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As US Cable Network News, CNN, continues to pursue mixed views, an investigation report alleges soldiers fired live bullets at #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate. The Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, insists that evidence on the ground suggests otherwise.

The government had challenged proponents of the # EndSARS campaign, which accused the soldiers of the mass murder of innocent, peaceful and unarmed demonstrators at the toll booth, to produce or to shut up evidence of the mass murder.

Indeed, it is argued that the CNN report is hindering the work of the various judicial bodies, particularly that of Lagos, which is tasked with deciphering what happened and making recommendations on how to move forward in order to redress any injustices or violations of the security authorities.

Some upper verse expressed concern that police officers and security guards killed during the protests were apparently ignored as if they had no families, arguing that a lack of sympathy for the security guards was the reason why a multitude traumatized by them and reluctant to return to their posts.

Although CNN said in a statement by its spokesman that it stood by its story because « our reporting has been carefully and carefully researched, » while Alhaji Lai Mohammed said CNN’s report on the EndSARS protest was not factual and called out the media company is supposed to sanction the erroneous reporters on the matter.

His words: “CNN screwed up its preconceived stance that the soldiers dispatched to the Lekki Toll Gate actually shot at demonstrators and killed some of them. CNN relied heavily on unverified and potentially treated videos, as well as information from questionable sources, to reach its conclusion. This should earn CNN a serious sanction for irresponsible reporting.

« Like everyone else, I watched the CNN report. I have to tell you that it adds to the disinformation that is floating around and it is obviously irresponsible and poor journalistic work by a reputable international news organization.

« CNN has been incredibly sensational and has done itself and journalism a great service. Primarily, CNN, who touted its report as an exclusive investigation report, relied on the same videos circulated on social media, unfortunately without review.

« This is very serious and CNN should be sanctioned for it. CNN simply said that the videos were « received » from CNN without saying where or whether they were authenticated or not. Were CNN reporters and cameramen at the Lekki Toll Gate that evening? ‘’ If the answer is no, what basis did you report on? Relying on second or third hand information and presenting it as a « CNN investigation »? « Why didn’t CNN offset its story by showing Brig’s compelling testimony?. -Gene. Taiwo before the judiciary in Lagos? Is this one-sided reporting what is expected of an international media organization or a reputable news organization? If CNN had properly conducted its investigation, it would have known how fake news and disinformation developed during the #EndSARS crisis.

« When it aired its so-called investigation report, CNN conveniently forgot that the military had announced on Nov.. October 2020, via his verified Twitter handle, tweeted that the military killed 38 people when they opened fire on peaceful protesters on Tuesday, October. 20, 2020. Less than a month later, the same CNN was only able to confirm that a person died in the same incident in what is known as an EXCLUSIVE report based on a replay of old, unverified videos.

“In its jaundice coverage, CNN was blind to the fact that six soldiers and 37 police officers were killed in unprovoked attacks. Obviously, CNN didn’t think the security forces were human enough. CNN in its « investigation » was blind to the wanton destruction of property in Lagos and across the country.

« CNN has also been blind to the burning of police stations and vehicles across the country. Instead, it went into town with unconfirmed social media images to prove that people were killed at the Lekki Toll Gate.

‘’ This is irresponsible journalism that CNN deserves a sanction for. We insist that the military did not shoot protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate. They fired empty ammunition into the air. Anyone who knows someone who was killed at the Lekki Toll Gate should turn to the Judicial Panel with conclusive evidence. ”

Alhaji Mohammed asked proponents of the # EndSARS campaign, who accused soldiers of killing innocent, peaceful and unarmed protesters at the Lekki Toll Toll in order to produce evidence of the mass murder or to shut up.

He accused the organizers of using social media and fake news to wreak havoc in the country under the guise of peaceful protests.

He insisted that the allegation of a massacre at the Lekki toll booth was false and that attempts by protesters and some human rights groups to tarnish the country’s image through false news and other scornful tactics would not change the fact.

The minister insisted that the military merely fired empty ammunition into the air to scare the protesters, saying: “While the judicial body based in Lagos is working to expose the real events at the Lekki toll booth, they are suggesting so far available evidence on the world’s first case of MASSACRE WITHOUT BLOOD OR BODY. Those making claims should provide evidence or shut up in front of the panel.

“The federal government is very pleased with the role that security agencies, especially the military and police, played during the #EndSARS crisis. The security forces were professional and measured in their response. Even when their lives were at stake, they exhibited unusual reluctance. ”

Alhaji Mohammed regretted that # EndSARS advocates and human rights activists showed no sympathy for several security guards killed and injured in the chaos by crooks who kidnapped the protests. He said, “Your professionalism and measured response have saved many lives and qualities. For example, although the hordes of looters were arrested during the violence in Lagos, the army treated them humanely and even advised them before handing them over to the police.

« The same is not true of those who wreaked havoc on the security forces, killing and mutilating them, sometimes in a way as barbaric as it is unprecedented in these areas.

As mentioned earlier, six soldiers and 37 police officers were killed across the country during the crisis. This is in addition to 196 police officers who were injured; 164 police vehicles were destroyed and 134 police stations were destroyed.

“The Nigerian Security and Civil Protection Corps, the Nigerian Customs Service and the Nigerian Immigration Service also lost infrastructure, equipment and other valuables due to attacks by crooks during the crisis. Eight medium security detention centers (prisons) in six states (Edo, Lagos, Abia, Delta, Ondo and Ebonyi) were attacked, 1. 957 inmates released and 31 employees injured.

“The federal government will therefore not accept a situation in which some so-called human rights organizations and media organizations with jaundice will continue to harass the security authorities because of their role during the crisis.

Soldiers, police officers and other security forces deserve recognition, not condemnation, unless of course their critics say they are not human and that their own rights do not matter. “It is depressing and demoralizing to continue vilifying men and women in uniform who have themselves been victims of senseless violence unleashed by crooks.

 » The role of human rights organizations in particular became suspicious after simply ignoring the brutal killing and maiming of security agents during the crisis and the orgy of violence that killed 57 civilians and 269 private individuals. Corporate facilities burned / looted / destroyed, 243 government facilities burned / destroyed and 81 government camps looted.

«  » Instead, they continued to deal with the disembodied and bloodless « massacre » at Lekki Toll Gate. They saw nothing wrong with the burned or looted public and private properties, nor did they see anything wrong with the fact that some of the companies looted belonged to young men and women in trouble. All they could see in their biased view of the whole situation was a joke massacre. ”

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World news – CA – Lekki shootings: It is the first massacre in the world without blood or corpses – Lai Mohammed
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