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With a new Netflix series launching Monday, Kevin James talks about his Catholic faith, the need for comedy during the COVID pandemic, and creating content that inspires and uplifts.

In a new year and another era of quarantine still in place, comedy seems more important than ever these days. Kevin James agrees. When I was talking to him about his new workplace comedy series The Crew, which premiered on Netflix on February 15, I asked him as a Catholic actor the importance of doing family-friendly comedy that inspires and uplifts, especially in the midst the coronavirus pandemic.

« Yes, absolutely! It is always important, it really is, but now more than ever because we need this break; we need this publication – we are meant for it. I honestly believe that you have to turn it around. And even in our quarantine, I was quarantined with a big family of directors, really good people, the Kinnane family, and they helped me put this YouTube channel together and we have these shorts right now that are just goofy and fun and give the world a comedy – and good for me too. It was literally cathartic for me to get out there and do it, so … we need it, we need it and i always love to do it. « 

Kevin James isn’t shy about sharing his Catholic faith in his life, in the media, or even on the big screen. His 2012 hit Here Comes the Boom featured fighters and coaches whose hands were joined in prayer in front of you When I asked him about his faith and willingness to share testimony, he said it was very important to him. In 2012, James told the Catholic media, « I was born and raised a Catholic, and I love my faith and study It’s nice that it goes into everything you do, which part of life you take yourself in. « 

James seems to be a normal part of Catholic events, not as a typical speaker, but in attendance ; He is usually seen frolicking with well-known Catholics. Social media posts spotted him attending the FOCUS-sponsored SEEK 2020 conference. He is also close to several Catholic authors and speakers, including Dr. Scott Hahn, who invited him to some of his retreats. James’ career reflects his desire to adhere to the tenets of his beliefs – even in his early days as a stand-up player, all of his comedy was clean. Of course, James is no stranger to the sitcom. Most people know him from his role on CBS ‘Queen of Kings.

His new show on Netflix, The Crew, takes place inside a NASCAR racing team with James as crew chief. In the first few episodes, this workplace comedy features a tight-knit racing team, but it really seems more like a family, with lots of laughs along the way. NASCAR actually worked with the show’s producers and provided a rare glimpse into the sport that draws millions of fans and has its own subculture. When the show premiered the day after the Daytona 500 (aired today), James said his racing experience was exciting.

« I grew up on Long Island, New York and was a Richard Petty fan early on I dressed up like him for Halloween for a year, but I wasn’t exposed to much NASCAR growing up, it wasn’t until about 10 years ago when I was promoting a movie they asked me to be a Grand Marshall to be for one of the races … it’s crazy when you go there. you see it on tv: you just see the guy in you think this guy is going to win, you know you don’t know how much in these Sport flows. A live event is just a whole different world … Making a comedy at work with this in mind was just a breeze for me. « 

This is James’ first entry into Netflix, and he said that it was nothing other than positive. Without a studio or production company, Netflix is ​​able to make a show more open and free, so that the show’s writers and producers have more creative control.

« It’s a lot different and a lot better for me. With Network [programming] you have the studio. … Sometimes they worry about the commercials, the advertisers. Netflix just does their thing. They give you the reign and they let you go. They believe in you. They make great notes when they are taking notes you know, but for the most part they let you do your thing. And there’s a consolation there. You can work with great people and whenever you’re worried, “Hey, can we do this or that?” They say just, just do it. It was just a great experience for me. « 

The entertainment industry is definitely hit by the pandemic. Theater companies have had to close or go online as drive-ins seem to be making a comeback. While there are legitimate concerns about the lack of social aspect in entertainment with so much programming online or streamed, James says he’s not sure what the future holds, but he sees a silver lining.

« Me don’t know; I don’t know. It’s nice to see things in a theater with other people, people laughing next to you and stuff, but I mean, Netflix has proven it works too. You can watch with yours Family. But there is something to it. I do it by doing it in front of a live audience. That’s why I love those four-camera shots where you get that audience reaction. That’s why I love stand-up, so immediate reaction, and you can sort of direct [audience reaction] and you’re live out there and it’s fun, I remember doing movies that were in the theater and I snuck in the back during the premiere Just to get the reaction of the audience too to get. That’s taken away for now, but it’s great too. We got used to watching at home now and with what is going on in the world it’s amazing. Entertainment is great as long as you get it fun to watch with the people you love. « 

It’s hard these days to find programs that will make the whole family laugh together, even with all the entertainment options. As a mother of a young toddler, I huddled together every time the TV was on and sometimes came it’s just through commercials. James says that getting a fun, family-friendly show to the public, especially as a man of faith, is critical to his career in comedy. It’s what he’s up to. As a father of four children he takes it very seriously.

« Basically, a family-friendly comedy that can beat anything is not just that you watch it with the kids, it’s boring for the adults – it’s interesting for the adults too , but they are also fun for children and you can watch them comfortably with your whole family. And that’s – you won’t find too much of it now – so it’s hard to do. And I know when I sit down with my kids I don’t want to feel uncomfortable watching things it makes it great and Netflix has been awesome with it. « 

Alyssa Murphy Alyssa Murphy is the executive editor of the Digital Assets Registry. She began her career with the Airwaves in San Francisco and has worked in all facets of the media. Alyssa enjoys writing and reporting on stories that inspire and uplift Register readers may know her voice from EWTN Radio’s Morning Glory. Alyssa currently resides in New Jersey with her husband Andrew and young daughter Annabelle, just outside of Manhattan.

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With a new Netflix series launching Monday, Kevin James talks about his Catholic faith, the need for comedy during the COVID pandemic, and content creation that inspire and uplift.

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