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Prime Minister John Horgan has unveiled a new list of Cabinet Ministers who will lead B.. C.. . due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic consequences.

The cabinet includes some new faces at the top of important portfolios like finance and education, while some NDP party friends will continue to be in charge of ministries like health.

« The pandemic has turned the lives of British Columbians upside down, » Horgan said in a press release following Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony.

« We have come a long way together, but we have to go much further. This knowledgeable and diverse team is ready to continue our fight against COVID-19 and build an economic recovery where everyone is involved. « 

The NDP returns to power this fall with an unprecedented majority for the party, holding 57 out of 87 seats in the legislature. The new Executive Council is balanced, with an equal number of men and women in cabinet positions, and comprises 20 ministers and four ministers of state.

Perhaps the least surprising news from Thursday’s cabinet announcement was that Adrian Dix will remain as Minister of Health after helping Leader B.. C.. . Pandemic response from the start.

Mike Farnworth is still Secretary of Public Safety and Attorney General, Bruce Ralston remains Secretary of Energy and George Heyman remains Secretary of the Environment.

David Eby remains attorney general but is also taking on a new portfolio as housing minister, previously involved in community affairs under the supervision of Selina Robinson.

Robinson has taken on that role in the new administration, taking on the high profile financial position as the province struggles to maintain a balanced tax keel during the turmoil caused by the pandemic. She is stepping where Carole James left off before retiring from politics this year.

« I have great faith in their abilities, » Horgan told reporters after the new cabinet was sworn in.

Although James is no longer involved in politics, the Prime Minister announced that she will continue to act as a personal advisor to him for a fee of $ 1 a year.

« I offered her five dollars for a five-year contract; she said, ‘I’ll take it a year at a time,' » Horgan joked.

Ravi Kahlon will also join B.. C.. . The pandemic recovery efforts as the new Minister for Employment and Innovation with an additional responsibility for economic recovery have been added to his portfolio.

« We’ve had an intergovernmental approach to recovery from the start, but Ravi will be the main character, » Horgan said.

Rob Fleming is on the road as Minister of Education and instead heads transportation and infrastructure. Newbie Jennifer Whiteside is his successor in the education portfolio.

Horgan denied that Fleming had been removed from education in response to the conflict over reopening schools during the pandemic.

« [I] am very proud of the work he’s done, but I wanted to get him to do other things, » said Horgan.

Meanwhile, after Judy Darcy’s exit from provincial politics, Sheila Malcolmson takes over the tricky mental health and addiction portfolio. Malcolmson steps into her new role as overdoses kill five British Columbians every day.

Some of the other new faces include former Tofino Mayor Josie Osborne who will become Minister for Local Affairs and Mitzi Dean as Minister for Child and Family Development.

Energy, Mining, and Low Carbon Innovation (and Minister for the British Columbia Consular Corps): Bruce Ralston

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World News – CA – New faces join B. C.. . ‘s new cabinet, while stalwarts remain in key roles | CBC news

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