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New Kim deserves her weight in gold and then some – actually a lot more.

A Wealthy Chinese fan of pigeon racing set a record price of 1. 6 million euros ($ 2. 6 million) to the Belgian bird, he says a lot more than just the kind of money that can be made in this previously exotic sport, which seemed destined for decline only a few years ago..

During the frenzied last half hour at the end of the two-week auction at Pipa Bath Center, near Bruges, two Chinese bidders operating under the aliases Super Duper and Hitman raised the price by 280. € 455,000. $ 000), leaving the previous record set by Belgian company Armando last year lagging behind by 350,000 euros ($ 569,000).. .

Super Duper got the chicken, and it is said that behind the nickname is the same wealthy Chinese industrialist that Armando already had, allowing for breeding with the expensive birds.

It was evidence once again that an old hobby in Western Europe identified with working-class men now had a new elite foreign life.

Senior breeders who rely on generations of family experience can now sell their birds at prices unheard of for a decade, and China is often their destination.

On this occasion, successful breeder Gaston Van de Waer retired at the age of 76 and his son was too busy with his career to be able to continue his famous pigeon barn.

All 445 birds were auctioned, and the sale total had already exceeded 6 million euros ($ 9. 8000000).

The second part of the auction ends on Monday, but does not include any bird that could match New Kim.

Belgians have long been distinguished as the best breeders, due to their experience spanning generations and the density of the network where many breeders can organize close race events.

However, it is not a short-term endeavor, as becoming an expert in genetic breeding with continuous mixing and mating of birds takes years, if not decades. Birds can live up to 15 years.

« Everyone is interested in our bathroom, » Pascal Bodingian, president of the Belgian Pigeon Federation, told the Associated Press.. .

Only a decade ago, a standard bathroom was priced at one-tenth of New Kim’s price.

With the rise of business wealth in China, so has conspicuous consumption and a new place for gambling.

China often features single-loft races, with pigeons all accustomed to a single barn for several months and then released hundreds of miles back with their unique sense of steering and special rapid training.

A little over a generation ago, the national radio news at the weekend was followed by announcements about whether pigeons had been released as far away in France or even Spain and what weather conditions the birds were facing.

“To be the best, it must be your life’s work. To some, it might sound boring. Day after day. Winter and summer, always those pigeons, « he said.

And the news that a pigeon could sell for $ 2. 6 million may pay new competitors to enter the sport.

He said, « Anyone who thinks about entering our sport to make money from it would have been better off thinking again and switching to another sport. ».

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World News – CA – Homing Pigeon sells for $ 2. 6 million
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