WORLD NEWS – CA – GAMES: The death of Kirby Morrow, Goku’s voice actor, the Cyclops, and more


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The TV and anime world is in mourning after learning of the death of Kirby Morrow, the voice actor known for his roles as Goku in Dragon Ball, Miroku in Inuyasha, Cyclops in X-Men Evolution, and more. Morrow died at the age of 47, and the cause of his death has yet to be revealed.

Moro’s first major work was that of Miguel Angel in the live-action series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the next boom. Later on, this talented actor gave life to countless characters, as well as his contributions to some other series like Stargate, The Flash, Legion and Good Doctor..

Nowadays, I find myself hugging Miroku in the Inuyasha supplement series known as Yashahime: Princess Half Demon. It is not known how the production will continue, but the most logical thing is to find another actor to replace him.

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World News – CA – Games: Kirby Morrow, Voice Actor Goku, The Cyclops And More Are Die


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