World News – CA – John Jocelyn claims he hasn’t been able to talk to 6 of his kids for 2 years


in a preview of his interview with Dr. Oz and Jocelyn said it’s been two years since he had spoken with Kara, Maddy, Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aden.

Additionally, he said that the children who live with their mother, Kate Jocelyn, have also stopped talking to their siblings, Coleen and Hannah, who live with him and his girlfriend Coleen Conrad.

Jocelyn blamed Kate for « alienation from a parent and sibling alienation now » and claimed that his ex-wife was « getting involved » but provided no evidence as to why he believed this, according to E! News

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Also claimed that Kate doesn’t talk to Coleen or Hannah, not until she tells them she is selling her family’s Pennsylvania home

“I told Hannah and she was very upset,” he said about knowing the news of the sale through conversation. “She was so upset because that was her childhood home, her mom sold it, and she didn’t call her to say,“ Hey, do you want any of your things or any Thing? Hey, I need to sell this house, no contact

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World News – CA – John Jocelyn claims he was unable to speak to 6 of his children by two years


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