World News – CA – Trump threatens defense veto law if tech liability commission is in place


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WASHINGTON – President Trump has threatened to veto an annual defense policy bill if it does not include language that overrides a provision that social media companies have broad immunity to the content they receive from users publish on their websites.

Mr. . Trump demanded on Twitter Tuesday evening that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act “be completely terminated. ”

Donald Trump, Veto, Section 230, National Defense Authorization Act

World News – CA – Trump threatens defense law veto if technical liability clause is in place
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Trump vetoed National Defense Authorization Bill if Section 230 is not & # 39; scrapped « > Trump swears veto on defense law unless internet liability shield is scrapped
Trump threatens to veto an important defense bill unless Congress repeals Section 230 legal shield for technology giants.
– <a href="/?s=Trump threatens to veto the Defense Act if the Tech Liability Provision exists Trump threatens to Veto Defense Act if the technical liability provision exists


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