World News – CA – University of Fredericton Elementary School Locked Out


Fredericton police say St. Thomas University, University of New Brunswick and Montgomery Street School are stranded Thursday morning as police deal with barricaded resident

In a tweet, police said the barricaded person was at a residence in the area They ask people not to post photos or videos of police places on social media

They said the NBCC, École Ste-Anne and École de Bâtisseurs are on hold and secure at the moment, which means their doors are locked but students can still move to the interior

David McTimoney, superintendent of the Anglophone West School District, said in a tweet that the suspension and security of Priestman School has been lifted

Police ask residents of College Hill and Montgomery Street to stay put for now

Other streets in the neighborhood have been blocked and the police are asking motorists to obey traffic barricades

Spokeswoman Alycia Bartlett said there was a significant police presence in the area, but she could not provide details of the situation as it unfolded

« We are asking people to stay out of this area this morning while the police are there »

« This situation is ongoing and we are just asking people to stay out of this College Hill area this morning »

On July 13, 2018, two separate groups of friends planned to meet that evening on the promenade in Saint John to listen to live music A few hours later, the groups would briefly pass each other, leaving one man unconscious on the sidewalk with a fatal head injury and another in custodyWilliam Ronald Jordan, 21, is charged with manslaughter in the death of 54-year-old Navy veteran Anthony Dwyer On day two of the trial, Marilyn Steeves, 64, testified to having met Dwyer and his partner, Catherine Geldart, in a Petitcodiac pub The couple were on their way to Saint John to watch a friend perform on the promenade Steeves agreed to follow along and five of them crammed into Dwyer’s van She said they had a lovely evening on the promenade and were getting ready from when she heard that Dwyer had been injuredOn cross-examination by defense lawyer James McConnell, Steeves said Dwyer was the type to approach complete strangers and strike up a conversation. She agreed with McConnell that Dwyer also had a “strong personality” and “wouldn’t hesitate to make his point.” Steeves said Dwyer had been drinking that night and that another member of their group was going to take Dwyer’s van back to PetitcodiacAnother witness, Sam Mallett, said he was Jordan’s best friend He told the jury that he joined Jordan that night and shared a joint with him and a few other people at the amphitheater near the walkThe two, along with Jack Rabb, then walked the promenade, heading to a bar for a drink. Along the way, Mallett said, they were approached by an acquaintance of Jordan who was wearing a neck brace The man gave them a little cigar then walked away a short distance Mallett said Dwyer approached shortly after and asked Jordan where he got the cigar He said Dwyer had claimed it Jordan refused and Dwyer became more agitated, Mallett said He said Dwyer continued to get closer to Jordan and became « more confident » He said the exchange had escalated very quickly Jordan asked Dwyer what he was going to do Mallett recalled that Dwyer responded by saying that he would take his two fingers and stick them down Jordan’s throat – like he did. »It was quick, but not a hit, » Mallett said. It was at that point, he said, that Jordan threw a closed fist and hit Dwyer in the face »I really don’t think, at that point, that he could do anything else, » Mallett said Witnesses differ over the nature of the physical contact Dwyer made Mallet says it was squeezing the throat with two fingers, while Rabb says it was more of a throat hit with four straight fingers Another man, Jeff Kyle, who watched the exchange from a nearby patio, said it was a push to two hands on the chestBut all agree that Jordan responded by hitting Dwyer in the face and fell back and hit his head on the sidewalk with a sickening sound.Again, there was a difference of opinion on Jordan’s punch Some said it was a left hook on the right side of Dwyer’s face, others say a right hook on the left side L ‘one said it was a left-handed punch that landed on the left side of Dwyer’s faceJordan was arrested on the promenade by police shortly after His girlfriend, Sarah Taylor, said on Wednesday she had been with Jordan on the walk that night, but had split shortly before the incident The two met immediately afterwards and Jordan told him: « I think I just knocked someone out » She said he looked shocked and confused and told her that the man that he hit “had his hands all over me” Taylor said she was with Jordan shortly after when he was taken into custody Rabb, testifying by video link from his home in Ottawa, said the exchange between Dwyer and Jordan had taken place right in front of him He called Dwyer « provocative » and said Jordan was neither aggressive nor threatening as Dwyer continued to invade his personal spaceBefore Dwyer came into contact with Jordan, Rabb said he thought the whole exchange was an absurd joke about « what amounted to a third hand cigarillo » that was half smoked at the time.Then came Dwyer’s « judo-chop move, » said Rabb, who kicked Jordan back a few paces and made him cough. He said Jordan responded with the punch to the face that seemed to knock Dwyer immediately because that he had made no effort to break his fall »He fell like a sack of bricks, » said Rabb of Dwyer. « He fell back absolutely still, like a plank, straight back » On Tuesday, jurors learned that two emergency room nurses who were on the Promenade immediately attended to Dwyer and stayed with him until the ambulance arrivedDwyer died in hospital three days later The trial continues Thursday morning

