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Hell in a Cell’s fourth match kicked off in the WWE ThunderDome on the tail of the Otis vs Match Miz, with the Miz coming out victorious with John Morrison and Tucker standing at ringside cheering on their best friends, Tucker swung the Money in the Bank briefcase hard enough to break everyone’s hearts, and WWE had the audacity to expect fans to recover in time for the Bailey and Sasha Bank showdown

In a friendship lesson gone awry, this toxic duo demonstrated the issues with undertones of stardom, and with their titles under threat, Bailey used Banks to end their infamous rise to the top Bailey being the more dominant of the two, the need to turn against his greatest ally seems to be nothing more than an internal power struggle with his once best friend.

Sasha Banks first entered the Hell in a Cell arena, being the only woman in WWE history to appear in all Hell in a Cell women’s matches. Claiming her name is bigger than Bailey’s ever will be, Sasha stood defiantly in the center ring, waiting for the current reign to make its own entry into the fight. Bailey made her own entrance carrying a chair, calling Sasha a « dumb idiot, » and set the tone for the match as blood gone wrong

Sasha cleverly kicked things off first by throwing Bailey’s chair out of the cell before the first whistle and rendered her opponent’s advantage useless With no disqualification, Sasha Banks walked through the gates with more than a warning shot and attempted to end things with Bailey once and for all with a barrage of punches followed by a Bank Statement, which Bailey did could break only by biting her mercilessly opponent Bailey responded in kind by luring Sasha out of the ring to slam her into the ruthless beams of the cell.Known for his use of weapons in his recent matches, Bailey attempted to use a range of kendo sticks, for them. get thrown one after the other by Banks Tired of the nonsense, Sasha pulled a table from under the ring for nothing but nefarious goals and showed this Hell in a Cell match was going to be a ruthless demonstration of what’s going on with two despised women.

Bailey lost almost everything after taking a direct meteor from Sasha and was only kicked out at the very last minute Writhing in the center of the ring, Bailey managed to dodge a chair swing from Sasha and threw his opponent directly in a table outside the ring After a brutal fall, Sasha pulled away from Bailey’s chair and pushed the last minute into the cell Match control so far has been equal, but Sasha’s experience in the ring has been a tough show for Bailey, with the boss jumping from ring to ring like SpiderWoman. Using the kendo sticks to bridge the metal stairs, the two women exchanged blows, which caused Sasha to land face first in the trap she had so previously set for Bailey, crashing into the sticks. and hurt himself outside the ring Using the change of momentum, Bailey wasted no time throwing Sasha into the ring Bailey protected his championship with a harshness and taunt from the boss’s neck injury

Each woman continued to give the other a cruel anatomy lesson Sasha poetically punched Bailey, almost ending the match until she got caught in the ring skirt and receives a bombardment of blows from the kendo stick for his problem Instead of MacGyver-ing a terrible kendo trap for Sasha, Bailey should have focused on the boss, who got his hands on a fire extinguisher and blinded the champion just when it looked like the match was over for good. In months of pent-up rage, Sasha unleashed her pent-up rage at Bailey through hellfire of kendo stick blows, in a move that almost seemed to break the Boss’s heart. However, the moment passed pretty quickly with Sasha attempting a frog splash against Bailey, who protected herself at the last minute with a steel chair.

Just when things didn’t seem to be getting out of hand anymore, Bailey desperately retrieved a ladder from under the ring, using it to bridge two steel chairs in an infamous trap for his old friend To add insult to injury to the injury, Bailey spray-painted an « X » on a chair, attempting to end the match once and for all for Sasha, who responded in kind by throwing herself off the ladder and overtaking her opponent with a Bailey to Belly maneuver Incredibly, both women continued, still showing signs of life despite all the late-career blows on ladders and chairs In the end, however, Sasha managed to get her hands on Bailey’s weapon of choice, the chair, to grab her ex-girlfriend in a statement from Banks and get the now-former champion to tap. In incredible upheaval, Sasha Banks ended Women’s Smackdown’s longest reign and started WWE’s next best two-titan rivalry, which we can expect will stretch to WrestleMania for a long time.

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World News – CA – WWE Hell in a Cell: Banks Makes a statement and ends Bailey’s reign


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