World news – California – Local municipalities may postpone elections today due to a snowstorm


Regina – After a major snowstorm blocked highways, exploded in roads, caused blackouts and caused a large portion of central Saskatchewan to flood within feet due to snowfall, the county government is allowing municipalities to postpone their local elections today, Although polls are already open

In a press release issued at 9:50 a.m. on Election Day, Monday, November 9, the district said, “Due to record-breaking snowfall and hazardous conditions on Saskatchewan’s roads, the Saskatchewan government is authorizing municipalities and school departments to postpone their elections. The holding of the general elections is severely hampered by the weather

“Due to the uncertainty surrounding the situation, and because not all municipalities may be affected to the same extent, Government Relations Minister Lori Carr signed a Ministerial Order to allow a return officer appointed by each municipality to postpone the elections

This order permits the following: “If the responsible official appointed by law believes that the weather conditions on November 9, 2020 impede the ability of the voters to attend the (poll) in order to vote, including in situations where polling was opened on polling day Indeed, the returning employee may postpone the general elections for the municipality, school department or ward, as the case may be, scheduled to take place on November 9, 2020 to or before November 25, 2020.

This does not mean postponing elections throughout the province. Rather, each local returning officer will have the authority to postpone elections if necessary. Returning officers must exercise this authority cautiously and communicate clearly with their citizens regarding any changes on Election Day

The statement indicated that the safety of citizens is the first priority of the Saskatchewan government and concluded that « by signing this order, safety at the local level can continue to be guaranteed during these elections. »

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World News – California – Local municipalities may postpone today’s elections due to snowstorm


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