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If you plan to go shopping or go to any indoor public area, be sure to bring a mask. Failure to do so may result in a fine under the new Provincial Health Ordinance (PHO). .

B. . C.. . Public Security Secretary and Attorney General Mike Farnworth announced that anyone who does not wear a mask or refuses to comply with police officers in a retail store or public indoor space – even if they fail to leave the room or respond with aggressive behavior – will be fined up to $ 230.

The new enforcement measures will take effect immediately for those who fail to comply with the nationwide mandatory mask regulation.

« We have entered a second wave of COVID-19 in British Columbia and additional steps need to be taken to protect our health, » Farnworth said in a statement.

He added that education is important at this time and companies are being asked to review their plans and get the message across to communities in « multiple languages ». « 

« Companies should flag the mandatory mask policy and inform customers of the requirement. « 

Despite various efforts, Farnworth noted that « some people will break the rules if they know exactly what they are doing. « 

As a result, these actions « will give police and other law enforcement officers the means to intervene and punish problematic individuals and groups. « . « 

Mask order applies to all British Columbians 12 and over in many indoor public spaces, including:

People who do not wear a mask or who cannot put on or take off a mask without the help of others are still exempt, he added.

Masks may be temporarily removed when people are in a place where they consume food or drink, receive personal or health service, or need to identify themselves in a public indoor space.

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World News – CA – Violation of B. . C.. . Ordering a mask could result in a fine of $ 230
. . Corresponding title :
COVID-19 update for Nov. . 25: Cases spike, BC brings new mask order
Refusing to wear a mask in BC now bears a fine of $ 230
fine of 230 US -Dollars for Again Breach of Mask Rules as Another Rise in COVID-19 Cases
Failure to comply Ordering BC masks may result in a $ 230 fine
fines for those who Refuse to wear masks in public indoor spaces
Fines f For people who do not wear masks in public spaces
BC extends the state of emergency and introduces fines for those who refuse to obey the mask rules es
> Province supports mandatory mask rules with fines of 230 US dollars for non-compliance
> You can now get a $ 230 fine for refusing to wear a mask in BC.
BC extends the state of emergency, introduces measures to enforce the mask

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