World News – CA – Why Salesforce is reportedly playing a huge chunk for Slack doesn’t come as a shock


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Slack stocks have been coldly received in the last two earnings reports, so it’s no surprise to see a behemoth like Salesforce be a big deal for the communications gamer in the workplace.

Slack (WORK) stocks rose more than 24% on Wednesday afternoon. This emerges from a report in the Wall Street Journal in which the company had preliminary business discussions with Salesforce (CRM). . Slack and Salesforce spokespeople did not respond to Yahoo Finance’s request for comment. The WSJ report suggested that Salesforce would be willing to pay a nice premium for Slack.

But for 2020 Slack history watchers, it’s one that made bullish investors want more during the rampant home shift during COVID-19.

First, the company has seen a slowdown in its closely monitored calculated payroll growth. Slack attributed the slowdown to some of its small business customers being injured by COVID-19. The company has eased contractual structures and extended loans to help them. However, the slowdown has only sparked fear in the street that the rise of Microsoft (MSFT) teams weighed on Slack’s growth potential.

Teams now have 115 million+ users while Slack has a fraction of that, although it has the advantage of most in terms of user interface.

« The lurking competitive problem for Slack remains Redmond’s unshakable problem in our opinion. Up to this point, we believe the company will have significant difficulty further penetrating the company’s core market and Microsoft installed base, as Microsoft’s competitive offering, « Teams », slows growth faster despite the COVID-driven tailwind might as the road expected. Warned Wedbush tech analyst Dan Ives.

Despite impressive growth in paying customers this year amid the pandemic – especially among large companies – and a host of new customer loyalty innovations, Slack continues to expect a net loss this fiscal year. It’s unclear when Slack will make a profit, which has weighed on Wall Street for the past few months.

From their high in late May of the year to just before deal speculation, Slack shares fell 25%. .

A casual collaboration with an animal like Salesforce would resolve many of these problems pretty quickly.

Salesforce could help scale Slack easily to high-paying corporate customers, which puts the dynamics of teams into question. That alone would likely put Slack on the doorstep of a sustainably profitable business. All the sweeteners that are under the Salesforce umbrella would only strengthen the profit potential of the communication platform.

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The New York City Attorney’s Office is seeking the state’s Supreme Court resuscitated the mortgage fraud charges against former President Donald Trump’s election chairman Paul Manafort after he previously strikes twice in court. The Manhattan Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the state chief justice Tuesday asking for permission to challenge an appeals court decision last month that upheld a judge’s decision to dismiss the case on double exposure. In New York, the highest court is called the Court of Appeals.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], 26. November (ANI): The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) tested on Wednesday 9. 779 passengers from Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa who reached Mumbai without a Covid negative report and 10 of them found positive for coronavirus.

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], 26. November (ANI): Kerala’s Minister of Health KK Shailaja said Wednesday that close relatives of Covid patients will be allowed to see the body after security in the isolation ward, morgue and burial logs. She also said that permission will be given to perform local and religious rites in strict compliance with Covid-19 norms.

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], 26. November (ANI): With the aim of reviving the valley’s traditional food culture, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Department (JKTDC) recently opened an ethnic restaurant in Srinagar.