Ahead of the US presidential election in November, a new film The Way I See It highlights former White House chief photographer Pete Souza as he reflects on both Barack Obama’s and Ronald Reagan, and their differences with Donald Trump At the heart of the film directed by Dawn Porter, which was part of the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), is how much respect for the office of President and empathy for him is. American people are critically important to anyone in this role The message gets across as we look back at some of the most impactful and interesting photographs taken throughout Souza’s career in the White House « I want people to think about what kind of person, what kind of human want- us in the office of the presidency, ”Souza told Yahoo Canada“ Do we want someone who is confident, respectful, dignified, ethical, moral or do we want someone who is a liar, who intimidates people, who thinks the presidency is about him? «  » Those are the two choices between the current president and Joe Biden, for Joe Biden has the same leadership and human qualities that Barack Obama and Donald Trump do. no « throwing » shadows « on TrumpSouza, who has photographed arguably the most notable Democratic and Republican presidents in US history (though he had much more access to Obama), has ever sought to appear in a documentary It caught the attention of Laura Dern and d his production company team, who ended up attending one of Souza’s book lectures and finally convinced him to participateThe legendary photographer mostly kept his political views to himself, but when Trump became US President he had to speak up and denounce the behavior and rhetoric he disagreed with Souza began to draw attention to. attention on social media when he began using his images of Obama to compare the two presidents on Instagram, eventually bringing them together in a book called « Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents » If the ‘nuance’ is addressed at all times. throughout the film, it also shows the stark contrast between the photographs taken of Trump versus Obama. The authentic, emotional and humanizing moments that may have been captured by Souza apparently do not exist from President Trump « I don’t know they exist » Souza said « The only time we saw him supposedly consoling families was after those two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, and they pretty much showed all the video footage in backstage it was all about him wanting to be treated like a rock star, he didn’t really console anyone «  » He just doesn’t have a shred of empathy or compassion in him, this is not who he is, it’s all about himself, no other people I don’t know these images exist because he’s not the kind of human he is’ The Importance of the Still Image to History If anyone doubted the power of a still image, The Way I See It highlights the undeniable way that Souza’s images, of moments both joyful and heartwarming, can have a Instant impact on your emotions Some of the many notable images of Obama include the former US President and officials in the Situation Room during the Bin Laden Raid, Jacob Philadelphia, five, touching Obama’s hair in the Oval Office, and Several touching images of Obama with his daughters and wife, Michelle Souza has published another book titled « Obama: An Intimate Portrait, » A Visual Biography of the President Obama « [The still image] can evoke emotion in a more visceral way than video, » Souza explains “Everyone brings their own background and biases when looking at a still image, but at the same time, it’s a universal language and I think people can relate to an image and know it’s genuine, as soon as they see it. they see her « Not only are these images beautiful, but they also shape history, capturing moments in time for future generations to see, be informed and learn from. Moving Forward, if Biden becomes the next US president after the November election, Souza plans to call Biden and « remind him that the job of the official White House photographer is to document the presidency for history. » To do this, he must give his photographer the type of ‘access I had with President Obama, « said Souza » The Biden administration can decide whether these images are made public or not, but for the story, they need to make sure their photographer has access to them, and I have no doubt that Biden the c will understand »

WestJet says it will start reimbursing passengers whose flights have been canceled due to the pandemic The Calgary-based airline has said it will start contacting all eligible travelers with WestJet and Swoop on November 2 It will begin by those whose flights were canceled in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, to offer refunds under the original payment methodThe process is expected to take six to nine months, the company said He asked customers to wait until they are contacted to avoid overloading his call center. « We are an airline that has built a reputation for putting people first, » said Ed Sims, president and WestJet CEO, in an emailed statement“The traveling public has told us loud and clear that in this COVID world, they seek reassurance on two fronts: the safest possible travel environment and reimbursementsSims said in a letter posted to the company’s website that since March, it has been doing everything to cut costs in the face of a 95% drop in demand.WATCH | Airlines Struggle and Advocate for Help Amid Stagnant Travel: “So far it is clear that the financial situation of airlines around the world has been precarious,” Sims said “We are gone 72 days in a row where cancellations have exceeded bookings, which has never happened – ever – in our nearly 25 year history Fortunately, we are currently seeing higher bookings than cancellations, but still at a level which sees over 140 of the 181 planes in our fleet parked and over 4,000 WestJetters permanently licensedThe company said it was the first national airline in the country to proactively start reimbursing customers during the pandemic – a comment disputed by Air Canada »Misleading statement! WestJet just complied with our refundable fare refund policy We’ve already refunded over $ 1.2 billion in refundable fares to date, » Air Canada wrote on Twitter Wednesday eveningWithin 10 minutes of this tweet, more than a dozen responses from customers indicated they still had not received their refunds, Air Canada said in an email that it had refunded refundable tickets since the start of the pandemic and that vouchers are offered to those who have purchased non-refundable ticketsIn June, Air Canada and WestJet began offering refunds to some passengers whose flights originated outside of Canada. WestJet has offered refunds on flights to or from the US or UK, and Air Canada has offered refunds to those whose flights originated in the EU – but not Canada Air Canada made the most recent US Air Travel Consumer Report, released in August, for receiving the most reimbursement complaints from any foreign airline in the previous month It received 1,705 complaints, while WestJet received 346 The airline industry in Canada lost billions due to border closures and ground flights during COVID-19 So far, most Canadian airlines have offered travel vouchers to passengers with canceled flights Vouchers were redeemable for two years Lack of refunds in cash has led to petitions and even possible class actions against the industry Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations state that if an airline is unable to provide a reasonable alternative route, refunds’ must be paid by the method used for the initial payment and to the person who purchased the ticket or additional service »But the Canadian Transportation Agency said in April that, given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, vouchers were a reasonable alternative to refundsWestJet’s move comes days after opposition parties called on the federal government to ensure passengers receive refunds as a condition of any airline bailouts Carriers’ demands for financial assistance in Ottawa have not been met. materialized in the form of finance, while the US and some European countries have offered billions in financial aid, with tied conditions including partial government ownership and emission reduction commitmentsFederal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said WestJet’s decision was a step in the right direction “Canadians deserve to be reimbursed for trips canceled as a result of [COVID-19],” he said. he writes on Twitter ‘Ridiculous’ delays WestJet’s website says those who canceled their own flights or purchased base fares will not be reimbursed Passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs said the six to nine months that WestJet believes it will take to process the claims are excessive, calling them « ridiculous » and « non-starters » »He also said the refund exclusions violated consumers’ rights. » It doesn’t matter if it’s an elite business class fare or a base fare, they have to reimburse it as well, « Lukacs said. , citing provincial legislation and regulationsWestJet had started bleeding money on advance ticket purchases even before Wednesday’s announcement Of the nearly 16,300 customers who requested chargebacks from their credit card issuers between March and August 19, just 11 % were denied, according to affidavit by WestJet Regulatory Affairs Director Lorne Mackenzie, filed in Federal Court in August Certification hearings in class action lawsuit against WestJet, Air Canada and Transat AT to begin in Federal Court November 2, the same day WestJet’s policy came into effect

