World News – CA – « Shark Tank » Surprise Cake: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know


Mother-son entrepreneur duo Jordan Long and Elizabeth Charm took their business, Surprise Cake, to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if they could get a deal with one of the investors

They introduced their business to longtime sharks Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary

According to the episode’s synopsis, the Newton, MA team « are trying to show the Sharks that there is something to celebrate about their spring cake stand »

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The Surprise Cake works like a « jack-in-the-box » toy, but it’s with a cake rather than just a toy

While the original prototype of the product was just a gift in a plastic bag, it is now a cake stand that includes a capsule that will come out of the cake, according to the Boston Globe

The product is made in China and the mother-son duo holds the patent for the design

Turn EVERYTHING 🎂 into a surprise cake! « It’s that simple! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 😋🎁 Get your pop cake stand now @thesurprisecake (SurpriseCakecom, link in bio)

According to the Surprise Cake website, the idea for the Surprise Cake product came to Elizabeth Charm in a dream years ago before her daughter’s 12th birthday

That year, Charm decided to hide her daughter’s birthday present, which was her first cell phone, in her birthday cake

“Growing up, birthdays were a big thing in my family,” the website says “My parents always did it for me, incorporating an element of surprise into my big day I made a point of continuing this favorite tradition for my children « 

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The Surprise Cake website states that the reason the surprise cake is not against food safety guidelines is that no inedible items are placed inside the cakes. So to bring Surprise Cake to life, entrepreneurs had to find a way to always get that surprise.

« My son, Jordan, who studied engineering, and I came up with the solution: put the cake safely in the cake stand, » the website reads « We designed the stand to create the illusion that the gift goes through the cake « 

The cake stand retails for around $ 36.99, and the stand plus the music box trigger is currently on sale for $ 49.98

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« By pulling on a ring or with the crank of a music box (the same one used in the Jack-in-the-Box toy!), your secret gift appears through your cake or cupcakes at the good time ”, read the website

To use the cake stand, the consumer must buy or bake a cake, then remove the center to use the pod

Although it was originally created to make a birthday more exciting, Surprise Cake can also be used for other surprises as a genre reveal, the website states

« With the Popping Stand, whether the surprise is a gender reveal, jewelry, banknotes, money, toys, a proposal or a cell phone, there is no end to creative POPibilities and personalized, « says the website » We are more than happy to make the joy of surprise cake a part of your family’s tradition!  »

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World news – CA – Surprise Cake on « Shark Tank »: 5 quick facts you need to know


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