World News – CA – Giants may not be finished with changes to the coaching staff and Jason Garrett could be out for the 2021 season


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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

The decision of Giant’s first coach Joe Judge to sack offensive coach Marc Colombo after a fierce exchange between the men made headlines across the country this week, but is hardly the only area of ​​offensive staff that is under serious scrutiny.

Sources said there had been friction and turmoil in other areas of these staff as well, with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett under scrutiny and a change in that key position in 2021 was a very real possibility. Judge was one of only five new head coaches hired in 2020. That number could double in the next year, flooding the market with coordinators and assistant coaches looking for work. The options will be in abundance, and Judge has already shown that he will not shy away from taking a bold – if not shocking – move even if it comes at a less convenient time.

Colombo has been simmering for weeks, sources said. Judge worked with this position group – one that was making progress – and tried, in the eyes of some members of the organization, to appreciate the improvements made. Tension had grown over the judge’s request to initiate an external consultation for this position group, and he and Colombo argued over the technique and approach to certain positions. That culminated in a fiery exchange between them within earshot of the players last week. Ultimately, it was the team’s safety, rather than the judge directly, that notified Colombo of his release – a sensible decision to stifle potential physical altercations.

Despite all the turmoil, the Giants remain in position to win the low NFC East. The defense has made significant gains this season while the development of quarterback Daniel Jones remains a key element in the franchise and Richter will be very hands-on and proactive. Jones has had an inconsistent season – losing the star running back to Saquon Barkley for the season was an obvious blow – and continues to struggle for sales despite handling the ball in a big win over the Eagles last week.

There is a strong expectation that more staff will be overhauled in 2021 and a new offensive coordinator next season wouldn’t come as a surprise to some sources Judge know well.

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World News – CA – Giants may not cope with coaching and staff changes Jason Garrett could be out for the 2021 season



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