In the wake of a wedding that became a mainstream COVID-19 event, some experts are asking Alberta authorities to put in place stricter restrictions on social gatherings At least 49 active cases of COVID -19 have been linked to a wedding with 63 attendees held earlier this month in Calgary Aggressive contact tracing is underway to identify people who may have been exposed and ensure they isolate themselves and do so test Anyone at risk is contacted directly by Alberta Health ServicesAnd on Tuesday, Alberta reported 323 new cases of COVID-19 and one other death, again breaking the record for the number of active cases and prompting Dr Deena Hinshaw to say the ‘Alberta is in a’ Dangerous Zone ‘ »Everything’s a Recipe for Worry, Says Dr Joe Vipond, Emergency Physician in Calgary and Co-Founder of the Masks4Canada Advocacy Group » It can explode if we let our guard down, « he says « We seem It’s just not learning from other places when they were at that point of the curve, and with exponential growth, things are going to get worse if we don’t put new measures in place. ”Measures Vipond would like to see include limiting five-person indoor gatherings and mandatory masking across the provinceDr. Leyla Asadi, an infectious disease physician at the University of Alberta, is also concerned « The numbers are very concerning to me and suggest that we have entered the second wave, or the fall wave of COVID infections -19 « , she said »If we allow the virus to continue to spread, there will be more of these events, » Asadi says Alberta should emulate parts of Ontario’s amended second stage restrictions, under which all social gatherings and public events are limited to a maximum of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoorsCurrent Alberta rules state that 100 people are allowed to participate in indoor events where people are seated, such as wedding ceremonies, and 50 people are allowed at indoor social gatherings such as wedding receptions and birthdaysBut Asadi says Alberta likely won’t need to resort to a blanket lockdown as experts know more about the virus than they did in the spring. « So we know that with this virus there is has a tendency to spread events So if we can focus on the areas where we think transmission is most likely, we can have a targeted intervention which will hopefully allow us to regain control of the spread ” , she said

HALIFAX – First Nation chief behind contested moderate livelihood lobster fishery in Nova Scotia says recent vandalism and lost potential sales cost the company more than $ 1 band 5 million – and he wants those responsible to be held accountable Mike Sack, Chief of the Sipekne’katik First Nation, also alleged the band was blacklisted by lobster buyers »Commercial (non-native) fishing has systematically taken us out of the market, » Sack said in a statement “It will take time to rebuild our relationships in the supply chain of the people and companies we have done business with who now rightly fear retaliation.Sack told reporters the band had filed for a court injunction to stop people from harassing native fishermen at the wharf in Saulnierville, NS, where the livelihood fleet is based. ‘injunction ensures the safety of people in and around the dock, « Sack told a press conference in Digby, NS On Wednesday, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice James Chipman granted the interim injunction , which among other things prohibits anyone from « threatening, coercing, harassing or intimidating » members of the group or people doing business with themIt prohibits any interference with Sipekne’katik’s fishing activities, including interfering with their gear at sea or on land The order, which is in effect until December 15, also indicates that the Saulnierville wharf, another in Weymouth and a lobster pound in New Edinburgh used by the band cannot be stranded The First Nation drew national attention to Seven 17 when it launched a ‘moderate livelihood’ fishing fleet at St Marys Bay, in southwestern Nova Scotia, nearly two months before the opening of the federally regulated fishing season Sack said Mi’kmaq Band members exercise their constitutionally protected right to fish where and when they want, as the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in a 1999 ruling citing treaties signed in the 1760s, the court said the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy bands of eastern Canada could hunt , fish and shave seem to earn « a moderate livelihood »However, non-Indigenous protesters have called on federal authorities to stop Indigenous harvesting because the Supreme Court ruling also said Ottawa could continue to regulate fishing – as long as it can justify such a decision. The dispute escalated into confrontations marked by violence, arrests and allegations of assault and arson Two buildings storing lobsters caught by native fishermen were vandalized last week and one was burnt down on SaturdayAmid mounting tensions, the First Nation says it cannot sell the lobster caught by those involved in its moderate livelihood fishery or the band’s community trading operation east in Bay of Fundy“It’s like we’re on the blacklist, and we just hope we can quickly find a solution and get our lobster to market faster,” Sack said, adding that the group was also struggling to buy new ones. lobster pots“Pulling our commercial fishery this week and for the seasons to come will financially devastate our community,” he said.A spokesperson for the First Nation said the 11 boats participating in the moderate livelihood fishery will continue to transport their catch from Lobster Fishing Area 34 and store it.However, Sack said the band’s three boats used for communal commercial fishing, which operated in an adjacent area open to fishing last week, were pulled from the water due to « intimidation and embargoes. on the market »The chief said the three boats will be sent to St Marys Bay to ensure the protection of the subsistence fleet. In addition, he said the band were looking for a way to sell the 6,800 kilograms of lobster the band harvested in the bay since September 17Provincial government regulates sale of lobster by granting licenses to approved lobster buyers Sack said the band was seeking a provincial exemption, but indicated the province was not in a cooperative mood »(Prime Minister Stephen) McNeil seems to be hiding behind the federal government, » he saidMeanwhile, the RCMP continue to fire in their response to the violence, which included an alleged assault on Sack last week.Speaking at a press conference Wednesday in Ottawa, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki defended the police service, disputing that Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller said Monday that the police had  » let down ”indigenous peoples“ We are fully committed to maintaining the peace, ensuring the safety of people and enforcing the law, ”she said.“ Our actions to date demonstrate our strong commitment to this mandate ”Lucki confirmed that additional officers from the other Maritime provinces had been sent to Nova Scotia:“ When we saw this evolving, we felt there was a need to bring in additional resources.Senator Murray Sinclair, who was chief commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, said on Wednesday he was dismayed at the lack of RCMP law enforcement in Nova ScotiaIn an online conversation with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the senator criticized the RCMP for « literally standing by and doing nothing » while criminal acts were being committed « For me, (it was) an act of negligence, ”Sinclair said, adding that he had filed a complaint with the RCMP complaints commission « They were actually facilitating the actions of (non-native) fishermen » On another front, Mi’kmaq leaders in Cape Breton accuse the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans of illegally removing lobster traps recently installed in St. Peters Bay The 200 traps were placed in the bay as part of a similar moderate livelihood fishery, which also operates outside of the federally regulated season »The seizure of these traps by local officers is done without the permission or authority of their department or the minister, » Nova Scotia Assembly of Mi’kmaw Chiefs said in a statement. « This is unacceptable and illegal » This report by The Canadian Press was first published on October 21, 2020

