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World news – CA – Joshua Kimmich has ruled out until the end of 2020: What now for Bayern Munich

The tough tackle takes a closer look at Bayern Munich's prospects after injuring Joshua Kimmich, who has been knocked out for three months #BayernMunich #HansiFlick #JoshuaKimmich

It was a high stakes confrontation at Signal Iduna Park when Borussia Dortmund were hosting Bayern Munich. The match was on the verge of a 0-0 draw with both sides creating plenty of opportunities to move forward

Bayern Munich’s defense line, in particular, was an ideal catalyst for the attacking duo Erling Haaland and Marco Reus to attack in the defense and during one of those situations, Bayern Munich’s main midfielder, Joshua Kimmich, lost uncharacteristically from control of the ball, This prompted Haaland to catch the ball and run straight towards the goal.

Josh Kimmisch’s torn cartilage will be out of action for the rest of the year at least Bad news for Bayern Munich, but they should be able to go without him for a while

But the Norwegian striker was attacked quickly by the midfielder, in what was clearly a tactical mistake for Kimmich’s misfortune, however, Haaland’s incredibly strong foot movement was enough to tear the meniscus, which now deprives him of playing for the rest of the calendar year

This would undoubtedly be a huge blow to Hansi Flick and Bayern Munich and here, at The Hard Tackle, we’ll take a closer look at the club’s prospects without Kimmich and how that might affect their campaign

Flick has mostly preferred the traditional 4-2-3-1 style during his tenure as Bayern Munich’s head coach The two players in the double pivot play a key role in sensing any danger while their collective aggression and perseverance boosts the overall ball recovery rate in the middle of the field

Therefore, it is still unlikely that we will see a drastic change in Flick’s 4-2-3-1 method after Kimmich is injured In fact, the German tactic is expected to retain its tried and tested lineup, although there will be, no doubt. Additional pressure on first midfielder Leon Goretzka

With Kimmich gone, the former Schalke star now needs to provide the extra solidity in the middle and can’t bear to distance too much from his partner, whose identity is a largely open debate at the moment

Flick’s most obvious choice of finding a Kimmich replacement is Corentin Tolisso the French enjoyed a more prominent role in the first team after the departure of Thiago Alcantara, and it is only fitting that he gets the nod before Javi Martinez

However, there is a big difference between the style of these two players, with Tolisso, in particular, being classified as an attacking-minded midfielder who can work effortlessly as Number Ten and is more than capable of creating chances in the final third but in time The same, the Frenchman lacks defensive stiffness, which makes him extremely weak in the second line of pressure

Tolisso doesn’t have the leadership quality either, and here comes the role of Martinez in the Spanish battle. He is one of the longest-serving players in the current Bayern Munich team and has great proportions at the highest level in football

On the flip side, at 32 years old, Martinez wasn’t quite the perfect fit for a high-intensity Flick match, especially against teams like Borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig, which leads us to our favorite.

Marc Rocca joined Bayern Munich in the summer for just € 9m. He was way too low for a player who was considered one of the most wanted midfielders in La Liga, thanks to his consistent performances at Espanyol.

A tight-knit midfielder by trade, presumably brought up as a possible alternative to Thiago leaving his style of play is very similar to the current Liverpool superstar, especially when it comes to the possession trading in and around the last third and he is also an excellent reader of the game

During his time at Espanyol, Rocca played a terribly lying midfielder, providing cover for teammates interested in attacking His main job was to block counterattacks and win loose balls in the middle of the park Although this role does not quite match Kimmich’s role in Flick’s 4-2-3-1, he definitely makes the Spaniard very fit in Bayern Munich’s squad.


Especially alongside a more powerful midfielder like Goretzka, Roca can definitely thrive in his defensive style of play at the age of 23, being more energetic than Martinez while his past experiences at Espanyol make him a much better defensive outlet compared to Tolisso

Unfortunately, Flick has not used Rocca’s services properly so far this campaign, as the former Espanyol star appeared only once in the Bundesliga. His only 90-minute appearance in a Bayern jersey came against FC Doreen in the fifth division, in the first round of the Bundesliga. for football

Basically this means that Flick will now have the arduous task of integrating the young midfielder into his tactics. It also goes without saying that the player himself will need some time before he can adapt to the tactical nature of the Bundesliga, so it is very likely that he will be used. Tolisso as an immediate alternative to Kimmich, for now

As Konstantin Eckner explained in a tweet, Kimmich has only been disqualified until the end of the year, which means he will likely return to the fight before the Bundesliga Ruckrunde kick-off this season

On top of that, Bayern Munich already has a lot of options at their disposal, which were all discussed earlier in this article so the club has no reason to go into the market, although it would be interesting to see if the absence Kimmich could unlock the potential of USMNT’s potential youth academy star Taylor Booth, who has already made some waves in youth tournaments

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World News – CA – Joshua Kimmich is excluded for the rest of 2020: What now for Bayern

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