World News – CA – Unsolved Puzzles release brand new interview with key figure from season two investigation


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One of the key components that sets Unsolved Mysteries apart from other true crime series is that, as the title suggests, the investigators have as many questions as the audience. The Netflix restart of the program always ends with an invitation to viewers that if they have any clues or tips about the events, they should contact them in hopes of solving the puzzle. As part of ongoing research, Netflix released a new interview with a person of interest from the season two episode « Lady in the Lake » in which Tim Matouk ponders the death of his cousin. You can watch the interview below and watch the full interview here.

In « Lady in the Lake, » Michigan native JoAnn Matouk Romain is missing and her body is found more than two months later when she was discovered more than 35 miles away on Canada’s Detroit River coast. The winter temperatures and freezing conditions led authorities to label her death a suicide, claiming she parked her car and willingly be in Lake St. . Clair. With her family claiming this was against her religious beliefs and the shoes she wore to make it difficult to navigate the ice-covered rocks, investigators believe it is unlikely that she will willingly step into the lake.

How will Tim Matouk respond to questions from viewers like you? Check out his exclusive interview with executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer in the Unsolved Mystery Case Files. https: // t. co / e.g.IAlBYne7 pic. Twitter. com / blkScatNX9

The suspicion of the case is a reported dispute among JoAnn’s family centered on a large inheritance. Matouk’s lack of involvement in unsolved puzzles sparked theories among fans that it had something to do with her death, possibly related to retribution over the large sum of money.

In the new interview, Matouk offers his side of the story, including the reasons he didn’t participate in the initial investigation and his alibi when JoAnn went missing. While this new interview may not clear up every point the audience grappled with in relation to the foul in relation to Romain’s death, it is a reminder that unsolved riddles are not a full investigation and just because an episode ends it doesn’t mean that there is still no evidence to be discovered.

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World News – CA – Unsolved Riddles releases brand new interview with key figure from the investigation into season two
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