Michael MacDonald, The Canadian Press

Provincial Police said they found the body of a missing GTA man in Chemong Lake over the weekend after a boat with four people capsized while fishing off the shores of the Curve Lake First Nation The initial incident occurred in the early morning of October 18, according to the Peterborough County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police Three people, a man and two women, were rescued the same day by police with help from locals Man pulled from water later died in hospital Identified as Wei Liu, 48, of Scarborough One of the women suffered fatal injuries while the other was treated for minor injuries, police said No other details, such as their ages, were provided. Then, on the afternoon of October 21, the OPP said they found the second man, still missing during the incident. was recovered by the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit and was pronounced dead at the scene He has been identified as Lie Cao, 52, of Markham « The Peterborough County OPP thanks members of the community of the Curve Lake First Nation for their support and assistance in this tragic accident, « said a press release issued Wednesday evening

Recent developments: What’s new? Gyms in red zones like Ottawa are pushing Ontario government to reopen as dance studios Ottawa-based petition has more than 15,000 signatures Sports organizations in the region say they are acting responsibly and are rocked by five team outbreaks and nine other investigations confirmed by health officials CBC’s Mike Crawley explains why Premier Doug Ford is accused of using the COVID-19 response as a pretext to advance his political interests Wednesday’s update from Ottawa Public Health (OPH), 6,226 Ottawa residents have tested positive for COVID-19 There are 717 known active cases, 5,201 resolved cases and 308 deaths The number of tests has been lower than the groups Public health officials have reported more than 9,500 cases of COVID-19 in eastern Ontario and western Quebec, including more than 7,900 resolved Seventy-two e people with COVID-19 have died elsewhere in eastern Ontario, as well as 35 in western Quebec What can I do? Ontario and Quebec are telling people to limit close contact only to those they live with or another house if people live alone In Ottawa – which has been brought back to a modified Stage 2 – and Gatineau, Quebec, health officials urge residents not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary Indoor dining at restaurants has been banned, while gymnasiums, cinemas and theaters are all closed WATCH | Why sport is a concern for SPO: Dr Vera Etches, the capital’s medical officer of health, said earlier this month that the national capital’s health system is on the verge of collapse, OPH and some other local health units are urging them to people not to have a Halloween party with other households or not to have a whirlwind Ontario’s chief medical officer of health said to listen to local officials, but generally if the rigging or treatment is allowed, people should stay in their neighborhood and do it outside with their household only Gatineau and parts of the Outaouais are now on red alert, which means restaurants and bars cannot serve people indoors, organized sports are suspended and theaters must close Quebecers are also advised not to travel to Ontario or between regions at different levels of its scale, except for reasons Even though most of the region has been declared a red zone, Prime Minister François Legault said children can make candy as long as they don’t leave with friends and care is taken when handing out candyWhat about schools? There have been over 180 schools in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau area with a confirmed case of COVID-19: few have had outbreaks, which are declared by an Ontario health unit when there is a reasonable chance that someone who tested positive caught COVID-19 at a school activity By mid-October, a small fraction of students and staff in Ottawa had tested positive The new coronavirus is spread mainly by droplets when an infected person cough, sneeze, breathe or talk to someone or somethingPeople can be contagious without symptoms This means people should take precautions such as staying home when sick, keeping hands and frequently touched surfaces clean, socializing outdoors as much as possible, and staying away from home. anyone they don’t live with, even with a maskMasks are mandatory in indoor public places in Ontario and Quebec and are recommended outdoors when people cannot get away from others Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate, as should anyone invited by a public health unit If Ottawans don’t, they face a fine of up to $ 5,000 per day in court Kingston, Ont has slightly different rules Some people in Quebec waiting for test results have not to stay at home Most people with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Quebec can end their self-isolation after 10 days under certain conditions Health Canada recommends that seniors and people with underlying medical conditions and / or a weakened immune system to stay at home as much as possible Anyone who has recently traveled outside of Canada should go straight home and there stay for 14 days What are the symptoms of COVID-19? COVID-19 can range from a cold-like illness to a severe lung infection, with common symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting and loss of taste or smell Less common symptoms include chills, headache and pink eyes Children may develop a rash If you have severe symptoms call 911 Mental health may also be affected by the pandemic and resources are available to help Where to get tested Eastern Ontario: Ontario recommends that you only get tested if you have symptoms or if your health unit or the province has told you to do so Anyone looking for a test should now make an appointment Different sites in the area have different ways to book, including by phone or in person to obtain a time slot People without symptoms, but who are part of the province’s targeted screening strategy, can make an appointment in certain s pharmacies Ottawa has five permanent trial sites, with additional mobile sites deployed where demand is particularly high The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has sites in Alexandria, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Limoges, Rockland and Winchester The office Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Center has permanent sites in Almonte, Brockville, Kemptville and Smiths Falls Pop-up test sites are taking place today in Carleton Place and tomorrow in Perth Kingston test site is at the Beechgrove complex Napanee test center is open daily for people who call ahead People can arrange a test in Bancroft and Picton by calling the center or Belleville and Trenton online Residents of Renfrew County should call their family doctor or 1-844-727-6404 for a test or to ask questions, related to COVID-19 or not The locations of the testing clinics are posted every week In western Quebec: the tests are t strongly recommended for people showing symptoms or having been in contact with someone showing symptoms People without symptoms can also take a test Residents of the Outaouais can make an appointment in Gatineau seven days a week at 135 boul Saint-Raymond or 617 avenue Buckingham They can now check the approximate waiting time for the Saint-Raymond site There are recurring clinics by appointment in communities such as Gracefield, Val-des-Monts and Fort-Coulonge Call 1- 877-644-4545 for any questions, including whether walk-in testing is available nearby First Nations, Inuit and Métis: Akwesasne has a COVID-19 mobile testing site available by appointment only Anyone returning to the community on the Canadian side of the international border which is over 160 kilometers – or who has visited Montreal – for non-essential reasons is asked to self-isolate for 14 daysInuit of Ottawa can call the Akausivik Inuit Family Health Team at 613-740-0999 for services, including testing, in Inuktitut or English on weekdays.Residents of Pikwakanagan can book a COVID-19 test by calling 613-625-2259 Anyone in Tyendinaga interested in a test can call 613-967-3603 For more information

