World News – CA – The show of debate was not worthy


Last week was the worst presidential debate I have ever attended The two candidates argued disrespectfully and neither candidate showed presidential qualities

Both candidates deviated considerably from the moderator’s questions and resorted to name calling The debate sounded like a playground argument in college I expected a forum to help me decide; instead, I couldn’t interpret each candidate’s posts as they didn’t have the ability to follow the rules of the debate

One candidate ignored the rules more than the other, but they both should have been scolded for their youthful behavior

Many viewers will find something else to do for the next debate, if there is one, as the show was anything but a debate Chris Wallace tried to apply the rules of the debate, but he failed miserably S ‘there is another debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates must institute a rule to mute microphones when candidates do not play by the rules

I will be listening to the debate of the vice presidential candidates, but I will not watch another fiasco of the presidential debate I am not sure that the committee serves any useful purpose, and the sponsors waste their financial support on such pathetic displays of political sense

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News from around the world – CA – The spectacle of the debate was outrageous


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