World News – CA – Eric Clapton triggers backlash on new anti-lockdown song starring Van Morrison


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In his ongoing musical protest against the closures forced by COVID-19, Van Morrison has enlisted the help of Eric Clapton with a new song aimed to raise funds to aid musicians who are affected by the pandemic have financial problems. But the song sparked a backlash against the classic rock stars because of their history of right-wing and sometimes racist commentary.

Morrison’s new collaboration with Clapton titled « Stand and Deliver » is the fourth anti-lockdown song the star has released since the pandemic began. He combines songs with duller titles like « Born to Be Free », « As » I Walked Out « and » No More Lockdown « , which the artist created in protest against the closings ordered by the British government.

In their statement on the song’s announcement, Morrison and Clapton continued to focus on helping musicians and others in the live events industry who have lost their livelihoods. All proceeds from the song go to Morrison’s Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund.

“There are many of us who support Van and his efforts to save live music. He’s an inspiration, ”Clapton said in a statement to Variety. “We need to get up and be counted because we need to find a way out of this chaos. The alternative is not worth thinking about. Live music may never recover. ”

« Eric’s recording is fantastic and will clearly resonate with many who share our frustrations, » said Morrison in a statement on Save Live Music.

But news of the song caught backlash on Twitter, with people accusing Clapton and Morrison of ignoring the deaths the virus had inflicted on poorer communities. Jeffrey St.. . Clair, editor of left-wing news and commentary site CounterPunch, said the song’s news « Confirms everything I have ever thought about Clapton, a musician who has spent his entire career adopting black music and is now his first » Protest “song records against meager restrictions to slow a disease ravaging black communities. ”

« What the hell is wrong with these rich assholes? » asked The Mountain Goats, the band behind the pandemic anthem, “This year. « I ask this as a Van Morrison fan. « . ”

And writer Hari Kunzru brought up Clapton’s infamous racist rant in 1976 at a concert where he cited various racial slurs to non-white participants and repeated, « Keep Britain White. ”

« The last time Clapton weighed on politics, they had to start Rock Against Racism, » tweeted Kunzru, referring to the musician movement that was sparked in 1976 in part by Clapton’s remarks. Clapton is the worst. He’s always been the worst. In fact, he was Cream’s worst member. Van Morrison is the worst too. Even when he made Astral Weeks, a great record that still makes me cry, he was (I came reluctantly to accept) the worst. ”

In the UK, there have been 57. 551 deaths reported, and the daily infections peaked with over 33 two weeks ago. 000 new cases on 12. November a new high. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a three-tier reopening system will come into effect next week and lockdown restrictions will be temporarily relaxed during the Christmas season.

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Morrison has used Clapton’s help with a new song to raise funds for musicians struggling with the pandemic.

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Van Morrison, Eric Clapton

World News – CA – Eric Clapton sparked backlash for a new anti-lockdown song starring Van Morrison
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