Toronto Street Trauma Center Michael faces COVID-19 outbreak At least five patients have been confirmed positive for the virus in his emergency department Reports by Miranda Anthistle

PARIS – President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday pledged that France will not give up freedoms taught by a schoolteacher beheaded by a radical Islamist last week after showing caricatures of the prophet of Islam to his class
At a national memorial at the Sorbonne University in central Paris, Macron hailed history professor Samuel Paty as the « face of the Republic » who « believed in knowledge »
Paty, 47, was murdered on Friday by an 18-year-old of Chechen descent who had radicalized He was in turn shot dead by police
« Samuel Paty has become the face of the Republic, of our will to break terrorists, to (eliminate) Islamists, to live as a community of free citizens in our country, » Macron said. « We will continue »
A ceremonial military guard carried the professor’s coffin to the cobbled courtyard of the Sorbonne where the memorial was held in front of his family, members of the government and selected guests A giant screen was installed outside
The moving ceremony, with readings including a poem from Albert Camus to his own teacher, came hours after the prosecutor outlined how the teenager had come to kill Paty, with the alleged help of two young students from school in a northwest suburb of Paris
Jean-François Ricard said that a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old were among the seven people brought before an examining magistrate on charges of « complicity in murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise » and « conspiracy criminal »
The killer offered students at the school where Paty taught between 300 and 350 euros ($ 355 to $ 415) to help him choose the educator, Ricard said at a press conference
« The investigation established that the author knew the name of the teacher, the name of the school and his address, but he did not have the means to identify him », said the prosecutor. « This identification was only possible with the help of pupils from the same school »
He said the involvement of the two young teens « seemed to be conclusive »
Authorities identified killer as Moscow-born Chechen refugee Abdullakh Anzorov
Anzorov claimed responsibility in a text accompanied by a photo of the victim found on his phone
Other suspects include the father of a student who posted videos on social media calling for mobilization against the teacher and an Islamist activist who helped the man spread the harsh messages, who named Paty and donated the address of the school, said Ricard
Two other men, aged 18 and 19, are accused of accompanying the attacker when he bought the weapons, including a knife and an airsoft gun, the prosecutor said One of them allegedly drove Anzorov, who lived in the Norman town of Evreux about 90 kilometers (56 miles), near the school about three hours before the murder
Another 18-year-old suspect had close contact with the attacker and endorsed radical Islamism, Ricard said
All three, friends of Anzorov, are said to have declared that « he had been radicalized » for several months, marked by a change in behavior, physical appearance, isolation, frequent visits to the mosque and ambiguous remarks about Jihad and Islamists Status group  »
« Samuel Paty was the victim of a conspiracy of stupidity, of hatred, of lies hatred of the other the hatred of what we are deeply », declared Macron during his speech, which mixed the honors to the victim and to the teaching profession to his government’s efforts to eradicate radical Islamists
On Wednesday morning the French government issued an order to dissolve a national militant Islamic group, the Cheikh Yassine Collective Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said he was « involved in, linked to Friday’s attack » and that it had been used to promote anti-Republican hate speech Other groups will be disbanded « in the coming weeks » for similar reasons, Attal said
Named after a slain Palestinian Hamas leader, the Sheikh Yassin collective was founded in the early 2000s by the Islamist activist who is one of seven people accused of being accomplices of the attacker.
Attal also confirmed that the government ordered the closure of a mosque in the northeastern suburb of Pantin for six months.
The Pantin mosque is punished for relaying the angry father’s message on social networks
Authorities say imam has long followed the Salafi path, a rigorous interpretation of Muslim holy book
A national commemorative event is planned for Wednesday evening in the courtyard of the Sorbonne University
Elaine Ganley in Paris contributed to this report