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BELLE PLAINE, Kan. – There is hardly a town left that is haunted by time on the windswept prairie of northwest Kansas. COVID-19 still managed to find Norcatur.
Not much is left of the rural hamlet, except for a gas station, a grain elevator, a small museum, and a weekend hangout where locals play pool, eat pizza, and drink beer. The roof of the collapsing building that once housed the bank and general store has collapsed. The schools were closed decades ago and the former school building is used for city offices.
But for the 150 or so remaining residents, the cancellation of the beloved Norcatur Christmas drawing has shown how the coronavirus pandemic has penetrated deep into rural America.
« Due to people who have COVID and refuse to stay at home and quarantine, it has been determined that it is not safe for the citizens of Norcatur and the region to proceed, » read the message in the newsletter of the City that was posted on their Facebook page. It blamed « negligent attitudes and lack of concern for others » for the cancellation.
In a decade-long tradition reminiscent of Norman Rockwell nostalgia, the whole town usually gathers for a potluck dinner around Christmas time. The namesake drawing shows an abundance of donated meat, crafts, and other goodies so every family can go home with prizes. The local 4-H Club offers their cake sale. Santa Claus drives the fire truck.
There are fewer than 3 living in Decatur County. 000 people on farms and small towns like Norcatur. As of Wednesday, the county had reported 196 coronavirus cases and one death, though medical providers say there have been at least four other local deaths that have not yet been added to the official toll.
Carolyn Plotts, a 73-year-old Norcatur resident who never had symptoms and didn’t find out she was positive for COVID-19 until after a medical procedure in October, said two of her former classmates who live in the county have died, because of the virus. Her husband also tested positive.
« It was very real to me, » she said.
Plotts wondered if the dismissal statement “spoke about me. During her quarantine, she would only leave her house – with the permission of her doctor and wearing a mask, she pointedly – to take care of a friend who still believes the pandemic is a joke.
Carl Lyon, the mayor of Norcatur, who takes on the annual Santa Claus role, said while most residents are « pretty good » at social distancing and masking, some have spotted the virus.
« I know a few people had it and they were still running around and all that, » said Lyon. “They didn’t seem to mind that they infected everyone else. ”
Decatur County’s Sheriff Ken Badsky estimated that 5% of the county’s residents who should be quarantined break the restrictions and go out. His office called some and « insisted that they do what they should » but did not take legal action.
“I have so many other things to do. I don’t have time to follow people, ”said Badsky. “We have 900 square miles, we have three full-time officers and one part-time worker to take care of it, and we are busy with everything else. ”
Medical providers are increasingly concerned as coronavirus cases rise and it becomes increasingly difficult to find beds for their sickest patients in hospitals across the state.
« We need support to stop this virus and we are looking for people who have to do their jobs to do this. Otherwise, this thing will be widespread and put more pressure on our hospital, « said Kris Mathews, the administrator of Decatur Health, a small critical access hospital in Oberlin, just 30 kilometers west of Norcatur.
Stan Miller, the Christmas drawing announcer for more than 25 years, has mixed feelings about the decision to ditch it this year. The 63-year-old Norcatur resident said he understood that there are elderly people who don’t want to get the virus. But it’s also disappointing.
« I like to see all the joy, especially the little kids, » Miller said. “We have Santa Claus after the drawing is over and to see them sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they want for Christmas always puts a smile on my face. «  »

