World News – CA – Thieves drive through the window of Lethbridge Pub and steal ATMs


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Kaella Doty
CTV News Lethbridge video journalist

CTV Kaella

Lethbridge police are investigating after someone drove through the Honkers Pub entrance at around 6am. m. Sunday.

« When I came in and saw the broken window, I thought I was done, » she said. « I can’t do this anymore. « 

Vanden Hoek and pub manager Chelsea Meyering were among the first to arrive after the robbery early Sunday morning.

« Heartbreaking and frustrating, » said Meyering, describing her feelings when she discovered the damage. « You are angry. You feel hurt. This is not just our place of work for us, this is our home. « 

Vanden Hoek called the police and investigators discovered that a small truck was driven through the pub’s front window.

The pub staff said it had already been a difficult year for the business. They survived the initial COVID-19 lockdown but had to cancel 19 small events when the latest restrictions were announced.

Vanden Hoek said it feels like being kicked while they’re already down, but they’re determined to keep going. The pub plans to reopen on Tuesday morning.

« It was never about me, » said Vanden Hoek. « There is no ‘I’ on the team and I have a great team. You need this place to be open. « 

The pub has already received support from the community. A GofundMe page has its goal of 10 within 24 hours of being launched. Exceeded $ 000.

« The support was overwhelming, » said Vanden Hoek. « We didn’t want a GoFundMe page. I am a giver, not a taker. We will overcome this hurdle. « 

Meyering said it was emotional to see the support. « It’s overwhelming. Words can’t even tell how grateful we are. « 

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Lethbridge Police at 403-328-4444 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8427.


World News – CA – Thieves drive through the window of Lethbridge Pub and steal ATMs
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