Sylvie Corbet, The Associated Press

Tim Hortons has signed an agreement with the TerraCycle’s Loop program to test an option that would allow customers to pay a deposit and receive their order in reusable cups and food packaging Tim Hortons says the cups and food containers would be then cleaned, disinfected and reused Trial program is expected to begin next year at select Toronto restaurants

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is enforcing a law preventing the posting of signs along national highways, including many campaign signs The department said the seizure of signs that were posted is not politically motivated, but rather an attempt to follow the law prohibiting allowing signs in any area designated as a right-of-way, KTOO Public Media reported on Tuesday Right of way refers to land along national roads controlled by the transport service, although often owned by someone else

SDG – For the second time in four years, the highest municipal position in the county has been settled by pulling names from a hat SDG County Council voted for the 2021 prefecture at the end of its October 19 meeting in the first contested election since 2017 Outgoing director Frank Prevost (South Glengarry) and challenger councilor Tony Fraser (North Dundas) presented their names for the election at the September meeting Prevost said at the time that he had asked for a second term at the director’s seat, in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic « I feel like I’ve been missed or somewhat deceived by not filling the post of director representing the counties I ask so this opportunity once again, ”he said Prevost added that if he had been a director 20 years ago,“ it’s not even close to the opportunity today.Fraser asked for the board’s support, saying he is proud to be able to fight for the position of Director. « Our collective voice must be heard in the Eastern Ontario Directors’ Caucus, » he said. said « The conversation needs to take place here and I will take that message to the [caucus] table » Fraser said during the pandemic, the board had to redouble their efforts to connect communities to each other in new ways « We for the foreseeable future live in the new normal and planning ahead remains the key to our successful adaptation to success in these unusual times » Prevost was proposed by Councilors Lyle Warden (South Glengarry) and David Smith (South Stormont ); Fraser was proposed by Councilors Allan Armstrong (North Dundas) and Kirsten Gardner (South Dundas) The Council was divided after two successive 6-6 votes, resulting in a hat-toss to settle the All ballots from the second vote have been placed in a hard hat, with Prevost’s name chosen in the hat by the clerk This is his second consecutive term and his third overall term as director Prevost has served his first term Director in 2000 and ran unopposed in 2019 for the 2020 term »Thank you to the supporters around the table for giving me the confidence and the support, as well as the opportunity to be the director for 2021, » Prevost told the board.Fraser congratulated Prevost on his re-election and reiterated his commitment to serve and work with the council Councilor Jim Wert (North Stormont) called the electoral process a « victory for all » There are no losers, « he said. he said « It was just an incredibly difficult decision based on the abilities of the two candidates » This is the second time in four years that the guard has been settled by drawing names on a hat In October 2017, the councilor of then Ian McLeod defeated Councilor Evonne Delegarde in two tied votes Prevost will start his next term in December Phillip Blancher, reporter for the local journalism initiative, The Leader

Joe Biden only visited Wisconsin twice as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate More than budgeting for some of his carefully planned time and certainly spending more money on advertising, the Biden team also attempted to correct Clinton’s more egregious failure in both states by contacting voters directly

Toronto reported 346 more COVID-19 cases on Wednesday as the city continued to record the highest number of new infections in the province New figures bring the city’s total to 25,278 cases since the start of the pandemic Doctor -hygienist Dr Eileen de Villa also said 128 people were currently hospitalized with the virus, an increase of 28 from the previous dayDe Villa spoke alongside Mayor John Tory at a press conference on Wednesday, where the two stressed the importance of getting the flu shot. « Much of the diversion of COVID-19 will be to get the flu shot this year, « said de VillaREGARDER | Toronto’s top doctor urges caution to prevent COVID-19 from ‘catching on fire’: city hit a 4% positivity rate, up 12% since just Monday Both figures represent tests that have The percentage of positivity could change, de Villa said, warning that she « feared its upward run was over » There is nothing to prevent COVID-19 from catching fire here except the choices we make, ”she said Earlier Wednesday, Tory’s executive committee unanimously approved an extension of the city’s CafeTO program, which allows businesses to set up makeshift patios to run business during the pandemic City council to make final decision on program next week Speaking on Wednesday, the Conservatives called on the Ontario provincial government and other levels of government to take more action on the cost of insurance for bars and restaurants that try to keep their doors open, which are effectively closed when it rains, for examplePreviously, the city’s health board released new data showing once again that some areas of the city were much more affected than others.Here is the latest news on the COVID-19 situation in Ontario

