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The Bold & the Beautiful Spoiler and Recap Monday, June 30th. November 2020, unveiled in Los Angeles, opens at the Cliff House, where Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) drives Steffy Forresters (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) crazy. He reveals that he saw her brother Hope kiss Logan (Annika Noelle). . Steffy and Liam try to understand why Hope would make out with Thomas. Steffy doesn’t think Hope could ever cheat on Liam.

An unsuspecting hope awaits Liam in the cabin. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) shows up with important contracts that Liam has to sign. Wyatt is surprised that Liam is not home. Wyatt believes he stumbled into an alternate universe when Hope says Liam spent time with Steffy and Kelly Spencer while she spent time with Thomas and Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri). . Wyatt says Hope is much more forgiving than he could be. Wyatt wonders if Thomas is worth the effort and risk.

Hope has to maintain a relationship with Thomas for Douglas’s sake. Hope doesn’t think Thomas is a threat, but Liam believes it is. She gave him a chance with Hope for the Future as he worked to prove himself.

Hope is concerned that Liam didn’t reply to her texts because he is upset about her visit to Thomas. Hope says her marriage and family come first and she will never let Thomas get between her and Liam.

Finn Finnegan (Tanner Dovlan) pays Thomas a house visit. Thomas says he’s fine and blows him. Finn switches to doctor mode when he notices that Thomas is overwhelmed, has a headache and is breathing heavily. Thomas goes on the defensive when Finn says he sees a man who is frustrated and fighting his innermost feelings for hope. Thomas claims he’s no longer obsessed with Hope.

Liam drowns his grief tequila and pours one for Steffy too. Steffy can’t imagine Hope would do something like that if she just started to trust Thomas again. Liam says Thomas played every card and worked every nook and cranny to get to Hope. Liam plays the scene again for Steffy. « Hope » didn’t resist when Thomas kissed her and told her it was going to be a night they would never forget.

Steffy advises Liam to talk to Hope before he gets more upset. Liam believes there is nothing Hope can say to explain that they broke their marriage vows. He wonders how many times it has happened. His vision of Hope as the perfect woman with integrity and loyalty is shattered. He never had to question Hope’s commitment to their marriage. He cries when he says that he gave up so much to be with Hope. Steffy agrees.

Liam writes a concerned hope. He replies that something happened. He will crash in the office. Thomas calls to make sure she and Douglas made it home and to thank her for coming to dinner. She thanks him for helping her find her purse. He apologizes again for making her uncomfortable. She draws the lines clearly for him – they are co-parents and co-workers, but her husband is the only man she loves. She wants to believe Thomas moved on, but she needs him to respect her husband and their marriage.

A drunk Liam is waffling. He says it’s not easy to see Steffy getting on with Finn. Liam questions every decision he’s made. Liam, devastated by Hope’s betrayal, suggests that she is reconciled with Steffy. He says he never disliked her. The photo of them in their living room is a symbol of what was and what could still be. Liam takes Steffy into a passionate kiss.

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World News – CA – The Brave and the nice spoilers and summary Monday 30th. November: Liam kisses Steffy, Finn suspect of Thomas

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