « 

So what does the message mean ?! “Nothing is sort of exactly what it seems [Emily],” creator Darren Star hints mysteriously, “and I think a lot of her ideas about life are constantly being tested. And they will be next season too ”(The fate of season 2 of the series is to be determined, for the record)

As for Gabriel’s decision to stay, his feelings for Emily are at the forefront of her mind and her choice. « I think Emily gave her a purpose back, and he had enough strength around her to that he had the impression that he could go further with his restaurant project and make it a reality, [then] that he did not have this strength before with Camille, « Lucas Bravo, who plays the chef, tells TVLine « On this basis, he sees Emily as his pillar, his main inspiration, his strength »

So when Antoine offers to help Gabriel, « he’s just like, ‘OK, the planets are aligned' », continues Bravo « And that’s also the reason he knows [Antoine] She’s the reason why he’s going to have another opportunity, and she’s connected to everything that’s going on. So, obviously, she’s the main reason he’s so happy to stay « 

Meanwhile, Emily is both « deeply conflicted » and « really horny » after Gabriel’s big news, star Lily Collins describes. « She is now more confused than ever as she and Cami created this true bond, and she’s all about her girlfriends But at the same time, he’s been the [constant] throughout her experience so far, being supportive and friend, but also something a little more  »

So what does the future hold for the potential couple, should the series be renewed? “What happens in the next chapter, I think, can be a real exploration of how the relationship between these three characters evolves,” Star warns. “For me, it’s such a fun thing to explore in Season 2. , because they are not Americans They’re French To me, much of the show looks at everything through a different lens Season 2 will open up some interesting and surprising relationship avenues. « 

Plus, there’s the question of whether Emily and Gabriel are continuing a relationship, are they doing anything wrong, especially in light of the fact that their attraction has started – and a kiss has happened – so that Gabriel was still dating Cami? “I think it’s really tacky,” Collins admits “I would probably avoid that, because obviously so much is going on with Gabriel and Cami’s relationship When you go to the Loire Valley and see the family and how they all interact, there is such a deep story there I would just let things settle « 

For his part, Bravo thinks that Emily and Gabriel are « definitely not in the right one, that’s wrong, but it’s also exciting, » he said. « I think they’re both a little lost She’s lost in Paris and he’s lost in his feelings So that’s what happens, I guess, when two lost people find each other « 

And Gabriel is not the only one pursuing Emily in the French capital: Thinking that Gabriel had already left for Normandy, Emily agreed to go to Saint-Tropez with Mathieu.But fear not, because as the Collins said, « I don’t see them being a good game I see it more as a distraction »

What did you think of the finale of Emily in Paris? Are you in favor of Emily and Gabriel? Rate the episode below, then hit the comments!

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