Newfoundland and Labrador reported no new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, the fifth day in a row with zero Two more people have recovered, bringing the total number of recoveries to 274 and bringing the number of active cases from the province to nine A total of 49,502 people have been tested, including 385 on the last day Premier Andrew Furey joins the panel, his first since winning the Humber-Gros Morne by-election on Oct. 6 Influenza vaccination clinics began opening Wednesday in all regional health authorities in Furey province, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Janice Fitzgerald and Minister of Health John Haggie stressed the importance of obtaining the vaccine to mitigate stress on the health care system if a second wave of COVID-19 hits the province « Protection against the flu will keep our health care system ready to handle whatever may come up in terms of COVID-19, » Furey said “During the last influenza season, from 2019 to 2020, nine people died from the flu, 17 people were admitted to intensive care and 92 were hospitalizedHaggie said about 14,000 people had been registered for the flu shot through the government’s online booking tool on Wednesday morning.Watch the full October 21 Update: To help the provincial government meet its goal of vaccinating 85% of the population, Haggie said, midsize businesses can apply for a grant to cover the costs of vaccination against the flu to their employees Companies with 100 or more employees can have free access to vaccine, supplies and personal protective equipment The health minister said companies that have a health care provider on staff should « Redeploy » to administer the vaccine to employeesFor businesses without a health care provider on staff, Haggie said the grant would cover the cost of vaccination, including the necessary protective equipment.“[It’s] something new and innovative to try to expand access to reach our goal of 85%,” he said.Haggie also said the province will undergo rapid COVID-19 tests, but he doesn’t know how many.What is known, he says, is that each box will come with 1,000 cartridges, to be used in case of epidemic The health minister said the devices should be in the province in a week or two, but there are discussions about the level of staff training that would be needed to use the tests – whether a healthcare provider could. administer it or if he would better to leave to those with laboratory training « We hope this will be clarified in the not so distant future, » he saidWhile other parts of Canada experienced a second wave of COVID-19, Newfoundland and Labrador has just seen a handful of cases – all linked to travel, people returning to the province and close contact of these casesAsked what the province’s second wave might look like, Furey said new projection modeling would be available in the “not-so-distant future.” “For now, it’s hard to fully predict,” a- he said « But it’s important to remember, over and over again, that complacency is our biggest threat in an epidemic, whether it’s a second wave or a series of waves in the futureFitzgerald said the province would need to see many more cases, including with community transmission, than what it is currently seeing to be considered part of a second wave. »Right now that’s not where we are at, » she said, adding that if the province seemed to be heading for a second wave, it would be the first to say so.“We have the ability to keep this outbreak a slow burn here If people follow the quarantine rules and remain in quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the province, we can keep this as is,” Fitzgerald said he did There were no plans to tighten public health restrictions to being indoors before winter, but the province will monitor the epidemiology in the rest of the country, as well as in Newfoundland and Labrador, to inform decisions »Even though it’s colder, we can still go outside, and we can do things outside. We’re a pretty robust bunch and I think the weather doesn’t need to stand still. » On easing travel restrictions for the Christmas season, Furey said Fitzgerald and public health officials are working on a plan, but it’s hard to predict what things will look like. by December He said it won’t be until early November before public health gets a feel for what the province’s epidemiology will look like for the holiday season.Fitzgerald said Public Health has a « Christmas squad » on the team right now, and more information would be available on celebrations, such as New Year’s tours, parties and fireworks. , in the coming weeksLearn more about CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki today defended the conduct of the police in Nova Scotia against allegations that police have done little to curb violence against Mi ‘ kmaw behind lobster fishery Lucki dismissed claim by Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller that RCMP ‘let down’ Mi’kmaw fishermen in arson and abuse apparently linked to local conflict on indigenous fishing « We must also recognize that once again, as witnessed by the scenes of violence, indigenous peoples have been abandoned by the police, those who have sworn to protect them, » said Mr. Miller to reporters on MondayLucki was asked today if she agreed with Miller’s description of events « Absolutely not, » she said « I have full confidence in the officers in the field I have full confidence in the structure of Command and Management Structure Members, including our Division Liaison Teams, work tirelessly to maintain a peaceful environment. ”She said the RCMP has a Conflict Liaison Team which is made up of Indigenous officers from the Nova Scotia who understand long-standing problems in the fisheryChief Mike Sack – Chief of Sipekne’katik First Nation, the gang behind the lobster fishery – said the RCMP had been « useless » so far because the force had not sent enough troops. agents in the regionHundreds of commercial fishermen have effectively blocked the fishery, he said, and the few officers there are powerless to stop themWATCH: RCMP Commissioner says she is confident the RCMP can keep the peace at NSSack warned that if there is not sufficient protection from the police, group members are ready to defend themselves against new abuses He said he had received offers from other Indigenous communities to keep Mi’kmaw fishermen safe. Lucki said the RCMP had already sent more officers from Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Neighbors Brunswick to support the existing contingent of law enforcement officers in southwestern Nova Scotia – where people connected to commercial fishing allegedly set fire to a building and violently confront Indigenous people behind a fishing operation parvenue « Increased RCMP involvement is needed in efforts to increase peace and order and to enforce the law, » Lucki said »We take every incident seriously It’s very dynamic, very fluid and that assessment is constantly changing, » she said, when asked if the force was ready to send even more officers to the area. as the stalemate continued »I want to assure the people of Nova Scotia – we are dealing with this issue We are also deeply concerned about the acts of violence and the property damage associated with this litigation » Sack said Wednesday he wanted to see more officers on water, where commercial fishermen have been accused of cutting lobster traps to disrupt catchesWhen asked if he was reassured by Lucki’s commitment to send more resources to the area, Sack said he wouldn’t be happy until someone was brought to justice. »It’s the same old song and dance, right? It’s, ‘We’re working on it, we’re investigating it, we’ll let you know later,' » he told reporters « But for us it’s not good enough We think the hate crimes will continue, the threats are out there Hopefully charges will be laid « When asked why RCMP officers stayed there while commercial fishermen vandalized an aboriginal lobster pound and torched a vehicle last week – incidents documented in a video posted to social media – she said the RCMP have since arrested a man in connection with this crime « I can assure you that when criminal actions occur the RCMP will lead an investigation, ”she saidRCMP arrested Michael Burton Nickerson, 31, of Yarmouth County, and charged him Sunday with arson and property damage After years of legal wrangling, Sipekne’katik First Nation began fishing outside the lobster season mandated by the federal government last month The 1999 Marshall Supreme Court decision concluded that the Mi’kmaw have a right to a « moderate livelihood » through fishing, but this term has never been defined in federal lawCommercial fishermen, who are largely white, have said this type of fishing could harm the health of lobster stocks and are calling on Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to prevent them from catching the prized crustaceansFederal government, led by Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan, engaged in negotiations with Chief Mike Sack on how best to manage Indigenous fishery Nova Scotia minister called for calm as talks continue Lobster Lobster Lobsters from Southwestern Nova Scotia were targeted and vandalized by commercial fishermen last week One of the facilities, located in Midwest Pubnico, NS, was destroyed in a fire on Saturday that RCMP brought down The National Police Service has a contract to provide policing services in parts of Nova Scotia, including that largely rural area about 225 kilometers west of Halifax

