World news – CA – MATCHDAY: The European Championship squad ends through the qualifiers


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Four play-off matches will decide who will complete the 24-nation squad for the European Championship that has been postponed due to next year’s pandemic. Everything must be resolved on Thursday, in overtime or in penalties if necessary. At least one winner will be the first time it is ranked outside the top 50 teams Nationals in the world Georgia hosts North Macedonia in the final match of the fourth division teams Hungary hosts Iceland in a match between the teams that also met at Euro 2016 Northern Ireland will host Slovakia in the only qualifying match that local health rules allow its presence – about 1000 fans only – in the stadium Serbia hosts Scotland may be the stakes are higher for Hungary and Scotland are among the 12 host countries in the European Continental Championship 2020 If they progress, their prize is two games on their home turf in the group stage next June

England coach Gareth Southgate’s priority is the upcoming matches in the Nations League against Belgium and Iceland so Reese James, who has been suspended for those matches, is scheduled to start from the right-back in the friendly against Ireland Nick Pope could be in the net instead of Jordan Pickford Former Irish international players Michael Kane and Jack Grealish can also play at Wembley Stadium, as has Declan Rice against the country he has represented at a senior level on three occasions. The biggest moment may be the debut of 17-year-old Borussia Dortmund midfielder Judd Bellingham, who will become England’s third-youngest player.

Americans are back to work for the first time since February due to the pandemic The European-based players have made a trip to Wales due to the upcoming Football League qualifiers. Attacking midfielder Giovanni Reina Borussia Dortmund, 17, son of Claudio Reina of Manchester Former City, could play his international debut Ryan Giggs will not lead Wells in this friendly match after his arrest, although he will be consulted by interim coach Robert Page Giggs will also be absent from the hideout for upcoming Nations League matches after he was arrested by police over an alleged incident at the start of the month with his girlfriend that the Manchester star was released. The 46-year-old former United is on bail and has denied any wrongdoing. Gareth Bale is back in action with Wales after the Tottenham striker missed last month’s matches due to injury.

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World News – CA – MATCHDAY: The European Championship squad ended with the qualifiers
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