Roxana Hegeman, The Associated Press

Chadwick Boseman appears as the fast-speaking trumpeter Levee in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” like a man on an electrified tightrope walk – and balances precariously between hope and cynicism, humor and sadness, joy and pain, and love and hate.
Unlike some of Boseman’s other famous characters, who had a clear moral center from the start, it’s not clear what Levee, a creation by legendary playwright August Wilson, has up her sleeve. Good looking and wiry, he’s constantly nervous and behind his brightest smile hides a hint of something wrong. We don’t really know what we’re seeing. But we certainly don’t want to look away.
Boseman’s appearance in this 1982 film adaptation of Wilson’s play, lovingly directed by George C.. . Wolfe would be heartbreaking even if the actor hadn’t tragically lost his life to cancer this year.
But if you look at it now, that knowledge informs you every moment as you imagine the challenges that he must have faced in a role that was clearly so important to him. It goes without saying that the performance is brilliant and electric, but also heroic. If there had to be one final role, what a gift it was, an exclamation point for a career that seems increasingly meaningful.
Boseman isn’t the only Vulcan force in Ma Rainey, a meditation on power, race, sex, and trade in early 20th century America. Century, treated with sensitivity and grace by Wolfe, with a script by Ruben Santiago-Hudson and a score by Branford Marsalis. It’s also about the title maer herself, played by a great Viola Davis, who is barely recognizable in her widened silhouette, mouth of golden teeth and make-up for the eye make-up. She and Boseman lead a master class together.
A historical note: Ma Rainey, who died in 1939, was a groundbreaking Georgia black singer known as the « mother of the blues ». « She is the only real character in Wilson’s 10-game cycle that documents the African American experience, and also the only LBGT character.
Wolfe, trying not to underestimate the theatrical roots of the material, gives us a couple of tone-setting performance scenes. However, the action takes place almost entirely in a white studio in Chicago, where Ma and her band are scheduled to record some hits one afternoon in 1927. Wolfe increased the claustrophobia and turned it from winter to muggy summer. Ma is always shining in sweat.
Before Ma arrives – appropriately late – her band gathers. There’s the paternal Cutler (Colman Domingo), Slow Drag (Michael Potts) and the pianist Toledo (Glynn Turman). Then Levee bursts in and waves a new pair of shoes. Not only does he have talent, he also boasts of older people: “I have STYLE. ”
He does. And ambition. Encouraged by the white studio owner, he writes songs and plans to start his own band. And he has his own, more jazzy version of « Black Bottom » that makes people dance.
But Ma doesn’t have it. She has her version of the song and it works. She also insists that her nephew Sylvester give the introduction even though he stutters. And she won’t start recording until she’s good and ready. « That’s how it works here, » she says.
Ma doesn’t just throw around her weight. She lays claim to her dignity. Once the studio has what they need, she won’t care about them anymore. And if the ice cold cola it needs is forgotten, it won’t budge until it comes. Watch Davis devour this cola wildly when it does.
Ma rightly sees Levee as a threat to her performance style, but also to her authority. To make matters worse, she senses he’s got his eye on her young friend Dussie Mae (Taylour Paige). . She is right – and there is more to it than his eyes.
But Levee isn’t just a brash troublemaker. Hidden behind the noise is a deep source of pain that we understand through several devastating tour de force monologues that trace back to past demons and hint at future tragedies. If you haven’t seen the piece yet, get ready.
Seven years ago, Boseman wrote hauntedly about the experience of meeting Wilson, whom he clearly adored, and reciting the playwright’s lines which he compared to poetry.
“Filling your nostrils with the emotionally charged breath to recite an August Wilson monologue,” he wrote, “can be transformative. ”
And now we know how transformative it can be to watch Boseman himself recite these monologues. We should all consider ourselves lucky to be able to witness this, his last and probably best achievement.
« Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, » a Netflix release, was rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for language, sexual content, and brief violence. Running time: 94 minutes. Four out of four stars.
MPAA definition of R: Restricted. A parent or adult guardian is required for children under 17.
Follow Jocelyn Noveck at www. Twitter. com / JocelynNoveckAP

Jocelyn Noveck, The Associated Press

(Bloomberg) – Federal Reserve officials discussed further guidelines for their bond buying strategy in November. 4-5 policy meeting. « Many participants believed that the committee may soon want to improve its asset buying guidelines, » said the minutes of the meeting published by the Fed in Washington on Wednesday. The Fed cut its key interest rate to near zero at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March and stepped up bond-buying programs during the crisis to pump liquidity into the financial system and cap longer-term interest rates. The central bank is currently buying U. . S.. . Treasury and mortgage-backed securities at a combined pace of around $ 120 billion per month, with purchases evenly spread across maturities. The pandemic resurgence in the U. . S.. . in the last few weeks in addition to reduced chances of another large tax relief package due to U. . S.. . Election results, which could leave control of the Senate in Republican hands, have weighed on the economic outlook and raised expectations that the Fed will take further action to support the economy. The data released by the Department of Labor on Wednesday showed an increasing number of Americans applied for unemployment insurance over the past two weeks, while a separate report from the Department of Commerce last month revealed a drop in household income, underscoring the weak economy ahead of the winter season. For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2020 Bloomberg L. . P. .