Toronto police say they arrested 28-year-old man after investigating alleged online threat to carry out school shooting
Police said they made the arrest on Tuesday after executing a search warrant in the Hamilton area
Force says it learned of an alleged threat to an unnamed Toronto school last week
He says a man allegedly said in an online chat that he had a gun, was in Toronto and planned to carry out a school shooting on Friday
Police say the arrested 28-year-old faces charges including threats, a hoax regarding terrorist activity and two counts of possessing a firearm contrary to a restraining order
The man is due to appear in Toronto court on Wednesday
This report from The Canadian Press was first published on October 21, 2020
This article was produced with the financial assistance of the Facebook Exchange and the Canadian Press

The Canadian Press

WASHINGTON – If Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump next month, he will quickly be faced with a new challenge: setting up a new administration to lead a nation divided through a series of historic crises
After making Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic a centerpiece of his campaign, Biden will have to show his team can better handle the public health calamity.He will also have to deal with what Democrats say is the damage that the administration has caused bureaucracy in Washington, low morale across public service
And he will have to face pressure from the Liberals to secure quick wins with the staff and Cabinet picks to secure their buy-in to his great political battles ahead.
With less than two weeks to go before the election, Biden and his aides are more focused on maintaining his advantage in the polls against Trump. « No decisions, from staff to politics, will be made until the election, » the spokesperson said Wednesday spoken by Biden, Cameron French
Still, some Democrats are starting to prepare for the challenges that could unfold quickly once the campaign ends.
« This will be one of the most significant, difficult, and costly transitions in modern American history, » Chris Korge, Democratic National Committee finance chairman, warned in a recent letter obtained by The Associated Press. « There is so much work to do »
According to the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit that advises presidential candidates on the transition, Biden will need to appoint more than 4,000 politicians to fill his administration, including more than 1,200 requiring Senate confirmation. There are 700 key executive appointments to go through Senate confirmation, of which 153 are currently vacant
Chris Lu, executive director of President Barack Obama’s 2008 transition, said there were vacancies in some departments that will be critical in addressing the country’s situation in the world and the climate crisis
“There’s a lot of expertise that’s just gone now – especially, when you look at places like the State Department and Foreign Service gutting or, you know, climate agencies like the EPA or the ‘Interior,’ he said
Biden’s top priority would be to act quickly to deal with the pandemic He plans to quickly announce Cabinet choices that would be key to the response, according to people involved in transition planning who have spoken under cover. anonymity to discuss private conversations
These roles include the heads of the treasury and health and social services departments and the director of the National Economic Council.
Delaware Sen Chris Coons, Biden’s longtime ally and friend, is considered one of the top contenders for Secretary of State, and he has spoken out more and more about foreign policy in recent weeks He wrote an essay in foreign affairs and participated in a recent panel discussion on the future of US foreign police
Biden is also expected to look to some of his former opponents and those he has selected as his potential candidate for high-level Cabinet positions.
Representative Karen Bass of California, whom Biden envisioned as vice president, is seen as a potential housing and urban development secretary
Illinois Sen Tammy Duckworth, who was also on Biden’s list of vice presidents, and former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, former main opponent, are being discussed for the post of secretary of Veterans Affairs One person familiar with transition planning said Buttigieg could also be ambassador to the United Nations
Other press reports have suggested that Michèle Flournoy, a senior adviser to two defense secretaries under Obama, is a top candidate for defense secretary and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is a possible secretary of defense. energy
Massachusetts Sen Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, could run for Secretary of the Treasury, although she could face confirmation challenges, depending on the makeup of the Senate, if seen as too progressive.
Biden’s team is looking at a few other departments as opportunities to make history: There has never been a black woman or secretary of defense, or black secretary of the interior, or secretary of alumni affairs. fighters
Biden could face his first real fight against possible White House aides
His team is expected to deploy a chief of staff and a director of the National Economic Council in the days following the election. He is believed to be considering former chiefs of staff Steve Richetti, Bruce Reed and Ron Klain to return to their old posts, and Jeff Zeints and Brian Deese, both senior National Economic Council officials under Obama, to return.
Jeff Hauser, director of the Revolving Door Project, a progressive advocacy group aimed at pressuring Democratic administrations to nominate Liberal candidates and senior officials, said these choices will have potentially crucial implications for the success of the 100 Biden’s early days in power
« The potential honeymoon for a Biden administration with progressives will be very short, if he makes hard-hitting decisions that seem to bode well for four years of moderation in the face of things considered serious, a serious crisis, » he said. declared
Hauser said the left see Richetti and Reed as « very bad » choices because Reed is seen as a moderate and Richetti is a longtime lobbyist.
Zeints and Deese are of concern to progressives as well; Hauser said they would prefer Heather Boushey or Jared Bernstein, both current economic advisers to the Biden campaign, to lead the National Economic Council
If Biden wins, it’s unclear how well Trump administration officials would work with the incoming team Alan Kessler, a prominent Democratic fundraiser, said he was worried that Trump might ask senior officials to resist sharing key details of the transition
« When the president says: » I am not going quietly, and if I lose, it is because it was rigged and there is fraud « , it is a problem », he said declared « Is that going to mean the Biden campaign can’t lead the transition? » No But it will be much more difficult if the current administration does not cooperate  »

Alexandra Jaffe, The Associated Press

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