World news – California – Charlie Clark is re-elected mayor of Saskatoon


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With all 77 polls, Clark leads 12,000 votes over Rob Norris in the mayoral election.

Clark said in his campaign office, « I am very honored to stand here today with a mandate for another four years. ».

“The people of Saskatoon spoke clearly. « People are right to move in the direction they have chosen, » Norris said..

« The vote is not complete yet, it will take a little miracle to get to the end, » Acheson said..

“Both Rob Norris and Don Acheson are seen as the right-of-center candidates and Charlie is seen as the center-left candidate,” said former city councilor Tiffany Poulsen.

“I think another reason why his campaign had taken such a relatively low level, the lack of significant commitments, and the lack of extreme volatility, was because he knew the split would happen.

Clark ran on the premise of being prudent and cutting property taxes, in part through effective city growth.

He supports the new downtown library procedure as approved by the previous city council, as well as moving forward with the bus rapid transit system.

“We are going through one of the most difficult times any of us can remember in our city,” Clark said, adding that he plans to meet leaders in the community to ensure everything is done to flatten the curve.

« There is a lot of anxiety and worry and we need to make sure we are doing our best to try to find that balance between getting restrictions and the right practices . . . While also keeping people working and taking care of our mental health.

The elections were to be held in November. 6, but was postponed with 90 minutes remaining of voting due to a winter storm that blocked city streets with snow.

A Saskatchewan government ministerial order issued on Monday allowed municipalities to postpone their elections due to the weather.

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World News – California – Charlie Clark’s re-election as mayor of Saskatoon
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