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The Crowsnest Pass councilors held a long discussion in November about rental prices for community facilities. 17 Council meeting. In 2018, a standard annual fee for renting the MDM Community Center was set for all new and existing rental contracts. This rate was set at $ 6. 61 per square foot for 2020. In order to improve the competitive conditions in the entire community, the council decided during its Jan. . 14, 2020 meeting of the Governance and Priorities Committee to apply the $ 6. 61 as an annual fee for all organizations that rent municipal facilities. The administration has been instructed to reach out to each affected group prior to standardizing tariffs and set a five year period for groups to work up to $ 6. 61 rate was set. Mayor Blair Painter brought the matter back for discussion by the council after the Crowsnest Pass Pistol Club contacted him with concerns about the expected increase in his rental price for Elks Hall in Blairmore. The club is currently negotiating a new lease with the community. The club’s rental price was set at $ 1. 70 per square foot for 2017, 2018, and 2019. To hit the $ 6 standard. Within the specified time frame, the gun club would have to increase its annual installment payment by 1. $ 800 per year on an annual rental fee of approximately $ 13. $ 000 increase. « I think it was our intention that we all agreed that we had to level the playing field for everyone, but I don’t think we have to go to today’s standard rental prices at Crowsnest Pass, » said Mayor Painter said. “These are not commercial groups. They don’t sell goods, they don’t make a profit. « It was unreasonable to expect the gun club to hit the standardized rate within five years, he continued, and would add an extra burden to the club’s finances as it failed to generate any income from its annual gun display. « . Although the club’s reserves will cover costs this year, long-term operation with the increased rent would require a doubling of the membership fee of $ 100. Not all council members, however, were overly concerned about the prospect of gun club members facing higher fees. « For my kids to play hockey, I’m paying $ 400 per child to use the taxpayer-subsidized facility in the community, » said Coun. Lisa Sygutek said. « It’s not really fair for families with children to pay $ 400 for exercise and then pay $ 100 for a group of grown-ups. I have a little problem with that. She suggested that the Gun Club could take a page out of the Minor Hockey Association’s game book and otherwise request casino shifts or fundraising. The expectation that the club will be around 3. $ 000 per year rent on Jan.. $ 000 is also a problem. « I also have a problem with the fact that we’re throwing it away and saying you’re 13. Pay $ 000. That’s a big number, ”she said. Coun. Sygutek said the gun club could come before the council to ask for assistance in addition to the fundraising drives he was running himself. Such an agreement, said Trent Smith, community services manager, had always been part of the intent behind the rental price, and the five-year period should be a flexible target. « The government has not tried to shove a five-year contract down the throat, » he said. “If you had to come to the council for 10 years and ask for it, we’d like to sit down and ask the council and decide that. As part of these discussions, Mr.. Smith went on to raise the issue of fundraising and examine the financial opportunities other small-town gun clubs were pursuing. “At no point did the administration say, ‘Hey, you have to. « We said, » Hey, if that doesn’t work, let’s come back and talk to the council. And then the communication was cut, ”said Mr. . Blacksmith. Though certainly a jump from the Gun Club’s $ 1. 70 Rate, Coun. Dean Ward said the $ 6. The amount was agreed by the local council earlier in the year, as roughly half of the community groups were paying rental fees near $ 6 per square foot. The rental of the pistol group has remained largely unchanged for almost 20 years. « If we lower these rates, we have to be 30. Come up with $ 000 from somewhere else, « Coun said. station. « I have no problem turning anyone on over time, but these groups all make money, they all beg for money, they all work hard . . . sell vegetables, sell chocolates to pay their bills. « It’s a sad situation when nine groups pay one rate and one group pays 20 percent of that rate. « Beyond Gun Club Concerns, Coun. Dave Filipuzzi expressed concern that the current rental agreement would put a financial burden on community groups already grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic. « If we continue to burden these groups, we will not have them. « . I think it’s pretty important that we find a way to solve this problem. It is good to accommodate these groups in order to remain part of our community and to be part of our community. I don’t want to lose these groups, none of them, ”he said. Expecting each group to equal an amount, Coun added. Doreen Glavin was also unfair. « Different groups have different resources to run and work, and it’s not fair to say we’re going to standardize, » she said. “I think it depends on what each group is doing . . . has for resources itself to operate or pay for leases. Backtracking on the $ 6. 61 Rate for Groups, Coun. Sygutek replied was the right way to reply. “We accepted that, we agreed to it. We can’t go back now and say, « Hey, you know, we made a mistake » and go to each of these groups and lower their rent. I don’t think this is an option, ”said Coun. Sygutek. « But I think it is an option for them to come to us and ask for financial help. The council eventually accepted two motions: the first directed administration, which turned to the Crowsnest Pass Pistol Club and considered what options could be agreed for the $ 6. The rate was eventually obeyed, and the second directed the administration to notify the other nine groups who pay the rate to contact the council when faced with financial difficulties. The second application, said Coun. Marlene Anctil was especially important. « There are many groups in which we do not know what positions they are in and who have problems. So let’s notify each group and see what comes back to us, « she said. Sean Oliver, reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, Shootin ‘the Breeze

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World News – CA – Why Salesforce is supposedly making a big game for Slack is no shock



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